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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 3rd November 2020 Written Episode Update

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 3rd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ramo snatches Vijay’s gun. He says leave it. Ramo comes home and puts a gun on Arun. He says Ramo kaka when did you come back and this gun? Ramo says this is about my daughter. Tell me where is Hari. Please tell me. Arun says please drink water. I don’t know his address. Kumud might to know. He says to call her then. I won’t leave. Police come to the house. Vijay says Ramo ran from the jail. Rajeshwari says what drama is going on at my house. Ramo says I am a father before a servant. Rajeshwari says shut up. Put the gun down. Ramo says sorry but I have to save my daughter. Rajeshwari says you already have a case on you. Ramo says she came to save me. And if anything happens to her how will I show face to her mom. Rajeshwari says what will people say when they know that our 20 years old servant came to our house like a rabid dog. Policemen put guns on him.

Rani is locked in the dark. She says someone get me out of here. Vijay says put the gun down. Ramo says this gun will only go down when my daughter is with me. Pinku comes and hugs him. He says I am very scared. He cries. Ramo says to Vijay we are not like you people mentally. When it comes to our kids we can do anything. Veer says put the gun down please. Ramo says I only want Hari’s address. Veer says control your officer. Veer says you trust me right? I will save Rani. I promise. Put the gun down till then please. Veer goes out. Rajeshwari calls SHO and says a man came to my house with a gun and your men are only looking. Vijay calls him and says if Ramo is there shoot him. If anything happens to Rajawats we will all be fired.

Scene 2
Veer comes to Hari’s house and beats him. HE says where is Rani. Vijay calls Veer says and says we have orders to shoot him, we don’t have time. It’s complicated. Veer says give me sometime. Hari runs.

Veer comes downstairs. He looks for Rani. Rani tries to go out. Vijay says please put the gun or I will.. Pinku says please don’t. do this. He says put the gun down. Ramo says I always trusted you please. Ramo says she stayed away from me since childhood with hope that I will come back. I won’t let her hope die. Another officer says we have rights to shoot her.

The goons come close to Rani with a hockey. HE says why is a hurry? We have time. Veer comes and says yes time to teach you a lesson. He hits the goons. They all faint. Rani is scared. Veer sats are you okay? Come with me fast.

Vijay says you have one last time already. Rajeshwari says follow your orders Vijay. We will not stay detained here. Vijay says I have to shoot till 3. 1.. 2.. 3.. Veer comes in and says don’t shoot. Rani comes in as well. Rani hugs Pinku and Ramo. He hugs Rani and cries. Ramo says are you okay? He says how are your hands bruised. rani says I am fine. He says how did this happen? She says I only went out and someone fainted this. Rajeshwari recalls her blackmailer’s call. Ramo says to veer I am ever grateful to you. I don’t know how to thank you. Veer says you’re our own. Ramo says Rani sa forgive me. Rajeshwari says go from here.

Episode ends.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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