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Trust is better than love (OS)

The start of this os is by someone else but she didn’t posted for a long time so I am writing this.

It started when twinkle and kunj studied in a foreign university together and fell for each other.Alisha told kunj that twinkle was with him because of his money and kunj left him.Then their parents fixed their alliance and they didn’t knew. They saw each other when their parents asked them to meet and both said yes according to the circumstances.

Now I am starting my part.

Kunj still hated twinkle.On their wedding day while filling twinkle’s hairline he saw a tear drop falling from her eyes.This pricked his heart and he thought did she really cheated on him.But the hatred overpowered the feeling.

Few days passed to their marriage but the only thing between them was silence.They rarely talked to each other.

Then kunj’s cousin marriage started and all the ladies of sarna mansion decided to go on shopping on Saturday.

On Saturday morning kunj kept his credit card on the side table and said to twinkle:I have kept my credit card on the table take it when you go for shopping.

“I don’t need it” twinkle replied.

This made kunj angry.This was going from the first day of their marriage. Whatever he gave her she didn’t accepted.Now this was enough for him he held her from her shoulder and pinned her to the wall.

Kunj: Enough is enough why don’t you understand you are my blo*dy responsibility and I have to fulfill it.

Twinkle quite rudely replied while looking into his eyes:This is 21st century and I am independent enough to take my responsibility myself.

Kunj: I really don’t care I had kept it their and you better take it.

Saying this he went to his office.

The whole day in the office kept looking for the message that if any amount was debited(decreased) from his account but no message came.This made him even more angry.In night when he entered the house everyone was sitting in hall with their shoppings.He looked for twinkle that if she has shopped anything or not.He was raged to see that twinkle did the shopping but not from his money.After some time everyone went to their rooms.As soon as twinkle entered the room Kunj got hold of her wrist tightly. He said angrily: what do you want to prove by doing all this .I will not come in your trap again.

This made twinkle teary eyed and she said: I didn’t proved my self and I will not prove my self now.Saying this she jerked him and went from there.

After some days while kunj was working in his office someone covered his eyes.”Who is this?”he said.The person took off the hands kunj turned around and found out that she was alisha .He stood up and hugged her.

Alisha:Kunj I am really sorry I couldn’t attend your marriage but now show me your wife’s pic.Kunj opened his phone gallery and showed her his wedding pic.she was shocked and became teary eyed on seeing the pic she hugged him and said: Thank god Kunj everything is sorted between you two.

Kunj: Alisha nothing is sorted between us.We are living like strangers.Over alliance was fixed by our parents and it was an arranged marriage.

Alisha:Kunj she was true to you.

Kunj: What are you saying.She cheated. She was with me because of my told me that.

Alisha:kunj I am really sorry but she was true to you.I lied to you because I thought I loved you but then I found my true love.I am really sorry. Before coming to you that day first I went to twinkle and told her that you were cheating on her.But she didn’t believed me and she neither asked you.She always truly loved you and trusted you.

Tears had already made their way from kunj’s eyes he fell to the ground.Alisha kept his hand on his shoulder but he jerked her hand with full strength and said: Alisha said get away from my eyes right now you destroyed me.Get away from me.

Alisha left from their.

Kunj cried out loud.every moment came in front of his eyes.The day he accused her.When he tanted  her on their meeting for match.Her tear when he filled her hairline. And the credit card incident.He felt very guilty. After he was able to control himself he rushed to the house.His mom told him that twinkle was in room.He rushed upstairs and entered his room.Twinkle was sitting on couch.She was looking so innocent but there was no smile on her face.He moved forward and sat in front of her on the floor. Twinkle was boggled when he started:Twinkle I am really sorry(His voice was choking and face was full of tears) I didn’t trusted you. please forgive me.

twinkle: Kunj what are you talking about.What happened.

Kunj: twinkle I accused you for cheating please forgive me.

He was about to held her hand but she pulled it away.

Twinkle:I will never forgive you.I cheated on you.I am with you because of your money right.

Kunj:Twinkle don’t say that I know I made a huge mistake please forgive me.You know I always loved you and I still love you. Please forgive me.

Twinkle: It would be better if you had told me that you trust me rather than you love me.You didn’t cared about me.Your love was fake because we only love those whom we trust you never trusted me indeed you never lived me.Their is no more fealing in my heart for you.I am your wife and you can get your each kind of rights from me but that would be only one sided.I will never forgive you.

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