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Udaariyaan m twist – FF – Part 3

Hello guys here I m with the part 3 of my ff …hole you all will like this …

In the last part we have seen that tejo was left heartbroken after hearing that fateh has introduced jasmine as his wife in front of his friend and she comes back home …

Tejo is alone in her room crying and memorising the time she spent with fateh ….here fateh and jasmine are enjoying the night unaware that tejo knew about them …..after enjoying whole night fateh comes back home and finds that tejo is leaving for her college …he suddenly remembered about simran’s call and goes to tejo to ask her about all this but tejo leaves the place saying she is getting late for the college …..

But instead of college tejo goes to simran’s house and finds buzzo playing with candy …she tells simran that she can not lie to the family anymore and request her to reveal the truth to the family…after much requests of tejo simran and buzzo agrees .Here fateh decides to ask buzzo about the matter …he calls buzzo …buzzo tells tejo that he is getting the call from fateh she asks him to put the call on speaker …fateh tells ,”hey buzzo how are you , bro?” Buzzo replies ,” I am totally fine ” Fateh asks that is he free now he want to meet him ….tejo tells buzzo to reply yes …buzzo tells ,”yeah veere , I am free I am coming to you “….

Just after the call hanged up fateh gets a call from academy that some investors want to meet fateh he messeges buzzo that they will meet in the evening as he got some urgent work in the academy ….

Here tejo calls Mahi and tells them that she urgently need her and Gurpreet and ask them to join her in the adjoining pind ….mahi hurries up and they both left for the place …

After 15 minutes they reach there and tejo guides them towards the house …buzzo and simran sees each other and just then enters mahi , Gurpreet and tejo in the house ….

Mahi and Gurpreet gets shocked to see simran in front of them with buzzo ….she welcomes all and cries a lot …Gurpreet and mahi ask her when she came India and why didn’t she told her ….simran tells candy to go out and play and confesses everything to Gurpreet and mahi …suddenly tejo stands up and tells that she has to go to teach the students and leave from there  … simran finally tells that she and buzzo loves each other ….fateh’s work from academy gets over and he reaches home ….Gurpreet and mahi leaves from there saying that khushbeer should have been reaching home they come home and finds fateh …mahi take fateh to his room and tells everything to him … fateh feels guilt that he doubted a pure soul and goes to the nearby pind to talk to tejo and apologise for his behaviour towards her but was amazed as he didn’t find tejo there …when he asked the village kids he get to know that tejo didn’t took the class today she was on a leave ….fateh calls buzzo to know whether she is with them but he answers ,”no”. He called jasmine to ask about tejo and gets worried when jasmine said she is not at sandhu’s house ….he leaves to find tejo ….here jasmine thinks why fateh is finding tejo and calls tejo but she didn’t picked up the call …..and at Virk’s mansion Gurpreet and mahi are waiting for tejo to thank her ….but where is tejo ,what she is about to do next ????

Precap : It’s 12 o’clock at night tejo still didn’t reached house all of them get worried about tejo fateh goes to find tejo … Gurpreet is praying to God …here jasmine is thinking about fateh and calls him but fateh is busy in finding tejo …..

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