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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 3rd September 2021 Written Episode Update: Joshi hires a girl to play Gomti.

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 3rd September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with people refusing to put their jobs at risk for Bhim Rao’s education. They were about to leave; Rama stopped them asked to understand that Bhim Rao wanted to arrange light in all the lower caste localities of Bombay. She stated all the pros of having streetlights. People wanted to save their jobs, they refused to help. Everyone left. Joshi praised Bhim Rao’s plan of involving everyone in his mission, yet he couldn’t win. Bhim Rao said it was his effort to unite everyone, he knew that no one would fight his war, but they needed to help each other since their problems were same. Joshi refused to hear his lecture, he asked him to realize their caste, their status and purpose of their birth. Joshi left. Rama said that she could have answered him but remained silent because of Bhim Rao. He said that the people need the sense of realization that their work was no less than others, the government must value them equally. He will discuss it with Ramji, he was coming to him.

Daliya amma’s son called everyone in the neighborhood to inform them about Ramji and Bhim Rao contemplating plan to arrange streetlamps in the locality. Hitesh said that Ramji wasn’t a man of his word. People were annoyed with Ramji’s attitude. They went to discuss the matter with him.

Jijabai was mad at Ramji, she was leaving. Anand asked her not to go, they will get in an argument which would be disrespectful. Daliya amma backed Anand. Jijabai went inside, Lakshmi followed.

Bhim Rao informed Ramji that people were afraid to lose their jobs. They refused to live with light, were okay with their way of living. Bhim Rao wanted them to understand that light was their basic right. Rama suggested that if they felt the same trauma that Bhim Rao felt when the officer tore up his application they might realize. Hitesh and everyone else came, they questioned Ramji for his decision last night. Ramji answered that he misunderstood Bhim Rao’s intention, arranging streetlight was for their own benefit. Hitesh leaned forward, Bhim Rao warned him to talk respectfully to his father. He wasn’t afraid of Hitesh. Rama asked them to understand it was for their own good. Bhim Rao said that he would do what he considered right, he didn’t care if everyone was against it. The people left.

Lakshmi said that no one cared about Jijabai’s emotions, she gets silenced up every time. Jijabai said that people blame Bhim Rao whenever anything goes wrong and ease themselves. She said that it was because of Bhim Rao that she couldn’t be a good daughter in law, a good wife, or a mother. She wanted Bhim Rao to suffer as much as she did, otherwise she won’t be at peace.

People were worried about Bhim Rao’s intention, because they would be left helpless while Bhim Rao would have Governor’s support. Ramji intervened, he said that Governor won’t be there to help them every time. He assured that Bhim Rao was doing things for the best. He came inside. Hitesh noticed that Bhim Rao didn’t come with him.

At night, Rama and Bhim Rao were walking on a street. Bhim Rao asked her to do what she has planned; he would handle the rest. Rama questioned about Gomti’s address and the letter he answered. Bhim Rao told that she lived in Bombay, and she had responded with another letter. He showed Rama the letter, Rama stared at him. He acted to forget that Rama didn’t know how to read. He said that she had wrote that they will meet soon. Rama refused to meet her. He said that they would meet at the garden where Guruji tutored him. Rama refused; she didn’t want to meet Gomti. She left. Bhim Rao knew that she would come, he had planned to tell her the truth and then take her to Guruji. He wanted her to understand that education was important for her and for both of them to prosper together. Hitesh heard Bhim Rao saying that he was Gomti.

Hitesh informed Joshi about Bhim Rao’s plan to educate Rama and for that he pretended to be Gomti. He asked what to do next. Joshi scold him for not firing up Rama’s shop. He asked him to leave
Bhim Rao went to the officer, handed him the application. Rama, Ramji and Puranjan had brought people with them to witness the officer tearing up Bhim Rao’ appeal for streetlamps. The officer said that the lower caste didn’t need light. Bhim Rao requested him. The office said what purpose do the lower caste needed light for since they were indulged in fowl activities, the men were thief’s, children drug addicts while the women were pr*stitutes. The people were infuriated to hear this, they came forward accusing the officer of being an oil thief. The officer silenced him, asked him to stay in their limits. A man asked him to be honest in his duty otherwise they would file a complaint against him. The officer said that the Governor’s belonged to the upper caste, they won listen to them. Bhim Rao said that the people would be heard if they wanted to. The officer challenged them. a man grabbed the oil and said that these streetlamps would only be refilled when there would be streetlamps in their locality. They would put their plea forward.
Joshi gave money to a woman named Chandni to pretend to be Gomti and fuel hatred in Bhim Rao and Rama’s relation.

Precap: Rama goes to see Gomti. She gets upset to see Bhim Rao sitting and talking to a girl. Joshi comes and manipulates Rama to leave the house.

Update Credit to: Sona

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