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Ye Dil to pyaar maange hai #riansh #immj2 #forever #3

First of all my deepest condolences to Siddharth’s family…. May his soul rest in peace…. Miss u Siddharth Shukla💐💐

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So let’s begin…….

Kabir:I have never loved you I was always behind your 💰 and property. You are such a fool to believe me.

Riddhima: no. This is false. Please I am begging u tell that this is a lie. Kabirrrrr she yelled.

Sejal: Now there is no use for shouting none can help u get this in your mind.

Kabir: so now I have got your property and the love of my life so what is your use of staying here.

Riddhima was hell shocked…

Kabir : you remember our meeting after breakfast on the day I was leaving…


Riddhima: What happened Kabir you called me anything wrong…

Kabir : no darling there are some papers which you need to sign.

Riddhima: for what

Kabir : I am going to sponsor an orphanage in your name so just those papers only.

Riddhima: how sweet. Give I will sign……. Done.


RIDDHIMA was shell shocked..

Kabir: ya behind those papers were the papers of property….. He was smiling like a devil..

Riddhima stood numb she lost everything….

Sejal: Kabir I wanna tell you something as I am new bride so I won’t do household chores we need a maid so better keep her….

Ok replied Kabir…… Then He shouted Ramesh keep all her stuff in servant’s quarter ….

At night

Riddhima was sitting holding her knees with her chin upon them and was crying inconsolably……..

“Why God why why always me the one whom I loved has ditched me. Am I that bad don’t I deserve love ”

She was cursing her fate she was cursing the date she met that devil.

While crying she slept on the floor only..

In morning

Riddhima got up and went inside hall there Sejal ordered her get a coffee for herself…

She went and made coffee while she was giving her some drops fell on her dress while some on her fingers she hissed in pain

Sejal : you maid can’t you see this was my favorite dress and you spoiled it…..she holder her hand and ousted her from the villa closing the door on her face…

She left from there and was walking aimlessly like a lifeless body on the middle of the road….

And suddenly……..

This is for today guys thank you once again for your love and affection…. I will try to update it soon…… Tell your views about today’s episode bye take care..

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