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Tera Mera Saath Rahe 3rd September 2021 Written Episode Update: Gopi arrives at the mandap

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 3rd September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Gopi is screaming for help in the washroom.

Diksha’s boyfriend says you broke up with me because you were marrying Chiragh Modi. Nikhila says wow, this is the reality. Ramila whispers to Raashi that fate is with us. Diksha’s mother tells Nikhila that if you talk about my daughter then we will tell everyone that Chiragh has an affair with Raashi. Nikhila says everyone saw what happened, it’s better if you leave. Diksha leaves with her family. Minal says it’s good Chiragh’s name has been cleared. Ramila cries and says what about my daughter? Her life is destroyed.

Gopi finds a phone in her bag and tries to call Ramila but she doesn’t take the call.

Ramila tells Raashi that you tried to look for Gopi and got bitten by an scorpio but now your life is destroyed. Who will marry my daughter after all these allegations. She cries and says who will marry her? Chiragh says I will marry Raashi. Everyone is shocked. Ramila sees Gopi calling her. Ramila says Minal you should think about this proposal. Nikhila asks Chiragh to think about it, it was not your fault. She calls Raashi and says if a scorpio bit then how come you are fine? She doesn’t find a bite mark on her arm. Ramila says everyone is pointing fingers at my daughter only. Nikhila says her arm is not even swollen. She asks Raashi to tell the truth. Minal asks Nikhila to not be like this Raashi. What if this had happened with our Teju? Think about this girl. Chiragh is right to take this decision. Nikhila says you never went against me, I am doing all this for Chiragh’s life. Nikhila’s husband says Chiragh is right, I am okay with this marriage. Minal tells Nikhila that you promised me that you would allow me to choose a bride for Chiragh and my choice is Raashi. Nikhila says I don’t think she is right for Chiragh. Dadi says we all accept this marriage. She asks Raashi if she is okay? Raashi agrees to the marriage. Dadi says then both boys will marry here only.

Scene 2
Ramila and Raashi dance happily. Ramila says we will be rich now. Let’s go and take out that fool. Ramila opens the washroom door. Gopi says it’s good that you are here, the door was locked somehow. Ramila says you know Chiragh is marrying Raashi. Gopi says I am so happy, we will be together. Gopi says my makeup is messed up. Shaksham won’t like it. Ramila says we don’t have time so let’s go.

Minal tells Nikhila that I know you don’t like Raashi but

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Update Credit to: Atiba

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