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The Estranged Lovers (A bond of a lifetime- Episode 1)

The story begins from when Bondita frees herself and her mother Sumati from Tulsipur and comes back home after the sanyasini track.

Sensing her mother gently turning in bed, Bondita immediately stood and readjusted the cloth to sustain the medicine applied on her mother’s head to stop the bleeding. She gently sighed, while settling back on chair as the events of the day flashed before her eyes. Som’s glance filled with hate still sent shivers down her spine. But then, her memories also flashed her Rakshak Babu saving her yet again. A gentle smile appeared on her lips, as she recollected the concern for her in the eyes of her Baristra Babu. The smile disappeared as soon as it appeared as she then remembered each and every word, she had bashed him with that day. The words had come out in representation of a lot of emotions, her anger, her disappointment and her guilt to some extent. This train of thoughts halted with Tapur’s voice calling her.

Tapur: “Didi, thank goodness, you and Sumati kaki reached here safely. We were so worried that even if the Roy Choudhary’s allow you to come back, the villagers, who still think you are guilty, might end up harming you both. Finally, Durga Maa brought you both safely back home.”

Tapur had merely wanted to express her gratitude but what she didn’t know that her words have ignited another temperament in Bondita, the side which had to prove its worth, the persona which was feared and dreaded by all her opposing debates in London School of Law, the character of Barrister Bondita Das.

Meanwhile, In Roy Choudhary Haveli,

Anirudh banged the doors of his study shut. “When will these villagers forget this hatred? When will they understand that not everything can be resolved with a war, which will hamper the peace of both the villages? When will they understand that his Bondita was neither a spy nor she deserved to be punished?” Anirudh froze for a second. Bondita…. His Bondita… He was flustered. Flustered by the fact, that the feeling he could never express, the feeling he had hidden in his heart for years were now making their way to his tongue. His lips unknowingly curved up as he thought that how difficult must it have been for her to learn to speak Tamil. His heart began dancing to its own tune as he recollected seeing her as Vayjanti, and their extraordinary first meet after so long. Well, it was not his first time though. As Anirudh’s face adorned a mischievous smile while thinking back to when he truly saw her for the first time from afar after 7 years in an unexpected place, he was unaware of what was happening on the other side.

Unknown to him, His Bondita was on a mission. Mission to get her and her family’s pride back. Mission to show the world who she was. Mission to prove that Barrister Bondita Das was not a spy. Now, she had decided that she will be the one who gets her self-respects back and prove to everyone that she was innocent of all the charges pressed on her.

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