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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 3rd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Stocked up water gets wasted

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 3rd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Sarvagya Maharaj suggests his people that he will make sure people like Ram ji will leave town. I have done it in the past and I can make it happen now as well.

People from Ram ji’s community conserve all their water together in barrels. They decide to sit together in the evening and sing doha’s with Ram ji. Bhima suggests cleaning up the mess / scrapping left by the upper class people. Puranjan refuses to be a part of their plan and walks away even when Ram ji tries to stop him.

The men sit around the fire as Bhima starts singing doha’s while the ladies are cooking in a corner. Puranjan gets into an argument with Dhansukhlal and Mangesh who were sitting in the fields and drinking. They attack him but he proves out to be stronger than them and hits them back. Dhansukhlal hits him stealthily on his head from behind. Mangesh hits Puranjan with the stick and they leave him there.

Pundit ji asks Sarvagya Maharaj what they should do now. Those villagers are sitting together and doing puja. Sarvagya Maharaj suggests him to let them do that if they cannot do anything else. Alternatively, you can set fire to their homes. This way, they will have to use whatever amount of water they have stocked up and will have no option but to leave. Villagers pick up burning logs and head to the place where Ram ji and other men are sitting.

Ram ji starts singing doha’s now. The men from upper community set fire to one of the houses and run away. Ram ji and others panic.

Sarvagya Maharaj says fire and water share a strange relation. One gets over while trying to douse the other. It also kills the hopes attached with it. God is grateful to have invented such things and to have formed such relations between them.

Villagers try to hold off the guy whose house is on fire. They are pensive as the water will get over this way. Ram ji says it is important right now. The men fill buckets of water and pour over the fire. They succeed in dousing the fire. The guy, whose house was burnt, is heartbroken. Everything is over now! We will manage somehow but what about the kids? We wont be able to survive this! Ram ji tells him firmly that no one will die.

Precap: Ram ji, his kids and few other men try to take water from some place. A guy tells them to walk away. You will make the water impure with your touch! Sarvagya Maharaj tells him to let them take water from here. You will do mercy on them by giving them water and whatever they will get will be their destiny. We have to now see what’s greater – your mercy or their fate!

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