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Vighnaharta Ganesh 3rd September 2021 Written Episode Update – Raja Bhojraj accepts proposal of marriage with Meera.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 3rd September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Meera singing prayers sitting in front of her Prabhu while Raja Bhojraj arrives hearing her voice in her room & feels very happy about her devotion to Prabhu Shri Kirshna but her uncle & father are concerned if Raja Bhojraj rejects proposal watching Meera in such a Jogan condition hence they immediately go to handle the situation.

The entire family also gather in her room where she is still singing & Raja is watching her happily. After prayer finishes her brother Jayamal informs her to see Raja Bhojraj of Chittorgarh has come to see her but she says whose eyes are stuck on her Girdhar how she can see anybody else & her uncle shouts her to stop talking foolishly but Raja stops him from shouting her saying who is purely devoted to her Prabhu without any selfishness is ought to be a true lover of her Girdhar & Meera also says if there is selfishness then it’s not true love & writes some phrases in Sanskrit narrating it which Raja appreciates a lot hence Raja Bhojraj leaves from there while her mother abuses her due to behaving weird towards him but she says that you had only told me to not to face him in this condition hence they too disburse.

Jayamal follows Raja Bhojraj for handling him to see if he is angry explaining about his sister’s behaviour but instead Raja calms him saying he has seen in Meera whatever he wished to while Jayamal informs this to Meera’s uncle & her father who become more restless due to her behaviour which might result in rejection from him & this is heard by Meera from outside the rooms door who was about to meet them but Raja comes telling them that Meera is to be praised for such a devotion towards Prabhu & says that he has arrived for a decision to marry her after watching her true behaviour while all are delighted hearing this but Meera feels depressed which has happened against her assumption.

Meera immediately sits in front of her Prabhu pleading to help her in this matter by coming to take her while her whole family begins process of arranging further formalities to execute. Meera’s mother comes in her room to explain her for accepting this Proposal now as Raja itself has agreed to marry her but she is again trying to convince her of her marriage with Prabhu which has already happened but she blames her to come out of the dreams & if Prabhu has married her then tell him to send the costume for her of marriage so that all of them will believe her & she says her Girdhar will definitely do this which is heard by him also hence her mother leaves while her Prabhu smiles watching this.

Ganeshji says Meera kept informing her Prabhu through her Bhajan for helping her by sending costume of her marriage.

Meera sings prayers for her Prabhu trying to convince him for sending her costume of marriage from him while she receives costume from some maids which is unknown to her who sent.

Meera’s aunty informs her mother the marriage costume is being sent by Raja Bhojraj but she is in confusion if Meera accepts it but her aunty insists her to just give her so that she’ll accept automatically hence they all go to her for giving it while Meera is already ready wearing marriage costume & her mother is shocked shaking her hands by falling the costume plate asking her who sent this & she says her Prabhu while her uncle & father are also terribly shocked watching this.

Precap: Meera’s uncle shouts her saying she has to marry Raja Bhojraj anyhow. Meera sits in front of her Prabhu promising she will only be in front of him. Meera’s uncle tells her mother to see that she agrees to this Marriage while Raja Bhojraj is on his way for marriage with Meera.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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