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Twist Of Fate KKB – Episode 6

Previous Episode:

Sid’s car stops a distance of an inch in front of Pragya who was dumbfounded and shivering. Sid gets out of the car and walks towards Pragya.

Sid – Sorry Sorry Sorry Ma’am… Are you hurt?

Pragya – What sorry? I would have died. Why did you drive a car when you don’t know how to drive.

Sid – I am extremely sorry ma’am. This kind of mistake has never happened to me. I am driving the car from when I was 18 and have a license too. Please forgive me.

Sid’s apologetic gesture calms Pragya a little.

Pragya – Okay. But, don’t do this kind of mistake on road. It can be life-threatening.

Sid – I will take care of that ma’am. Again very sorry. By the way, why were you standing roadside?

Pragya – There is some fault with my car. So, I am waiting for a taxi. I need to reach my office as soon as possible. But, there is no taxi available today.

Sid – Oh. If you don’t mind I can drop you at your office.

Pragya was already getting late and she was not able to find any taxi.

Pragya – But, you are wearing formals. I assume you are also going to the office. Won’t you get late?

Sid – Yes, there is one meeting at 10:30. But, even if I drop you, still I will have 15 minutes of time to reach my destination.

Pragya – Okay then.

They both sit in the car and leave. Sid was focused on driving and Pragya started checking her phone.

Sid – Ma’am where should I drop you?

Pragya gives the address of the building where KPR has its head office.

Pragya was observing Sid. He looked Gentleman to her and was wondering how could such a sincere boy do such a mistake on road.

Pragya – What do you do?

Sid – Actually, I help my chacha in managing his company.

Pragya – Such huge responsibility at this age. That’s impressive.

Sid – It’s not like that. My chacha suffered a heart attack and due to his weak medical conditions, I took his position.

Pragya – Responsible man.

Sid – Thanks. Actually, I was thinking about an important meeting while driving and that accident was about to happen. Sorry for that once again.

Pragya – You have already apologized. No need to say that again. By the way, what is your name?

Sid – Siddharth.

Pragya – Nice.

(Sid did not enquire much about Pragya as he was concentrating on driving and he minds his own business.)

Sid gets Ranbir’s call. He picks it up and was wearing Bluetooth.

Sid – Yes speak. What have I done now?

Ranbir (In his usual way) – How dare you Sid to trouble, my wife?

Sid – Trouble your wife? Are you mad?

Pragya was confused by this conversation.

Ranbir – You made her help you do a presentation at night. Due to which we were not able to wake up early and mummy scolded her.

Sid – So what? She is super good at doing office work and you should have helped us yesterday completing the presentation instead of playing football and making coffee.

Ranbir – I made coffee for you too. You only needed that. I tell you next time Prachi won’t help you in this kind of last moment work.

Sid – Okay baba. Now, I am going to the meeting only. Can we continue this later?

Ranbir – Okay, just because you have an important meeting, I am leaving you. Chal BYE…

Sid said BYE and was going to cut the call. Suddenly, Pragya’s phone rings and she says “Hello” which is heard by Ranbir. Sid cuts the call assuming that Ranbir has already left.

Ranbir POV:

Was that Pragya aunty whose voice I heard? How is that possible. Also, Sid went alone to the office. Should I call him? No, he is going to an important meeting. I should not disturb him. He must be driving. But, I am sure that was Pragya aunty’s voice.

In-car :

After Pragya finishes her call she asks Sid if he was talking to a friend.

Sid – No, No. He is my younger brother. My Chacha’s son. Actually, His wife works with me. And due to some important office work, we had to work till morning. So, he was scolding me for making his wife work. He loves her so much.

Pragya – You said your chacha’s son. Then why don’t he handle the company?

Sid – He is different. He doesn’t like a business. He wants to do something different. And I know he will accomplish this all one day.

Pragya – Seems you love your brother very much.

Sid – Yes.

Pragya – In today’s world where no one can be trusted(in mind: not even husband), Hope your love and trust just increase.

Sid – Yes and Thank you.

They reach the building of Pragya’s office.

Sid – Your Destination is here.

Pragya – Thank you for giving me a lift.

Sid – Nice meeting you ma’am.

Pragya leaves for her office and it’s already 10:10. Sid sees the location of the meeting and it was the same building where he has reached.

Sid POV:

This is the address of the same building where I left that lady. It’s nice that I too have my meeting here only. Now I will get time to Revise for the meeting. This deal has to be cracked. It’s very important for our company.

In Pragya’s cabin :

Pragya reaches her cabin and sees Abhi there. She gets happy at first and moves slowly towards her seat. But, again remembers her accident and how he cheated on her with Alia and Tanu.

Pragya – You are still here. No need to come to this office. You are fired.

Abhi wanted to work as he wants to show Prachi that she is nothing to him and don’t need to do anything for him. Whatever she has done is enough.

Abhi – You cannot fire me like this based on your personal grudges. You have to give me 1 month’s notice and then only I will leave.

Pragya gets angrier at Abhi’s attitude now.

Pragya (annoyingly and to herself in low voice) – He can never change. So much has happened with him in the past 2 years and still, he carries the same attitude.

Abhi – speak upfront. If you have guts then speak in front of me. Loud and Clear.

Pragya – I was sayi…

She was about to say when Sushma comes and ask her to join the meeting.

Pragya – Aunty, you go ahead, I will join after completing this work (irritatedly looking towards Abhi).

Sushma – Okay beta. But do it fast.

Pragya nods and Sushma leaves for the meeting in the conference room.

After much argument, Abhi and Pragya come to an agreement that Abhi will work for her for 1 month (same as that in the show).

This argument continues for around 20 mins.

Meanwhile, the meeting started in the conference room and Sid was giving a presentation of the proposal. Pragya enters the room and sits at her place without being recognized by Sid due to dim light. But, Pragya recognizes him and smiles seeing him, concentrating on the presentation.

After about 45 minutes, the presentation completes and lights are switched on.

Sid (Looking towards Pragya and confused) – Ma’am you… Here..??

Precap: Ranbir-Sushma meets…

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