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Bigg Boss 3rd November 2020 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 3rd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Nomination Special
Day 32
8 AM
The inmates wake up the song mein ghar nai jana. They all dance.

9:45 AM
Nikki comes to the BB Mall with Eijaz. She selects clothes. Eijaz says I asked Jaan to become my servant but he didn’t come to me one time. I will give you more things. Nikki says I want to be the captain. Eijaz says I want the captain from my team only. It will be fun if you become a captain, you will be different. Nikki takes a night suit and thanks Eijaz. Jasmin says the captain can use the items from BB Mall but he can’t gift them. Pavitra says I want items too. Eijaz says I am giving them as a reward.

10:30 AM
The alarm plays. Eijaz sees Pavitra lying on the sofa. He asks if she is not feeling well? She says I have back pain. Jasmin asks him to rub her back. He says I did before. Eijaz asks if she wants something to eat? Pavitra says no. Pavitra asks him to rub her back. He takes her from there. Jaan asks Eijaz if he wants eggs? He says no. Pavitra lies on the bed and Eijaz rubs her back. He says don’t make them play the alarm, don’t sleep. Pavitra says no one cares. Eijaz says they do. Pavitra says they all said that they will make their own captain but I still fought for you and made you the captain but you are rewarding others. Eijaz says Nikki came to me, she did all my work and she got the reward. Pavitra says I don’t care about materialistic things, I think from my heart, you won’t understand. Eijaz says I want to show the world that they are working hard for no reason, let them do it.

12:15 PM
Eijaz tells Abhi that once a person becomes the captain then next week some other will become the captain. Jasmin says you have watched the Bigg Boss? Eijaz says just one week. Jasmin says but it seems like you have read the show, you are over-doing things. Eijaz says I have different strategies, I am doing what I think is right. Jasmin says you didn’t understand a thing in the start and now you are over-doing it? You are extreme? You are doing ****. Eijaz says don’t use those words. Abhi asks Jasmin to stop it. Jasmin says I am not saying it in a bad sense. Jasmin tells sorry to Eijaz and says I didn’t mean it in a bad way, I was talking about the gameplan, nothing personal. Eijaz says it’s okay, people have said this to me as a curse. Jasmin says I was joking. I am sorry.

1:30 PM
Jaan tells Eijaz that I have been waiting for 3 days to get a reward but you are moody. Eijaz says you have a problem with me? You should do something, don’t blabber in front of me. Jaan says I am asking for a reward, you promised me so many things. Eijaz says what promises? Jaan says yes, you made a lot of promises and didn’t deliver on that, a lot of people are saying it. Eijaz says so you are creating your own team? Jaan says I waited for 3 days. Eijaz says you waited three days for whom? Jaan says you don’t know what you are doing. Eijaz says you should make someone else the captain next time.

1:45 PM
Nikki asks who is going next to the BB Mall? Eijaz says Abhi. Abhi says he is giving me BB Mall access for one day as I am giving him a haircut.

2 PM
Nikki tells Eijaz that you are doing a mistake by giving one wish to Abhi. Jaan has been asking you for three days, it has hurt me. Eijaz says I gave you the item that you wanted, I see everyone. I saw you running behind me whole day but Jaan didn’t even come to me once. He doesn’t talk to me. Abhi is doing my work. Nikki says okay. Eijaz says Abhi did whatever work I gave him, Jaan is not serious about doing my work.

2:15 PM
Eijaz says Jaan will not get anything tomorrow also. Jaan says I don’t need anything now, you are threatening me. You are giving things to Abhi now? Pavitra says really? Eijaz says I am doing what I want. Jaan says I am not giving you footage anymore, I will not discuss. Eijaz says you are talking too much Jaan. Jaan says you are over-doing it also.

2:45 PM
Jaan says I can’t run around behind one person, Eijaz is not a king here. Nikki says then do it, don’t get affected. Jaan says we made him the captain, he is attacking us when we made him the captain.

Abhi is giving a haircut to Eijaz.

Jaan tells Pavitra that I have been asking for one item for three days but he is allowing Abhi and not me? Nikki says ignore him.

3:30 PM
Jaan asks Shardul and Rahul to wash the dishes. Pavitra asks Shardul to go and wash. Rahul asks Shardul to please wash the dishes, I will come later, you can do half of the work. Shardul comes to Jaan and asks what happened? Jaan says we have to wash the dishes and you can put them in the cabinets. Pavitra says it’s not a big issue, you people can put the things in the cabinets. Nikki says we need the space to put washed dishes on the slab. Pavitra says it’s a small thing, you can clean the slab yourself. Nikki says we are doing our work.

3:45 PM
Rubina sees the food burnt. She tells Naina that I will help you. Eijaz eats suji halwa and says it’s so good Abhi. Rubina says Jasmin made ghee first to make this suji. Eijaz says she should get rewarded for this.

4 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that it’s time for the nominations. Eijaz is safe as he is the captain and he will get a power to save one inmate from the nominations. Nikki hints at herself. Eijaz thinks and says I want to save Jasmin. All are stunned. Jasmin smiles. Eijaz says Jasmin just came from the red-zone and I don’t want to send her back, she made such good halwa for me too. Rahul says halwa worked. Jasmin thanks Eijaz. Bigg Boss says Jasmin is safe from today’s nominations. Bigg Boss says we will call two inmates to sit on the space-ship. They will sit and talk to each other, they will try to get the oxygen mask from the other person. When green light is on, it means the task is going on, yellow light means it’s ending soon and the red light means that the task has ended and we will play the buzzer. The person who has the oxygen mask at the red-light will be safe from the nominations and other person will get nominated. At the end of the buzzer if both inmates don’t have the mask then they both will be nominated. There will be 4 nominated inmates. The nominated inmates will go to the red-zone straightaway. Use your mind to get that oxygen mask.

4:15 PM
Jasmin says how will we get the mask? Abhi says you talk to them and if they don’t then you have to snatch it. Nikki says if it breaks? Shardul says then both will be nominated.
Naina tells Abhi that we will have to be forceful to get it.
Eijaz says to Nikki that you have to prove why you should remain in the house. Nikki says we can’t use violence. Jaan says he didn’t say that they can’t.
Naina tells Jasmin that Eijaz played well. Jasmin says it’s good for me.
Rahul asks Pavitra that were you surprised when he saved Jasmin? Pavitra says it’s his decision.
Jasmin tells Abhi that I am surprised. Abhi says Eijaz didn’t know about the nomination task that’s why he saved you.

4:30 PM
Bigg Boss says the nomination task will start with Rahul and Nikki. Nikki goes and takes the oxygen mask. Rahul says you should play fair, you should keep the mask in the middle. I can try to snatch it from you too, you can’t hold it even before I came on my seat. I don’t it’s fair. Nikki says we are all trying to save ourselves, I am deserving because you are not entertaining. I think you are slow. I get nominated all the time so I am taking this oxygen mask, that’s why I took it. Rahul says I don’t think blabbering all the time is entertaining, you think screaming is entertaining. You think you are showing yourself as some bigshot, you don’t have the right to tell anyone if they are slow. You want an assistant all the time. When I had a fight with Jasmin, I played fair in that task also. Nikki says I agree. Rahul says I think you should give it to me otherwise I will try to snatch it from you. You are not playing fair. Nikki says you used force before with Jasmin also. The yellow light goes on so Rahul says you will get hurt, he tries to snatch it from her. He says put it in the middle and let’s fight for it. Nikki says don’t emotionally blackmail me. Rahul tries to pull it from her but she fights and protects it. Rahul says don’t do it. Nikki gets down from the chair and puts the oxygen mask in her pants. Rahul says this is dirty, you are not playing fair. I can’t take it from you when you have put it inside your pants. Nikki says I have already taken it. Rahul says I will snatch it from you if you put it on the table. Nikki says I am protecting it. Rahul says this is not respectful. Nikki says you think you are respectful in the house? The red light turns on and the task for them ends. Jasmin says this is not fair with Rahul, this is dirty. Rahul cries and says I can’t play like this. Naina says this is dirty play, Nikki should have trusted her guts. Shardul says how can Nikki take the mask before the task started? Nikki says I took it after Bigg Boss announced to take it. Bigg Boss would have stopped me. Naina says Nikki is testing the niceness of a guy, if he tried do something with you then his name would have been tarnished. Jasmin tells Rahul that you won even after losing. Rahul cries and says that’s not the case. Jasmin tells Rahul that you won hearts. It’s okay. Jaan hugs Rahul. Jasmin says we do mistakes in the task. Naina hugs Rahul. Rahul says she played dirty, it was wrong. Naina says she did play dirty, she did it intentionally. Jaan tells Nikki that you were wrong. Nikki says then don’t talk to me anymore. Rahul says I am not scared of the competition but scared of the dirty play. Nikki says you could have talked to me to put it back on the table and you won’t take it but you didn’t, you were snatching it from me. Naina asks Nikki to keep the respect of the girls at least, think about your mom. Nikki says I did what I had to do, I don’t think it was cheap. I knew Rahul had more strength than me so I got scared and I hid it in my pants. He told me to take it out of my pants and put it upward, what does that mean? It’s the double meaning to put it up myself. Rahul asks Nikki to not change his words. I didn’t ask you to put it up yourself, I asked you to put on the table. Your thinking is cheap.

5 PM
Rahul tells Shardul that how can she do this? Bigg Boss says Nikki had the oxygen mask at the end of the buzzer so she gets saved and Rahul is nominated. He asks Rahul to go to the red-zone. Rahul claps and says your thinking is cheap Nikki. Congrats. You have shown your reality today. Nikki says I am showing it from day one. Rahul says I took the time to see it.

5:15 PM
Rahul goes into the red-zone and cries. Shardul tells Nikki that don’t tell people if they are not seen on TV because you are scared of going home too. Nikki says it’s my fear so why you worry, I hid it in my clothes and not in Rahul’s clothes. Rahul says your reality is shown today. Nikki says I don’t care. Rahul says your mouth is gutter. Nikki says Jasmin was gutter for you and now I am a gutter for you? Rahul says you are just changing the topic. You wouldn’t have given it to me, I don’t take you as my friend. If it was Jaan then I would have given it to him, only Jaan is my friend.

5:30 PM
Shardul tells Jasmin that if they can win like this then what to do? Jasmin says you should feel like a winner when you look in the mirror. Shardul says I can’t go home as I don’t have a home, I won’t get work. Jasmin says you will earn respect and you will get more work with respect.

6 PM
Bigg Boss says Shardul and Naina are next. Shardul goes and sits there. Naina says why you deserve it more? Shardul says I need it more, I want to show myself to the audience. Naina says you are not confident with your abilities? Shardul says it’s a big platform for me, you have already won a reality show. Naina says but this is a big platform for me too.
Abhi tells Jasmin that you are doing well and you got the reward today, you are making talks with everyone and gelling in well.
Naina tells Shardul that I am a regular, middle-class girl that deserves to be here.
Jasmin asks Abhi if we should stoop to Nikki’s level? Abhi says Rahul would have snatched it from her. It’s their group’s strategy to leave when someone is snatching so now let them fight.
The yellow light goes on, Shardul holds the mask. Naina says I want this. Shardul says I am taking this as this is my survival chance. Naina says I won’t be saved. The buzzer plays, Naina asks him to give it to her. Shardul says I won’t get votes, you know that. Naina says we both are going. She hugs him but doesn’t leave the mask. Shardul cries and says I am sorry. Bigg Boss says we told you that one person should have the mask, they are still holding it together so both are nominated.

6:30 PM
Pavitra is emotional and tells Nikki that Eijaz showed his reality. I knew he was playing a game. Nikki says you knew it was expected that he will change. Pavitra says I was not expecting anything from him, I was fine when he took Jasmin’s name but the reason was wrong. I made so much food for him. When Eijaz came to the green-zone, I asked Naina to make eggs for him as he is ill. He was saying that Jasmin made halwa for him when I was making food for him daily even when we were fighting? She cries and says I will happily go to the red-zone, I won’t fight. Nikki says no, don’t be crazy. Pavitra says I will not forget this.

6:45 PM
Pavitra is crying in the washroom. Nikki comes there and says don’t do this, I can’t see you breaking like this. Pavitra says how could he give that reason? I will not fight for the mask. Nikki shouts that you have to fight for yourself. Pavitra says he took advantage of me, he gave such bullshi* reason. Nikki says I will break this door. Pavitra comes outside and says I am fine. Nikki asks Pavitra to not give up. Pavitra says I am so angry. Nikki says don’t be angry so much. Pavitra says I take care of him every day, he acknowledges it but he took Jasmin’s name for making one halwa? Nikki says maybe he wants to be in the good books of everyone.

Jasmin tells Abhi that my dinner partner Pavitra is not feeling well so I will make food alone. Eijaz asks what happened to her? Jasmin says she has high BP and crying so much, she says that she wants to go to red-zone. Eijaz says I am going to go there and will not clarify anything. She keeps asking me questions, she can become the captain and give explanation to everyone.

Bigg Boss says the next two inmates are Abhinav and Rubina. Abhi laughs.
Nikki screams and thanks Bigg Boss. Pavitra shouts to not do it. Nikki hugs her.
Rubina and Abhi sit on the seats. Rubina says you are my strength in this show, I can move ahead in this show because of you. Abhi says I don’t agree, if I am not here even then you will do well in this show. You can stay alone outside so you can stay here alone too, you are strong and you don’t need me. Rubina says I want you here, you are my oxygen so you will take this oxygen, I can be in any situation if you are with me.

Pavitra cries and tells Jaan that didn’t I take care of him? Didn’t I make food for him? I went crazy when you said that you didn’t want Eijaz to become the captain. I did so much for him.

Abhi tells Rubina that as an audience, I would want to see you in the house.

Nikki and Jaan hug Pavitra as she cries. Nikki says nobody is with Eijaz now, Kavita was right to blow off on hims. Pavitra says I will not spare him now.

Rubina tells Abhi that I want you in the house as my support. The yellow light turns on so Jasmin says please one person should take it otherwise you both will be nominated.
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