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Rishmi: Rishi trying to Kidnapped Lakshmi of his obsession for her (Part 1)

Hai friends,I am going to write a fan fiction on rishmi.So I hope you would like it

After 8 months,

Rishi and lakshmi were separated but not divorced

Lakshmi(looking at the photo of Rishi Oberoi):You know when I saw you I didn’t have a feeling that you will love me but when you was near me I suppose  that you are a good guy but you were not like other persons who tried to molest me. you  told you didn’t drink alcohol right .when I saw you you drank alcohol I feel heartbroken

Ammachi(care taker): What happened Lechu?Any problem

Lakshmi:No ammachi I was thinking about that guy

Ammachi:I didn’t know about that guy or why you hate that Rishi

Lakshmi(Shouting):Because I hate him like that .I don’t want to hear anything about him.

Ammachi:So we are living here Lakshmi every girls are surrounded him

Lakshmi:I know that.I didn’t see a cheap guy like this.(in angry mood)

Then   the scene shift iinto rishi’s  office and he asking a artist is the work done

Rishi:Is the work  done

Artist:Yes sir .I took a lot time to draw these pictures

Rishi:Ok I will  give you check  .Take it

Artist:(Surprised):Sir may I ask you something. You are giving me this much money.Who is she?

Rishi:She is my sweetheart  and my love and my everything

Artist:She is your wife and you were separated but not divorced  right sir

Rishi:Don’t want to ask like this .GO OUT!

rishi looking into Lakshmi ‘s picture

Rishi :My sweetheart is looking so beautiful  today.Because with the help of Neha I will be kidnapping you.So wait and watch What this Rishi Oberoi can do?

Driver:Sir may I have to drop you yo your home

Then Neha comes

Neha:You want Lakshmi right

Rishi :Yes

Neha : She is in our house.

Rishi:So what .i will come there

Neha:You have to give me 10 lakhs for helping you.Is it ok

Rishi:Yes After I kidnapp lakshmi I will give you money.

Neha:Ok come at night 10 ‘o’clock .You can kidnap her.Ok how your parents will agree?Your parents love her a lot

Rishi: yes they all love her but she will say it


Rishi:Why I have to say this to you?I will give you money. GO(Shout)

Neha(in her mind): She only deserves that Rishi.Today she will go and her life will be like hell.I am so happy.

Rishi:Hey Neha,What are you doing?

Neha :Nothing Rishi

Rishi:Then go after the mission there will be ten lakhs in your account.

Neha:Ok Rishi


Then the scene shift to shalu,bani  and Lakshmi

Shalu:We all think that he is a good guy

Bani :but he is a bad guy.He didn’t tell you that he drank alcohol

Lakshmi :Shalu,Bani why are you so sad you are my life so please be happy

The sisters hug each other.

Lakshmi and her sisters

Lakshmi:can we sleep?I am feeling tired.

Bani and Shalu:Ok we can sleep…with whom

Lakshmi :whom

Bani :That is our….

Shalu: Our lakshmi

Then Rishi was standing on the outside of the house to kidnap Lakshmi.

Rishi:Everything is all right

Neha:yes but take it as serious her sisters are near with her

Rishi :OK

Rishi is going to Lakshmi’s room.Not only Neha but also rano is helping him.

Rano:Take that girl from here.

Rishi(laughs):yes i will

Rano:Don’t want to laugh

Rishi:Yeh Mrs Rano Pritam Bajwa I will take her and you will get 10 lakhs I told right



Rishi:there will be a bit change

Neha:change?what change you are  reducing and giving us only 200000

Rishi:If you will help me I will give you….


Rishi :Both of you 10 lakhs

Rano:What are you saying.It is 15 lakhs

Neha:No mamma it is 20 lakhs

Rano and Neha:yes we will help you

Rishi:Ok.I have already told my plan to Neha.So support me.Its better for you

Rano:Rishi:What if Lakshmi shouts

Rishi :I will make her uncounscious.Ok we cannot talk like this .Sonebody will see us.So fastly do ok

Rano and Neha:Ok  come

Precap: Rishi kidnapped lakshmi  and tied Lakshmi to a chair and ask to agree to tell that he came as her wish on here to when we go to our home. lakshmi  asks him not to drink alcohol can you promise me.Rishi look a bit sursurpri


I think you all loved it.So if you have any suggestion you can put in comment box

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