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Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 3rd September 2021 Written Episode Update: Maithili Fails Jwala’s Conspiracy

Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 3rd September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arun comments one shouldn’t repent by calling a stranger as stranger. Singhal says he cannot hide his pain by calling his daughter as stranger, but he always hides his pain from the world. Arun says he is right. Maithili walks away emotional from there in lieu of preparing tea. Guest comments its Arun’s loss and Raghav’s gain as Maithili is amazing. Arun looking at Raghav says she is right. Raghav invites him in. Maithili returns to her room and cries vigorously looking at Arun’s photo. Rani’s daughter Sneha walks to her and asks what she used to have during her childhood. Maithili gives list and asks reason. Sneha says she saw how much Maithili and her papa love each other, so she thought even her papa would love her if she eats food. Maithili cries more thinking she is in deep pain and did everything to save him from humiliation.

Maithili then serves tea to Arun. Arun thinks Maithili looks happy. Singhal says this looks like a special tea. Maithili explains its procedure. Singhal says he wants to adopt Jwala’s bahu. Jwala he has to pay a hefty amount for that. Raghav stops her. Jwala says she is joking. Arun says Raghav doesn’t like jokes. Maithili holds Raghav and says he jokes a lot and makes her hold her stomach laughing and asks Raghav to tell the joke which he cracked in the morning. He says its only for her. Bhanu taunts Jwala that her bahu is planning for a honeymoon. Raghav tells Jwala that he doesn’t know what Maithili is up to. Jwala provokes him that Maithili is planning to spoil his dinner party.

Maithili goes to kitchen to check dishes and finds chole bitter. Jwala watching thinks she added bitter methi instead of kasuri methi and asks Maithili if everything is fine. Maithili asks if she gave her bitter methi. Jwala creates scene and calls Raghav and complains that Maithili planned to spoil his reputation and hence spoilt the dishes. Maithili asks why would she do that. Jwala asks Raghav to taste the dish. He tastes and with weird face says its very bitter. Jwala says she ordered dinner to save him from humiliation. Maithili says Singhal likes homecooked light food and asks sugar. Jwala denies all ingredients she asks. Raghav panics. Maithili assures him and serves dinner. Singhal tastes chole and praises her. Maithili remembers adding cold drinks to ward off bitterness and soften chole. Jwala says she gets gastric trouble with cholde. Maithili says she has already served her ordered Chinese food.

Jwala offers kachori to Arun. Maithili says she prepared rotis for papa. Arun says he is not hungry and asks Raghav to show washroom. Raghav shows him washroom and waits for him with towel. Raghav says its his duty. Arun sees Maithili’s bag in a room and asks whose room is it. Sneha says its her room. Arun thinks what is Maithili’s bag doing here. He joins back Singhal. Singhal gives shagun to Maithili and tells Arun even he needs to give shagun to his daughter and SIL. Maithili gets Sadhna’s call who warns her not to trouble Arun by revealing her problems. Maithili confronts her that she sent her from the house and took away her papa from her, she need not worry about papa. Singhal says he wants to hear Maithili and Raghav’s love story while having paan. Maithili says papa will go home. Arun thinks why is she saying this.

Precap: Arun determines to find out why Maithili lied. Maithili realizes Bhanu was the goon who snatched her certificate by seeing Sneha wearing same cap and confronts Jwala.

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