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Love doesn’t understand words – RagSan SS – Shot 2

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The story begins..,

One car came with full speed to cross Sanskar’s car.

Kabir “Sanskar… We can cross the car. It will take only 5 seconds to do so. What you say?”

Sanskar “Back off”

Kabir “What?”

Sanskar “You heard right!”

Kabir “Okay fine”

Kabir gave space to other car to go first. Both parked the cars and came outside.

“You didn’t change a bit. When will you grow up huh? You still want to play with me?” Sanskar asked

“Yes I like to play with you… I thought you wont come. But I missed you a lot bhai” Sanskar’s brother Laksh spoke

“It’s just matter of 6 months my dear brother. I missed you too” Sanskar replied by hugging his brother

“You two brothers will never change” said Kabir and left the place

“Don’t forget, we only have 30 minutes for meeting” Said Sanskar while coming inside the mansion

“But you see, 30 minutes are not enough to Grandmaa’s questioning” Laksh said grinning

Sanskar sighs and moves to the garden area where Madhuri, Sanskar’s grandmother is seen planting some plants.

“Where were you, you little monkey, huh?” said Madhuri while hitting Sanskar’s head

“You know I was in London for some important work” said Sanskar while hugging her

“Of course I know, Thank God! I haven’t gone senile yet” said Madhuri while smiling

“Well… It’s necessary to go to London” said Sanskar while understanding his granny’s intention

“Don’t tell me that you found the bride in London, and keeping it as secret” said Madhuri while holding his ear

“I know you are not going to reveal it that easily. Look if she is from London that’s fine. It’s a city of good, cleanly environment and government officials. But girls there are very modern and kicks out their MIL(Mother-in-law) from their own home” said Madhuri while Sanskar gave her unbelievable look

“What? I am not asking for much” said Madhuri when she find Sanskar smiling

“She must look decent, educated, be able to do household things, respect the elders, be co-operative, should not argue for small things, and do whatever is told to her, plus she should massage my back for 1 hour everyday. You know my back hurts a lot. That’s all” said Madhuri

“In shortcut you are saying that you want a robot which have all these qualities. But the thing is Grandmaa, I am in London only for work” said Sanskar and sighs

“Now tell me about you. How are you doing?” said Sanskar while diverting the topic

“Come on my boy, how can I be fine? Living under the same roof with that sinister woman” said Madhuri sadly

“Don’t say like that, she will hear you. Are you afraid of her?” Sanskar said while laughing

“I am not afraid by that ugly looking old aged lady who has wrinkles all over her face. Look at me, still looks more beautiful than her” Madhuri replied

“OMG! Grandmaa you are so cute” said Sanskar pulling her cheeks

Screen changes to a room where a lady and a man is seen getting ready.

“Nisha! Do it fast, you are taking so long to get ready” said the man impatiently

“Oh come on Ram, can’t you see I am getting ready!” said the lady while wearing her earrings

“Husband has no respect at all, always insulted by wife” said ram angrily

Nisha “Ram!!!”

“Look Nisha, Sanskar was going to come for breakfast. My son is very punctual. Let’s not make my boy wait” said Ram

“So you are saying I love to make him wait. You are right Ram. Let’s not make Sanskar sir wait!”
Nisha replied angrily. She gives a look to him and went outside. Ram gives her impossible look.

(Friends… Actually Ram is Sanskar’s dad but Nisha is his step mother. Sanskar’s mother died giving birth to Sanskar. Laksh is Ram and Nisha’s son.)

“Good morning Nisha mom” said Sanskar smiling when she was stepping down stairs

“Good morning dear” said Nisha

“Wow wow…My prince is here. Welcome back” said Ram and hugs him

“Then next meeting of SS textiles is today. Right Sanskar?” Ram asked

Sanskar nods his head.

“Where is Laksh?” Ram asked Nisha angrily

“He came back this morning Ram, please let him sleep” Nisha replied

“Why should I? Go wake up that Lazy fellow and he must come to meeting!” Ram said

Sanskar left the place.

“How do you feel after insulting me Ram? Very Happy right?” Nisha said and goes outside while Ram gives fed up look and goes to upstairs to wake up Laksh.

Screen shifts to a girl who came to Ragini’s house. She is Aastha, Ragini’s and Ishani’s best friend.

Then a lady is seen who is coming in Aastha’s direction. She looks very tensed. She is Nadia, Janvi’s best friend and Aastha’s mother.

“Thank God! Aastha you are a life saver. You came in the right time. Headache tables, B.P tables, take out whatever you have” said Nadia

“Mom relax… Do I look like a drug store? I’m just a nurse. What had happened?” Aastha asked her mother

“Hell is breaking inside my girl! Your Aunt Janvi came here” Nadia replied

“Awww… How nice… She is welcome” Aastha said getting happy

“Yeah I also told her welcome” Nadia says and fills Aastha’s hand with water

“Awww… Mom then why are you getting hyper?” Aastha questioned

“The thing is Ragini’s father told her to get Ragini” Aastha’s smile vanished

Aastha “Oh shit! She came here to take Ragini back?”

Nadia nods her head.

Nadia “My girl, Mother and daughter are eating each other. Someone needs to stop this! Run! Save us”

(Here Nadia is over dramatic just like Sujatha in Swaragini)

They both went inside the house. As soon as they stepped inside the house, they hear a shout and turns to that direction.

“I am not coming with you” said Ragini to Janvi

“You must” Janvi said

“Nooo… Noo and No…” said Ragini shouting

Aastha entered into the scene.

“Welcome Aunt Janvi” said Aastha with a forced smile

“I came, I came well, but i am satisfied with what I was met with dear” Janvi said angrily looking at Ragini

“Aunt Nadia… Please say something to my mom” said Ragini joining her hands infront of Nadia

“Why are you doing this to my child Janvi?” asked Nadia

“I am doing nothing. Her father said it. Today is the last night that’s it” Janvi replied

“But mom today I have two interviews” said Ragini while gritting her teeths.

“What??? And that’s exactly what your dad said, If she find out a job today, she does. If not grab her hand and bring her here” said Jhanvi

“Shall we buy the bus tickets now Ragini?” said Ishani while eating the breakfast getting a glare from Ragini and Aastha

“Ok… I mean after breakfast” said Ishani while smiling

“Thanks a lot Ishani. But no need of it, as I am not going anywhere” said Ragini

“Oh what can I do? Do you think it’s easy to find job in Banglore? Your father is right” said Ishani

“Why do you say such things? This is life. One can never know what will happen?” said Aastha and Ragini nods her head in agreement

“Mom… I am already of legal age, you can’t force me to do anything which I don’t want to do” said Ragini smiling

Janvi laughed loudly and said, “Your father said he won’t send you a single penny anymore. Let’s see how you sit here with hunger?”

“Ah… Why should she sit here with hunger? I am here for her. Thank God! I have enough to give her as well” said Nadia proudly

“Nadia! Don’t spoil them I say” said Janvi angrily and left the place

“Uffffff” Ragini exclaimed and sit on table with her hands on face. All looks at her with sympathy.

Screen shifts to Maheshwari Mansion where everyone are sitting and having breakfast.

“Now that the whole family is here. So I want to say that I am going to retire” said Ram

“What???” said Nisha shockingly

“Yes you all heard right. From now on I will come and go” said Ram

“Dad! What is going to happen after six months?” Laksh asked confusingly

“Well… I look at your performances and will decide the head of the company” said Ram clearing everyone doubts

“But you don’t need to do that Dad. Laksh and I can manage everything very well. What you say dad?” said Sanskar

“I agree” said Nisha

“But dear only one has to be head. Like 2 lions can’t stay in one ground” said Ram

“Dad is right big bro… There should be only one boss and that will be you. I can continue my life as it is. I know big bro will brighten our name. I am proud of you” said Laksh smiling and pat Sanskar’s shoulder

“This is not time for jokes Laksh dear” said Nisha hiding her anger

“Your mother has said the right thing for the very first time. Just like your father, who built the SS company from ZERO. Then in the future you and your children will do the same” said Madhuri proudly

Sanskar stood up listening the word children from her grand mother’s mouth.

“Oh Grandma! please don’t start again” said Sanskar and left the place

Precap : Ragsan first meeting

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