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Whimsical – Description + Prologue // The


“W..Who are you?”, he asked, frightened.

“Does it really matter, Vihaan?”, she replied mysteriously, scaring the life out of him.

“H..How do you know my name?”, he stuttered as if he had seen a ghost.

Well…Of course, he had.


Vihaan never believed the existence of supernatural beings, nor did he acknowledge the power of celestial bodies.

Until, fate brought him across evidences of the same.

An ill king, a prophecy and a mysterious woman who claimed to know the deepest secrets of the land an empire rose from. Things were about to change, along with Vihaan’s disbelief on magic.


The names of characters, places and the events in this book are purely fictional.

They have no relation with any person living or dead.


The aroma of freshly crushed spices mixed with the inviting sweetness of jaggery travelled across the main bazaar of Ratnagarh.

Newbies bought whatever ‘average’ they could find, while wise hands dug out the desired from the many stalls that lined the pathway to the royal palace.

Maharaj Veer Rai Pratap, padhaar rahe hain.”, the darbaan chanted the news of the king’s arrival in the rajya sabha, that echoed across the kingdom.

People ran hither and thither, doing their routine chores, unaware of the secrets that lay buried beneath their land.

Away from the alleys bustling with life, deep in the seldom moving forests, a young man glanced at the sky through the canopy of leaves.

Eyes so expressive it felt as if he could talk for hours without even speaking. He was clean-shaven, making him look younger than his twenty-nine years. His lips kept on twisting repeatedly, in sync with the thoughts in his mind.


He was named after dawn, that replaced the darkness of the night, and brought hope and optimism to begin a new day with.

Feeling a known gaze at him, he ran deeper into the woods, a charming smile adoring his lips.

Vihaan was an infant when he was abandoned in the middle of the forest.

Zeenat, a widowed lady, found him and raised him with motherly affection. From a mischievous little boy, he grew up to be brave, selfless, courteous and compassionate, few of his qualities to name.

The sound of footsteps became feeble as he decreased his pace, exhausted after the long run.

Turning around, he gazed lovingly at the beauty in front of him.

Strands of her long wavy hair that fluttered in the air as she hither and thither, carefree, her long eyelashes that complimented her ocean blue eyes, the sound of her anklets that sounded like the sweetest melody to him.

“Ira, stop!”, said Vihaan, panting heavily.

But the girl continued to run, her mellifluous giggles echoed  and her anklets chimed in rhythm with the movements of her feet.


Ok. I said I won’t publish anything but I was getting pretty bored and since this book had been lagging for a while, I thought maybe posting it somewhere would give me motivaton to write. I know, this is very illogical and the writing is bizarre. I had started writing this in May and till now I have only written three chapters, which I keep on rewriting since new ideas keep on popping in my head every now and then. But yes, I did change it’s cover, name, description and prologue four times. It was kind of my dream book, but now I feel that is a dream in the true sense, cuz it will only get completed in my dreams.

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