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KKB (You are so special) Part 2

(note- I will be including some Kumkum bhagya scenes)

Moving to dinning table
Vikram- aree Pragya ji come have Lunch your will be tried
Pallavi- Haa Pragya ji come
Pragya- aree no its ok
Vikram- your are working from past 5 hour’s
Pragya- okk
Pragya went near dinning table she saw only one chair that too near abhi she sat near abhi whlie eating Pragya felt that someone is touching her hand she saw that abhi is touching her hand she struggles to take her hand but he was not he is leaving her hand as lunch over abhi was not leaving her hand after so much struggle she pull her hand she saw her hand which had marks of his hand she moved to kitchen to wash her hands after sometime she came back and starred to do her work
Abhi was staring his fuggi only

And he would see pain in her eyes
He was feeling very hurt that his fuggi is ignoring him
He was trying to start the conversation but she totally ignored him
All mehra’s were trying to talk to Pragya expect alia
Pragya ignored all mehra’ and continued her work
After sometime Pragya was eating her chocolate one by one
Abhi was seeing her
(Flash back)

Abhi- fuggi fuggi fuggi
Abhi came from washroom he saw his fuggi sitting sadly
Abhi- what happened to my fuggi why are you sad
Pragya- I want chocolate
Abhi- that’s it na wait I will bring
Pragya- I want 10 chocolate that too big one
Abhi- WHAT you will eat that much chocolate one day you will became fat
Pragya- AHHA!!!!!!
Abhi- okk okk don’t shout I will bring you
Pragya- pakka
Abhi- pakka
Pragya- promise
Abhi- pakka walla promise………. Fuggi I think u forgot something
Pragya- what
Abhi- my return gift
Showing his cheeks
Pragya- no
Abhi- yes
Pragya- okk
She kissed his cheek
(falsh back ends)
Vikram- abhi where you’re lost are ok
Abhi- yaa yaa i am fine
After some time Pragya went to washroom it was 9:30 suddenly Pragya’s phone ringed the phone ringtone was Sanam re
Abhi’s pov- fuggi you still kept that ringtone only that how you argued
Pargya came she was her phone 3 missed call for parchi
Pragya- hoo shut today i am dead
All were shocked to hearing those words…….. Pragya gave oops reaction…… Pragya called parchi
Parchi- maa why you don’t received my call
Pragya- I went to washroom I don’t saw your call sorry sweetheart
On hearing sweetheart abhi saw Pragya how is taking in phone
Parchi- maa where are you
Pragya- I I am at
Parchi- don’t tell at your are still at work
Pragya- yes
Parchi shouted WHAT
Pragya- why are shouting
Parchi- your are not in office I saw
Pragya- I am at client’s house
Prachi- ok come fast
Pragya- ok ok i am coming
Ended the call
Pragya- sorry woh
Vikram- aree it’s ok we can understand
Abhi mimick’s- it’s ok we can understand
Vikram- abhi did you said something???
Abhi- aree no no
Pragya- okk I am leaving it’s all ready late bye everyone at you all tomorrow
All mehra’s felt sad that Pragya is leaving especially abhi
Abhi’s pov- fuggi you are leaving me you not talked with me you are ignoring me ok ok you go tomorrow you will come na that time I will talk to you and I will ask about my daughter you have to tell me
Vikram- aree come have dinner and go
Pragya- no no it’s OK
Pragya left
Abhi was feeling very happy that he saw his fuggi after many years and mehra’s also expect alia
On other side
Pragya was crying
After some time she controlled her self she went home she saw parchi and sahana was sitting in dinning table
Pragya- aree you both don’t slept
Prachi- Maa you came come have dinner
Sahana- Massi come fast i am hungry
All ate dinner and slept
. So guys i am ending the episode here byee
And thanks for reading ❤

Precap- pranbir romance

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