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Angels and Suitors ft. Mishibir, Kuhukunal, Samaina and Mineil – Episode 17

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Scene 1

At Patiala

Ishan comes to Isha’s room.

Isha: Where did you went?

Ishan: To meet my friend. Did lawyer come?

Isha: He will be coming now. Tell me the truth. Are you doing any conspiracy behind me?

Ishan: No. Why would I do that?

Isha: I hope you don’t do anything.

She angrily goes. Ishan feels relaxed.

The Lawyer comes.

Lawyer: Mam, the case is strong on our side as Kia is a girl baby and she needs a mom to take care. And her mom is supported financially by someone. So, we can expect judgement to be on side.

Isha: I want it to be in our side. And what about divorce case?

Lawyer: That is little difficult mam as you live with someone. And also, you have baby with him.

Isha looks tensed.

Isha: Do something sir.

Lawyer: One option is there. If your child tells that she wants her both parents to be together, then they might consider.

Isha: That I can do. Somehow, I will convince Kia and she will tell what I teach.

Lawyer: That’s good. I’ll leave now. Let’s meet at court tomorrow.

Lawyer goes.

Ishan: What are you going to teach Kia?

Isha: About her dad.

She goes to Kia. Ishan smiles and calls lawyer to thank him.

Ishan: I know how to confuse you Isha. From tomorrow, you will be officially mine and we will lead a happy life.

Isha comes to Kia. She acts too sweet to Kia. Kia gets suspicious.

Isha: Kia, come here. I’ll show something to you.

Kia: What mumma?

Isha: Look at this.

Kia: Mumma, on that day, I came to ask about him only. But you punished me.

Isha: Oh, my baby girl. Sorry for that. Now I’ll tell you. He is your dad.

Kia: My dad???

Isha: Yes. He loved you a lot. He is such a good man.

Kia: Then why he does not live with us? And why me and my brother has different dads?

Isha: That you won’t understand beta. But if you need your dad, then tell that you need both parents to judge uncle tomorrow.

Kia: Why?

Isha gets irritated. While she angrily tells her, Ishan comes with the laptop.

Ishan: Kia, your dad is in video call. Say hi to him.

Kia sees Neil and Mini in the call.

Neil gets emotional seeing her.

Isha gets angry and stares at Ishan.

Ishan makes Kia talk and Isha drags Ishan out of the room.

Isha: What are you doing? Why did you call him?

Ishan: I made this for your benefit. Kia will like him when she meets and have fun with him. Only then she will tell judge tomorrow.

Isha gets thinking.

Neil: Kia, I’m your dad.

Kia: Mumma told me now only.

Neil: Could you call me papa once?

Kia: No. I won’t call you.

Neil gets teary eyes. Mini supports him.

Kia: Why did you left me here? You could have taken me when you left from here nah? I can’t stay here.

Neil and Mini understands that the little girl has suffered a lot.

Neil: Don’t worry beta. Tomorrow I will get you. You will stay with us.

Kia: Really?

Neil: Yes.

Kia: Who is that with you?

Neil: She is Mini.

Kia: Hi Mini.

Neil: Kia, call her as…

Mini stops him and tells…

Mini: Kia, you call me as Mini itself or the name you wish.

Kia: Promise me one thing. From tomorrow will I live with you?

Neil: Definitely.

Kia smiles and so Mini and Neil too.

Isha comes and disconnects the call.

Isha: It’s enough. Sleep now.

Kia gets sad. She sleeps and is excited as from tomorrow she can live with Neil.

Neil sits sad.

Mini: Why are you sad now?

Neil: She didn’t call me as papa.

Mini: Give her some time. She will understand you.

Neil: I’m little nervous. I don’t know nothing about her. How will I handle her?

Mini: I’m there with you. We will take care of her together.

Neil: Itseems, you developed motherly feelings now itself?

Neil teases Mini. She smiles.

Mini: But I feel so sad for her. No kid will tell like this. It shows how much torture she has suffered. I hate Isha.

Neil: Even I’m getting angry. I hope she stays with us happily and also accepts you and call you as mumma.

Mini: I just want her to accept me. I won’t force her to call me as mumma as I know that difficulty. Till now, I’m not calling Hanuman uncle as papa. So, I won’t force her.

Neil hugs her!!!!

Zoya looks at them and smiles.

Adi: They look as a happy family, right?

Zoya: Yes.

Adi: You will make them complete by giving their daughter tomorrow.

Zoya: Yes. Everyone will be happy then.

Adi: But I won’t be happy. You are not giving me the thing which I need because of some stupid promise.

Zoya gets angry.

Adi: Yes, think and see. Yash made that stupid promise and romanced my wife and also gave her a child. But you still standing at the same place where he left you.

He goes angrily.

Zoya cries and she thinks of yash’s cheat and Adi’s good heart. She removes her ring which is her’s and yash’s engagement ring and throws it.

She goes to Adi’s room and locks the door. Adi is surprised.

Adi: What are you doing here?

Zoya: I came here to give the thing you want from me.

Adi: Which means….

Zoya comes near him and shuts his mouth with her fingers. They have an eyelock.

She kisses him!!! They have a liplock!!!!!

Zoya: From now, I’m all yours. I love you.

Adi: I love you too.

They both happily hug each other!!!!

Scene 2

Both Maheshwari and Rajvansh family come to the engagement location.

Rajshri: Kuhu, take Mishti to the room. We will call you when groom has arrived.

Mishti searches for Abir.

Meenakshi sees this and smiles.

Meenakshi: Mishti looks restless to meet groom itseems.

All smile but Mishti is irritated.

Mishti: Kuhu, let’s go.

They go to the room.

Mishti is angry.

Mishti: I can’t take it anymore. Those funny taunts haunt me.

Kuhu console her.

Mishti: I will put a big stone on that idiot groom’s head.

Kuhu smiles.

Kuhu: Relax Mishti. Everything will go well.

Mishti: Now you are speaking like a typical bahu.

Kuhu: Oh, you will too become a bahu in some days.

Kunal come there. He sees angry Mishti and try to make fun of her. Kuhu signs him no.

Kunal: Well Mishti, today you should be happy. Why are you angry? You will meet your better half today.

Mishti gets triggered. She throws a pillow on him. He catches it and laughs.

Mishti: Don’t laugh. Where is your brother?

Kunal: Why are you gonna run with him?

Mishti: Actually, this is good idea. Kuhu, I decided. I’m gonna run. Where is Abir.

Kunal: No, you can’t do this.

Mishti: Why? I will go.

She goes angrily downstairs and see Abir sitting there lost.

Kunal and Kuhu tries to stop Mishti but she runs fast and goes to Abir.

Mishti: Abir, come let’s go somewhere. No one is here. We will go without getting caught.

Abir: Mishti, even I was thinking the same. Thank god, you yourself came. Come let’s go.

They hold hands and look at the door. They go forward. Suddenly both Rajvansh and Maheshwari family come before them holding hands from the door.

Meenakshi: Where are you going?

Kuhu: If you both go, then how will this function happen?

Abir: Sorry kuhu. We cannot do this engagement as we are not happy.

Kunal: Bhai, please look at your back.

Abir and Kunal look at the back and sees

“Engagement of Mishti and Abir”

Seeing this, Abir and Mishti realize the family’s drama.

The families laugh…

Meenakshi: How will we be a hinderance to our children’s happiness.

Kuhu: Mishti, sometime before you were telling that you will put a stone on groom’s head. Will you do that now?

Mishti cries happily and nods no.

Kuhu: Oh, my sister starts to cry. All your makeup will go. Come with me. Let’s freshen up and come.

They both go.

After sometime, engagement ceremony starts.

Kuhu and Kunal bring Mishti down.

Abir: Kunal you should be with me.

Kunal: Bhai, Mishti is my friend and also, we three form the strongest team. So…

Abir: It’s not fair.

They laugh. Abir and Mishti exchange rings. All throws flowers on them.

Abir and Mishti hugs!!!

Abir and Mishti: Thank you guys. This surprise is the best.

All smiles!!!

Kuhu and Kunal dances rockingly!!!

Scene 3

Naina comes home after the exam.

Rakesh: Naina, how did you write?

Naina: It was easy dad. Definitely, I will pass. Where is chachaji?

Rakesh: He left to Ahmedabad.

Naina: He didn’t even inform me?

Rakesh: Some clients called him suddenly. So, he left. He asked you to call after you come.

Naina: Ok, I will talk with him.

Just then Poonam come.

Poonam: Naina, today we have some party in our apartment society. Girls should come in saree. So, I came to give this to you.

Naina: Didi, you are so sweet. Thanks for everything you do for me.

Poonam: It’s my pleasure. We will see at eve.

She goes.

Sameer: Bhabi did you give that saree?

Poonam: Yes, Naina will come there in the saree which you selected for her.

Sameer gets happy.

At eve, Naina and Rakesh comes to the society. Vanitha welcomes them.

Poonam introduces Vanitha and Sejal to Naina and Rakesh.

Naina becomes friends with them. Rakesh meets Sejal’s father-in-law and become friends with him.

Sameer come there and see Naina in the saree. He smiles looking at her and she too smiles back.

Vanitha: Ok let’s start the party. Let’s start with couple dance. All the couple come and dance.

Sameer comes to Naina and ask for her hand. Naina gets surprised and look at Rakesh. He nods yes. And she happily goes to dance with him.

They dance for Tum hi ho song.

It is an open area. Suddenly rain comes. All other couples run for shelter but they both dances. They have many eyelocks in between.

Poonam, Munna, Pandit are happy to see this.

Sejal: Their pair is the best. Are they lovers?

Poonam tell them the story.

Vanitha: We will surely support Naina in this. Let them dance. Don’t stop them.

Nirmala also present there. Shubam and Tanvi smile looking at Naina and Sameer.

Nirmala: They don’t have any good values. Look how they are dancing. It’s disgusting.

Shubam and Tanvi keep quiet.

Munna and Pandit live stream to their friends in Ahmedabad. The girls enjoy.

Preeti: Look, they are so lovely.

Munna: Yes.

The dance continues!!!

!!!To be Continued!!!

P.S : Sorry guys for not uploading today’s episode on time. Next episode you could expect on Sat.













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