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True Love Never Fades #RraHel OS #IMMJ2

Hi guys, here we go with my first OS on RraHel.

It’s just my imagination and not at all related to the real or reel life. I’m writing something on RraHel for the very first time so please bear with my mistakes.


It’s been 2 months since Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 has came to an end. All the star cast of Immj2 got busy in their lives. But somewhere there were two people who were missing each other and they were Rrahul and Helly. Chandni and Zayn in real life started loving each other so they decided to get engaged.

It was a fine day, Helly was busy in her advertisement shoot while Rrahul was busy with his other shoot.

At Helly’s Place:

Helly was getting ready for her shoot, just then she got a call from her bestie Chandni.

Helly: Hi, chandni.

Chandni: Hi hellu, how are you?

Helly: I’m fine, you tell how you called me today?

Chandni: Hellu, ME and Zayn is going to get engaged this week. So I called you to invite you.

Helly: Really! First of all congratulations buddy, I think in real life also you are going to make ishangre jodi.

She said and chandni blushed hard.

Chandni: Shut up! Accha tell naa will you come?

Helly: sorry yaar chandni but this week my schedule is really busy. I have many shoot pened up this week.

Chandni: Kyaa! Yaar hellu, can’t you leave your work for your friends engagement?

Helly: Sorry naa yaar but I can’t.

Chandni: Theek hai, I will tell Rrahul that you are busy with your works so you are not coming.

Helly: What! Rrahul is also coming? It’s OK I will try to come for my bestie.

Chandni: bestie ke liye yaa fir Rrahul ke liye?

She asked while narrowing her eyes while Helly blushed hard.

Helly: Shut up! OK bye. I have a shoot today. Bye and yes I’ll be there.

Chandni: Bye, will be waiting for you.

At Rrahul’s place.

Rrahul was in his room chilling out as today he was free and he was relaxing himself with self pampering each other. Just then he got a call from Zayn.

Rrahul: Hi buddy, how are you?

Zayn: I’m fine. you tell how’s life going.

Rrahul: All good, busy with many projects this week. You tell how you missed me.

Zayn: Ohh, Haan, I was saying that me and chandni is going to get engaged this week. So you have to come there.

Rrahul: Congratulations bhai for making real ishangre jodi. But I’ll not be able to come. I’m very busy this week.

Zayn: Theek I will tell helly, that you’ll will not able to come.

Rrahul: Is hellu is also coming?

Zayn: Haan! Par abb kyaa fayda when you are not coming.

Rrahul: who said I’m not coming. I’m coming, I can leave my work for my buddy.

Zayn: for Buddy or for Helly.

Rrahul: of course for hel…. I mean of course for you bhai. Now bye I have work.

And they hanged up the call. Both RraHel got busy thinking about each other and smiled dreamly.


So how was it hope you’ll liked, do leave your reviews in the comment section and please do vote for it.

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