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hi everyone!!.iam back with 13 th episode ☺️..

Avni goes to her house and recalls the past..


Avni neela Ashish aisha and Fatima was living in a same house..

Avni: papa..did I born before your marriage?

Ashish: yes..

Avni: then how will the people call me? Will they call me as your child or something else..

Ashish and aisha gets shocked..

Ashish: you will be called as our child only.

Avni: then why did you tell mumma that you are scared to tell your family about me and aisha maa?

Ashish gets shocked again..

Ashish in mind: ohh noo..Avni heared our conversation. How will I tell that people will call her illegitimate if everyone knows about it..and how will I tell that my maa doesn’t like muslims or illegitimate child??..

Ashish: are just a child so don’t ask these questions ok?

Avni: ok..but take me to your family also because iam living with mumma’s family only from the day I was born and now iam 8 years so take me to your family also papa..

Ashish: okay..I will surely take you to my family one day.

Avni smiles and goes to neela while aisha and ashish talks..

Aisha: it’s very late Ashish..

Ashish gets sad..

Aisha: we should have told our relation to your family when we first started our love.

Ashish: but I was scared that my mum would reject you as you are Muslim.

Aisha: atleast we should have told them after Avni was born..

Ashish: my mum doesn’t like illegitimate child too… that’s why I hid about you and Avni all these years.

Aisha: but now we married secretly and iam pregnant too…and come lets talk to your family before it gets too late.

Ashish gets worried..

Ashish: now Avni is 8 mum will be shocked to see that I have a 8 years child and that too you are again pregnant and this will shock her more.

Aisha: so what? We will first let them know our truth and if she finds herself then the things will get worse..

Ashish reluctantly agrees and they go to dayawanti’s house..

Dayawanti gets shocked seeing Ashish with a women..

Dayawanti shockingly: who is this Ashish? She is pregnant too..

Ashish bows his head and falls on dayawanti’s feet and..

Ashish: forgive me maa…

Dayawanti gets shocked..

Dayawanti: what are you doing Ashish?

Ashish gets up and..

Ashish: all these years I dint have courage to reveal the truth but now I have gained a courage  to reveal the whole truth..

Dayawanti gets shocked..

Dayawanti: what do you mean Ashish?

Ashish: maa..I went to London for a job before 9 years right?

Dayawanti: yes..

Ashish: I loved a Muslim girl there and we started our lovely relationship before 9 years in London..

Dayawanti gets shocked..

Dayawanti: what?

Ashish: then one night we had drinks without our knowledge and we consummated and so we had a baby after a year…

Dayawanti gets hell shocked..

Dayawanti: what the hell are you telling Ashish?

Ashish: maa don’t get angry on’s my bad fate that time. So for 8 years..i couldn’t tell you about this matter as I was scared.

Dayawanti slaps Ashish..

Dayawanti: is this all true?

Ashish: yes maa..she is (pointing towards aisha) my wife aisha.

Dayawanti sees aisha angrily and..

Dayawanti: you told that you just consummated then when did you marry?

Ashish: we married just before 2 years and now she is pregnant with second child..

Dayawanti gets shocked..

Dayawanti: are you not ashamed Ashish?

Ashish pleads dayawanti..

Ashish: maa..please accept us..I know you hate muslims and illegitimate child but atleast for your son please accept us.

Dayawanti sees aisha angrily and..

Dayawanti: you spoiled my son.. because of you ,my family is having an illegitimate child..

Aisha gets hurt and cries..

Ashish: maa..please don’t tell like this..

Dayawanti: Ashish..I have one condition.

Ashish: what’s it maa?

Dayawanti: leave your dirty family and come with me..

Ashish and aisha gets shocked..

Ashish: maa..

Dayawanti: will you obey your mother or not?

Ashish cries and looks aisha and holds her hand..

Ashish: iam sorry maa..I can’t leave my family like this and come with you. I know I did mistake but for that I can’t leave my family…

Dayawanti gets irritated and thinks..

Dayawanti in mind: if my son is stubborn then iam more stubborn..I won’t make my family dirt by accepting these dirtyful family. Let me make a plan..

She thinks for sometime and..

Dayawanti in mind: I don’t have heir till if Ashish gives me a heir?

Dayawanti: fine..I’ll accept your family on one condition.

Ashish stands and looks at dayawanti..

Dayawanti: your first illegitimate daughter should not have our family’s surname..and I will give rights only to the unborn baby to have surname as he/she is pure because the baby is conceived only after the marriage…

Ashish gets shocked..

Ashish: but maa..

Aisha holds ashish’s hands and..

Aisha: let us accept her demand Ashish..

Ashish: but can our daughter..

Aisha: I’ll give her my surname.. because of surname..we don’t want ourself to be away from our own family.

Ashish reluctantly agrees..

Ashish: ok..I’ll bring my family here..

Ashish goes to shift the things while dayawanti smirks..

Dayawanti in mind: did you think that I accepted your family Ashish? No..not at all. I hate muslims and illegitimate child..I only accepted them as I need heir and if you give birth to a boy then I’ll snatch it from your wife and will kill your impure wife and illegitimate daughter and until that your family can stay here and then tell bye to them permanently..

Dayawanti laughs evilly..


Avni in mind: I thought I became a part of mehta family but you never allowed miss.dayawanti mehta. You killed my mum and dad once aman was born and became 4 years old and snatched him from me and made as your heir..but I came here to change the fate. I’ll destroy you completely..I’ll snatch everything from you which you snatched. I’ll make you lifeless soon. Get ready to meet Avni miss.dayawanti mehta.

She angrily throws dayawanti’s photo while someone enters her house secretly and closes avni’s mouth….

Avni tries to free from him but he adds some chloroform and so Avni faints and he takes her away from her house..


Sejal and everyone looks back and sees riya standing and..

Sejal: hey riya..please come in.

Riya comes happily and hugs Sejal..

Riya: actually I thought to see you all before engagement atself and that’s why I visited.

Sejal: you can visit us anytime as you are going to become our future bahu.

Riya smiles and goes to parth..

Riya: hii dint even phone me today? Are you busy so much?

Parth: actually my other brother we all were busy with him.

Riya: ohh..did ruhaan returned?

Sejal: yes..also there is another suprise for you.

Riya: what’s it?

Sejal: omkara’s future wife is also staying here..

Riya gets suprised while omkara stares angrily at Sejal..

Riya: really?

Sejal: yes..

Riya: where is she? I’ll go and see her..

Sejal and omkara becomes numb while ruhaan comes shouting..

Ruhaan: maa..come here soon.

Sejal gets shocked hearing ruhaan’s scream..

Sejal: why are shouting like this ruhaan? First come inside..

Ruhaan brings mishti in and everyone gets shocked seeing mishti unconscious and ruhaan makes mishti lye on sofa…

Sejal: what happened to her ruhaan? Why is mishti unconscious? Where was she?..

Ruhaan: please don’t panic.. actually I saw her lying unconscious in a temple and so I lifted and bought her..

Sejal comes near mishti and tries to wake her but she doesn’t respond and..

Sejal: riya..please bring water from kitchen.

Riya: sure aunty…

Riya goes and brings water and Sejal splashes water on mishti and she slowly wakes..

Sejal: omkara..please take her to her room.

Omkara: what?? How can I lift her?

Ruhaan makes a face and he lifts her and..

Ruhaan: are waste. You are getting shy to lift your own future bride..

Omkara: hey..if she was my bride then I would have lifted her immediately.

Ruhaan: then..even iam not her groom but iam lifting.this is called common sense..

Omkara: ruhaan..just shut up and go..

Sejal: ohh son’s are expert is fighting only..both of them shut up and go now.

Ruhaan carries mishti to her room while everyone follows ruhaan and suddenly a harsh voice comes behind…

Voice: riya…just come out right now.

Everyone gets shocked hearing the voice while ruhaan doesn’t care about the voice as he is carrying mishti and so he takes her to the room while everyone turns and sees teni…

Riya: teni..

Riya gets shocked seeing teni in full rage and..

Sejal: who are you? Why are you shouting here.. don’t you know the manners to enter a stranger’s house?

Teni: iam sorry for disturbing you aunty..I came here for an important work.

Teni stares riya Angrily while riya fears whether teni is going to expose her and suddenly she runs to teni and acts..

Riya fakely smiles and..

Riya: hey are you? We met after so long time right?

Sejal gets confused..

Sejal: you know her already?

Riya: yes..she is my friend.ok..ill drop her outside.

Riya tries to take teni away but teni slaps her hard before she takes and everyone gets shocked..

Teni Angrily: you are the worst himan I have ever seen…you are so expert in acting miss.riya mehta. I think I can give you noble prize for good acting.

Parth gets angry on teni and he comes and holds her cheeks angrily and shouts…

Parth Angrily: how dare you slp my fiance?..she was talking with you nicely but you are behaving this what your parents taught you?.

Teni pushes his hands and..

Teni: excuse me mister. Please don’t taunt me before knowing the truth..I came here as a victim and the reason for my suffering is only because of riya.

Parth gets shocked and looks at riya..

Parth: riya.. what’s this girl is blabbering?

Riya sweats due to fear of being exposed and she tries to hide het midtakes…

Riya stumbles: I..I.. don’t know what she is telling? Teni.. what happened to you suddenly?

Teni gets Angry and..

Teni: iam not Direcing a movie or serial kindly don’t act.

Parth gets more angry and..

Parth shouts: stop dare you insult riya like this?

Suddenly teni’s phone rings and sees sheela’s number and she attends..

Teni: hello maa..

Sheela: why you both dint reach the house yet? Ipshita is crying more..I think ipshita wants to play with her you both come soon.

Teni gets worried and thinks about rocky and ipshita and tears fall from her eyes and she immediately cuts the call and goes near riya and…

Teni cryingly: do you know what happened because of you?

Riya stares her..

Teni: come with me..I’ll show you what crime you have done.

Teni holds riya’s hands and she takes her out while parth stops teni..

Parth: what are you trying to frame against my lover?

Teni: if you don’t believe me..then you all come with me and you will know what riya have done to my life.she snatched my happiness..

Teni thinks about rocky ipshita and her moments and cries…

Teni: you all don’t know what pain riya have given to me.. this pain is huger than the pain of death.. and I’ll show you all in front of your eyes too.

Riya in mind: what is teni telling?why is she acting like this as I killed her child or her husband?..

Riya acts: what did I do? Why are you framing me now? What do you want now?

Parth holds riya’s hands and..

Parth: don’t get tensed riya.. let us go and see what she is showing so that we will also clear  her misunderstanding. I think she is in some pain and so she is blabbering due to come lets go with her and clear her misunderstanding.

Riya gets tensed..

Riya in mind: I don’t know what is teni going to do now? What if I get exposed?..noo..I won’t allow it to happen.

Riya: parth..are you not believing me? Do you think that I did wrong?

Parth holds riya’s hands and pacifies her..

Parth: I strongly believe you..

Riya: then why we should go with her?

Parth: you should come along with us to clear her misunderstanding understood? You told that she is your friend right? Then come and clear your friend’s misunderstanding.

Sejal: yes..let us go and see what she have framed you and we will clear everything with her orelse she will trouble you more..

Riya fears in her heart..

Riya in mind: if I refuse to go again then they will surely doubt me.. now I don’t have any other option. I hope nothing happens to me..

Riya: fine I’ll come.

Parth goes to teni and.. us what riya have done to you. And we are ready to come with you to see it.

Teni takes everyone to city hospital..


Neil goes to dayawanti’s house and holds gowri..

Neil Angrily: tell me where is your brother?

Gauri gets shocked on Neil’s anger..

Gauri: Neil…why are you so much angry on my brother?

Neil: I just asked you where is vidyut?

Gauri gets scared on his loud voice..

Gauri stumbles: I..I.. don’t know.

Neil phones vidyut but he doesn’t pick so Neil gets more tensed..

Neil: ohhh shitt… this man have kept the phone off too…

Neil calls dd and..

Neil: I will give you a number and you give it to santosh and ask him to trace this number and send the details  immediately to my phone..

DD: yes sir…

DD gets vidyut’s number and he goes to station while gowri comes to neil and..

Gauri: why..why are you angry on my brother?

Neil: your brother have done a big crime and once I confirm with him then I’ll arrest him…

Suddenly he gets a message and sees the location of vidyut’s number and gets shocked…

Neil in mind: why did vidyut went to that temple?..that temple is only for getting married then what is vidyut doing there??..

Gauri is shocked and she cries..

Gauri: n..Neil..iam sure my brother wouldn’t have done any kindly don’t arrest him. It maybe your misunderstanding…

Neil gets worried and..

Neil: iam sorry gauri..I don’t have time to explain you or show you the proof but I will surely explain you once I finish my work….

Neil goes to his car and goes towards the location sent by santosh while gauri wipes her tears and..

Gauri in mind: today Neil is behaving very harsh.. and I don’t know why is Neil after my brother. I will surely won’t let anything happen to my brother…I will go and stop Neil now .

Gauri goes behind Neil’s car and hires an auto and follows Neil’s  car..

PRECAP: Neil sees avni’s real ID.  Sanskar and mishti recalls their past. Rocky dies..and parth slaps riya. Gauri gets kidnapped..

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