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A True Love Story Never Ends- Season 2 Part 3: The beginning

So….. I’m highly nervous while beginning it but let us rolllllll……………

Note: Dialogues having # as starting and end will be a speech bubble (POV thought of character)

Sound….  Camera…. Action….


Scene 1: “Little Lights” Modeling Agency, NYC

Some unknown random girl is running behind an one aged woman having the stack of files in her hand….

RG (Random Girl): “Mam. We are having a meeting with Mr. Garfield in  just 5 and still some paperwork is left. ”

Bianica: “What! I shouldn’t have trusted you with this girl. Yo’re naive and you disappointed me for a big time. ”

RG: “Mam. That’s not my fault at all but give me five and I will come up with something.”

Bianica: “Whatever. You just have 5 minute to save your a*s and stay here. If you fail to do so I will ruin you.”

RG: “Thanks mam.”

Bianica left after that and RG began her walk towards some room. While she was entering that she stopped by a voice.

Another girl: “What a poor thing. You know a dumb head like you just deserve worse than this. Baby Ella just eat a candy and get ready to leave.”

(Yup that girl is Ella. She is Bianica’s assistant. I know there was written that she will be an aspiring model but her career begins with this.)

Ella just didn’t utter a word and remain silent.

Another girl: “Ella. You know I just hate you b***ch. ”

Ella: #What a b*tch#

Ella:”. Emma yo’re so funny you know…”

Emma: “I think you need a doctor.”

Ella: “Yo’re my doctor. ”

Ella then  winked at her.

Emma: “Shoo…”

After Ella laughed and continue her stuff.

(Introduction of Ella. Oops thought Ella is simple and sweet…. Naaah girl in my fic can’t be simple guys….)

End of Scene 1:


Scene 2: University of Regina, NYC

Today University of Regina has planned a model contest for aspiring models to treasure jewels..

Anchor: “So today’s 2nd last question for our one of the Top 2 finalist of today Miss. Regina will be asked by Mr. Simon.”

Mr. Simon: “So Miss. Regina. Your question is: What do you think about marrying a businessman?”

Regina: “(Smiles with little over confidence) Well I think that’s easy to guess. There are some perks of having a businessman as hubby as they have treasure of wealth and ‘money speaks a volume’. That high profile social life is something different. I think that wealthy hubby can have much level of satisfaction.”

While Mr. Simon looked little bit off with the answer, the other finalist just laughed little.

Mr. Simon: “Well thanks Miss. Regina. Wish you a luck.”

A man just flinched his fist tightly.

Anchor: “So the last question for our today’s another finalist and Mr. Ross will do thew honor.”

Mr. Ross: “So Miss, me and my colleagues were discussing that being with a wealthy man comes up with a list of challenges such as your marriage will hang on a rope, you will be lonely all the time and so. What do you think about that?”

Finalist: “Well..” and she gave a sweet smile while having a b*t*hy expression from Regina.

Finalist: “I think that these are some myths that have been made for a wealthy man. According to me, those person are also a human being and more importantly, it entirely depends on the man that who the man is, what are his views and how he treats you rather than just how he is going to satisfy your needs. It also matters that how he have earned it and what are his views about that. So basically that is mostly dependable on man irrespective on any class.”

Some claps surrounded the venue. The man who was having a tight fist, now has released it and is cuddling his beard now.

Mr. Ross: “Well Thank you Miss. Jennifer and wish you a luck.”

(Of course she is Jennifer (Our Annika)…)

All began feeling their score card and now it’s time for result—

Anchor: “So the Winner of the Miss. UOR Contest is—”

Both Regina and Jennifer having worried look.

Anchor: “Is— Regina………….”

Regina jumped with the excitement and  looked at Jennifer and came to her..

Regina: “See b**ch.. I won”

Jennifer: “Well… Congratulations sweetie…” she said and gave her a hug.

Regina: “Aren’t you feeling jealous!!!”

Jennifer: “For what!! Getting 2nd rank.. 😃😃😃. Dream on!!!”

Regina: “Oh whatever. Better luck next time…”  and left being confounded… 😖😖😖

That man immediately left the venue and was walking very furiously.

End of the Scene 2:


Scene 3: TV Set of  “The Bachelor”, LA

Anchor: “Hey there contestants. Feeling excited?? Okay so right now we are having Introduction party as you all have to know each other. Let’s begin.”

After 1 hour:

All contestants can be seen engaged in party and some are having fun while some are busy in gossips…

Girl 1: “Hey b****es. I think no one over here is able to compete with me and don’t even have balls. But let me tell you don’t mess with me or else you will be ruined.”

All the other girls began gossiping about this while one girl laughed so hard… 😂😂😂😂

Girl 1: “Hey there. What’s wrong with you! You have clean up yourself pretty good but your attitude.. Are you mad?”

Girl 2: “😂😂😂”

Girl 3 (Sidekick of Girl 1): “Savannah, I think we need to make her understand.”

Girl 4 (Other sidekick): “Ellie, yo’re right..”

Both Ellie and Eden began approaching that girl but stopped in middle–

Savannah: “Wait, let me handle her.”

She said and went towards her…

Savannah: “You seem pretty dumb. What’s your name even?”

Girl: “Rachel. You can call me Rach sweetie. 😂😂”

(Yeah that’s Rachel – Ragini)

Savannah: “Rachel, nice name. But yo’re messing with wrong girl dear. I can cut you in pieces right now… 😠😠”

Rachel: “Don’t even start with that funny shit… 🤪🤪🤪”

Savannah: “You…   😠 😠 😠”

She yelled and tried to slap her but Rachel hold it…

Rachel: “Mind your behavior b***..”

Savannah: “Seems confident to fight me!!”

Rachel: “Yeah unlike you boasting up fake pride all the way. Hey girl remember one thing, never mess with me. I’m not here for winning heart of Aaron so better stay away from me.”

A guy behind Rachel: “Then what are you here for? Just for free entertainment!”

Rachel: #Oh my dear lord, that hot breath fanning over me just made me flinch and that thick Spanish accent….

Rachel: “Oh pardon me man, I have some work here despite of winning heart of Aaron.”

Guy: “Hmm, whatever that is. You look pretty average for this show nor you have good taste of fashion. Don’t know from where they have taken you!”

Rachel: #This man needs to show his real place  😠 😠. How he just can insult me..#

And then Rachel just slapped him.

Savannah: #F**k, this girl have some balls!!!#

All girls again start gossiping…

Guy: “Shut up, how dare you slap me! Do you even know who I am? I’m the f***in producer of this show 😡😡😡  Yo’re disqualified.”

Rachel: #F**k. I messed up!!!”

Rachel: “Look I’m sorry—”

Sergio: “Cut that crap!”

And Sergio left the place.

End of the Scene 3:


Scene 4: ‘The Mansion’ restaurant, Dallas

Manager: “Good morning madame and sir! Today our theme is romance and hope you will love it.”

Guy: “Good morning Pal, yeah hope so.”

Girl: “Let’s go! I’m ravenous… ☹️☹️☹️”

Guy: “Sure dear after you”

And they hopped inside and was about to sit when a guy pulled a chair for the girl and she sat..

Girl: “Thank you handsome 😍😍😍😍”

Guy: “My pleasure beautiful 😘😘😘😘”

After 1/2 hour—

Girl: “I’m tired… let’s go somewhere else..”

Guy: “Well I have one place… Let’s go!”

End of the Scene 4:


Scene 5: Arboretum Gardens, Dallas (One of the beautiful place 😍😍)

There is a same guy and girl from the restaurant…

Girl: “Till when I have to carry this blindfold Daniel?”

(Yeah that’s Daniel (Chris Pine))

Guy: “Amber, just wait dear..”

(Yesss. That girl is Amber (Gal Gadot))

Daniel removed Amber’s blindfold–

Amber: “Arboretum gardens Daniel. This is  my favorite place  😍😍”

Daniel: “Yeah I know. Well Amber…”

Amber: “What happen Dany? Any problem!”

All the guitarist began playing guitar.

Amber: “This so beautiful and this decoration and guitarist  😍😍. Have you done this?”

Daniel: “Yeah especially for you!”

Amber: “Even that Gazebo 😍😍. Let’s go over there!”

Both go to that place and started dancing on low music…

In middle of that Daniel ceased his dance.

Amber: “What happen Dany! Why you just cease like that?”

Daniel looked at her and then went to his legs..

Amber: #Oh holly molly is that what I’m thinking#

Daniel: “Of all the like, care, fight, love and friendship that we have shared over 6 months, I want to say that yo’re the most amazing girl I have found. You always brings the best out of me, yo’re my pillar of strength and vessel of my weaknesses. Yo’re the one to whom I want to give all my love and care. Amber Smith, will you make me ‘Daniel Johnson’ the most happiest person on the Dallas garden?”

Amber: “Just only Dallas!! Why not Earth? ☹️☹️☹️”

Daniel: “For that I’m having another girl!”

Amber: “What the heck man! Dare you do that and I will kick your balls! 😡😡😡”

Daniel: “Okay miss Amber, will you marry me!”

Amber: #———————————————–#

Daniel: “Am…”

Amber: #—–”

Daniel: “Are you there dear!”

Amber: “Yes.. Yes.. Yes… I will!”

She said and sat on her knees and was about to gave a tight hug!!!


Both in unison: “Jesus!! What the!!”

They just got drenched by all those guitarists over there and now was laughing..

Amber: “What the heck is this guys! How dare you do that?”

Daniel: “Am, just calm down. Guys tell me ‘who told you to do that!”

Amber: “Do you think someone sabotaged it!!”

Daniel: “Damn sure, do you know them? Wait,”

Daniel bring out his phone and show a pic to them.

Daniel: “Are that them??”

All: “Yes….”

Daniel: “Veronica 😡😡😡😡😡”

End of the Scene 5:


End of the Chapter


So that’s the Intro of our lovable Jenny, Ella, Sergio, Rachel, Daniel and Amber.

Did Rachel make a mistake by slapping Sergio? What will be the outcome?

A romance bubble broken by Veronica will put her under radar or there are some intense drama there!!!

Who was that man who was unhappy with Jenifer’s loss? What drama is awaiting for Jennifer???

Ella seems to be cute and simple assistant but that’s all she has in her!!!

And wait for more drama to be unfold in upcoming chapter.



Revealing the identity of man

Confrontation of Sergio and Rachel

More of Jennifer and Ella….



Tharki Chokriya

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