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Thanks a lot guys for reading my first ff. Here comes the update.

After listening all the matter in detail from Omkara Archu felt much desparate from heart. She continuously went on weeping and Rikara were not able to pacify her . They just made her to lie down at bed and said “Take care .” Gauri started thinking deeply at the way to oberoi mansion .

Omkara : Gauri  what happened ? Seems you are thinking about Maanav’s case.

Gauri : Omkaraji take the car to Wagle studio. I think there we will get the answers.

Omkara : You mean that Yusuf’s studio.

Gauri : Exactly.

Omkara : Gauri you know naa how he behaves. He ill treats the entire team of industry . I personally don’t like that man.

Gauri : See even I don’t like him. Last time he teased me and you know what I gave him a tight slap at his cheek. He doesn’t knows the power of Lady Chulbul aka Gauri

Omkara ; Lady Chulbul , Who gave this name ?

Gauri : My sweet devarji Rudy

Omkara : Oops!!

Gauri : What happened ?

Omkara ; Nothing. Rudy is still a child. Naughty child

Gauri : Don’t say him as a child. He is the hero . And now he is a fitness trainer. Don’t forget that Omkaraji

Omkara : Yeah. time changes every one. Let’s go


Archana wakes up from bed when she hears some one calling her name . She stepped towards the curtains of window at the side of her room and find some one standing there. She took the flower vase from stand as she felt him as a thief. She screamed “Thief, thief.” The person turned back and quickly palced a cotton piece at her mouth. Within seconds Archana fainted and guy dropped a piece of paper near her body. From the down floor security guard and few people reached there . But no one was able to catch the person as he had left already. They sprinkled water on Archana’s face.

Security  : Archana Mam wake up

Archana opened her eyes and made a look at the crowd. Archana : Maanav… That was Maanav.

Security : Maanav … Mam except two vistors Mr& Mrs. Omkara no one came at the entire departments.

Archana : Then what about the person I saw ?

Security : Mam we didn’t find any one.

Archana shows the piece of paper. “See that person has left this one here. I didn’t saw his face as he has covered his face with a mask. But from his appearance I felt it’s Maanav only. ”

Security : Let me check the paper.

He opens it and find it as blank. People started whispering Archana as mad and some stated she is depressed at the loss of Maanav. Archana screamed “Leave me alone, please”

Security : Mam I think you need rest. What about calling your brother and his wife here ?

Archana ; Did I tell you to call them ? I don’t need any one’s help. I know how to handle myself. Now please just leave. “Maine kiya tera intezaar. SAD BGM PLAYS”


Yusuf : Arrey Gauri Madam ji and Omkara Ji

Omkara : So Yusuf , how are you ?

Yusuf : Me , he kept his palm on cheek and looked Rikara

Omkara : Your cheek looks chubby. I feels to pinch them.

Yusuf : Madam ji I already appologised , Please don’t tell your sirji to beat me.

Gauri : Of course. But for that you have to be a good boy

Yusuf : Hum hein naa Good Boy.

Gauri : So tell me where is Maanav Deshmukh ?

Yusuf ; Ji!!!

Omkara : If you tell straightly then we won’t hurt you. Otherwise you have to taste my hand’s power

Yusuf : Sirji every thing is manipulated. Actually Maanav bought the advance for our film. I handover that to producer. He gave me one fourth as I am directing this movie. But thing is something happened between procucer and his brother who was also contributing to this film. Later they demanded more money from Maanav. Maanav refused to gave the money. The argument went on vain and at anger they and some of the team boys who were like larrikins started beating . Then they tied Maanav’s hands with rope and pushed him to a car. I know that much only sirji

Gauri : So you don’t know where they have taken him isn’t it ?

Yusuf : Ji Madam ji

Omkara : I hope it’s not a lie. If I will find it as  a lie then be ready to bear the consequence.

Yusuf : Sirji , Madam Ji please I swear. Trust me please.

Gauri : As for now we believe you. And listen don’t be over smart. If you dare to do any harm for us then I will not be responsible for your broken teeth , bones and eyes.

Got it?

Yusuf nods his head . Rikara wears goggles on there faces at stylish manner and leaves.

Omkara calls Khanna and tells him to keep an eye on Yusuf.


With much frustration Archana decides to burn the paper. She lightens the candle and keeps the paper toawrds it. To her surprise she finds some words started  brightening at the paper. And slowly they were melting as those were written with wax. Archana quickly read them as wax got completely melted. She noted down the matter at a diary which was kept at the table. She wiped her tears and called Gauri .

Gauri : Archana are you okay? Why you made a phone call ?

Archana : Om, Gauri Maanav is alive.

Omkara : What ?

Archana : I know where he is .  Tonight he will be waiting for me behind the church cemetry

Gauri : What ? Are you sure that thief was Maanav ?

Omkara : Exactly. It can be a trap also.

Archana ; Whatever it be certainly I got a ray of hope. And whoever it is his intention was not to harm me. See he didn’t stolen anything from him. He doesn’t killed me.

Gauri : And what about your fainting ? Archana be practical. I know this time you are worried. But please each step should be taken with care.

Archana : I have nothing to lose. Already my family has rejected me.

Omkara : So Manjusha bhabhi and Vinod bhai doesn’t came here to see you.

Archana : For them I am already dead. And Om please don’t remind me about my bitter past.

Omkara : I am sorry Archie.

Gauri : I think let’s make a try. We will get some clues. Om nods his head.


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