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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 3rd September 2021 Written Episode Update: Pakhi Opens Up With Samrat

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 3rd September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai reads her medical book loudly to gain Virat’s attention, but he doesn’t. She finally walks to him and asks if he didn’t find any other cafe in whole Nagpur to meet Pakhi. He asks if she own that cafe, he can meet his friend wherever he wants to. She asks if he Pakhi is just friend. He says she is frustrated that she saw him with Pakhi and thought he would hide it, but he revealed it to whole family and disappointed her. Samrat picks his night dress and tells Pakhi he will sleep in guest room. Pakhi requests him to stop as she is confused and wants to explain. He asks why she needs his help when she called Virat to care, he is sure Virat would have helped her, its better she takes a decision soon. She says she took her decision. He says good, she must have got clarity after meeting Virat. She says let us not talk about Virat and will he hear her decision without taunting her.

Sai tells Virat that its her mistake that he questioned her, if he thinks what she saw and what he told family are same. He says 2 people holding hands means only friendship and she should control her filmy knowledge. She asks what he would have done if he was in her place and snatches his book saying he cannot ignore her. He asks to give his book and tries to snatch it. She asks to reply her answer, if he had not thought filmy if he was in her place just like he reacted when he saw her and Ajinkya. He says why is she bothered if he meets Pakhi or some other girl when she thinks their marriage is just a mutual understanding. She thinks Virat is right and remembers Shivani saying same. She says he is right that its doesn’t matter to her, but he should answer Samrat. He says he already informed his brother and let him take decision, it shouldn’t affect her. She says it affects her as she is embarrassed in front of her friends, she had told them that he is ill and hence she needs to return home early and take care of him. He says he agrees that its embarrassing to see her husband with another girl and he is sorry for that, but why she was angry seeing this and why he was seeing pain in her eyes. She says it doesn’t affect her and he can do whatever he wants to; real question is what he and Pakhi decided regarding this issue. He asks which issue. She says he and Pakhi cannot spend life holding hands in cafe. He gives fake smile. She says he must be thinking his family name will be spoilt if he accepts Pakhi, hence he suggested Pakhi to move on. He says her way of thinking is wrong. She asks what did he speak to Pakhi. He says he cannot repeat exact words, he already briefed it, he didn’t know she would create drama and wants to leave the house. She says he is lying and asks again why did Pakhi call him to cafe and what did he suggest her. He says he already explained in front of whole family, he wants to pour cold water on her to cool her brain. He mimics pouring water on her head and says its his life and he can do whatever he wants to and will not answer her. She repeats he should answer his decision. He says his decision will get peace and calmness in 4 lives.

Samrat asks Pakhi what she wants to say and thinks Virat told that they are just friends, but she thinks she is more than that and wants to divorce him. Pakhi remembers Virat expressing his feelings for Sai and informing about his decision to family, thinks Virat gave his verdict and now its her turn; she asks Samrat if he can give her a chance and can they start afresh. He asks if she is sure. She says they want to give their relationship one more chance as they are still husband and wife legally. He says he doesn’t bother about the world or legalities. She holds his hands and says she knows, but he wants to give themselves one more chance like any couple would. He pulls his hands back and asks if she is feeling pity on him. She asks who is she to pity on him, can’t they give them a chance to each other. He says she should have told it before, is it because she wanted to seek Virat’s opinion first.

Sai asks Virat again what did Pakhi decide. He says he wants to sleep. She wakes him up again and says she had ordered him to rest whole day, but he must have not even had his medicine; she knows he doesn’t value her at all. He says if others want to value her, she should value them first; does she want him to value her. She says she doesn’t need anyone’s attention, that is the difference between her and Pakhi; if Pakhi had really valued him, she wouldn’t have called him to cafe. Their nok jhok continues. She says she feels normal concern for him. He says they feel same for everyone, so let him sleep now. She checks his medicines and scolds that he didn’t have his medicines. He says she acts as caring and also not. She says its up to her and not taking medicine is dangerous. He asks if he will die, does it affect her. She shuts his mouth in concern.

Precap: Virat informs family that his transfer orders have come and he needs to leave tomorrow. Pakhi says she and Samrat want their beginning with graha shanti and satyanarayan pooja with whole family. Bhavani asks if they have decided to give their relationship one more chance. Samrat says yes. Pakhi thinks she will see how Virat feels seeing her and Samrat closer.

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