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DESTINY UNITES – Part 5 (Engagement)

hello everyone!. Here is the next episode…

in next generation the story will focus on career, aim and love story between new generation..

PRACHI- A good singer

RHEA- Athlete


REEMA- boxer

SIMAR- singer..

after pragya left abhi..he adopted reema as his daughter and even reema’s brother sunny would visit mehra’s house. Reema and sunny are children of Sonakshi and prem and Sonakshi is sister of king. Even abhi’s friend Vikram and his family patch up with Mehra’s after pragya left..

so let’s go to the story…

Rhea and Prachi gets ready and they come for breakfast..

Rhea: maa..I want salad.

Prachi: I want bread and jam..

Pragya smiles and..

Pragya: ok..I’ll cook both of your favourites.

Suddenly rhea and prachi gets a message in their phone and they see and get happy…

Rhea shouts: mommmmmmm….

Pragya runs to Rhea..

Pragya: what happened Rhea? Why are you shouting now?

Rhea: mom..I got selected in delhi university.

Prachi: even me too..

Pragya gets happy but feels strange as she hears the word ‘Delhi’…

Pragya in mind: daughter’s wish got true but that place is the place where I lost my kiara…the place where my happiness snatched..

Prachi: mumma..

Pragya doesn’t respond as she still bsuy in her thoughts while Prachi calls her little louder..

Prachi: mummmmaaa..

Pragya comes out of thoughts and..

Pragya: yes..tell me Prachi.

Prachi: where were you lost mumma?

Pragya: no..I..I was just thinking to shift my company to Delhi.

Rhea: so we are going to leave our hometown and go to Delhi soon..

Pragya in mind: no Rhea..we are leaving this city and going to our hometown..

Pragya: ok..what about your athletes Rhea?

Rhea: mom… actually I asked the manager and so he have arranged the coach there and so I can practice there and participate in Delhi too and win national’s..

Pragya: that’s great..what about you Prachi?

Prachi: maa..iam going to give you the most happiest news..

Pragya: what?

Prachi: there are lot of singing competitions held in I can participate in anything. But I saw in internet that a singing competition named rock ‘n’ sing..was good and if we participate and win in that then they will make us to sing for big films too…

Pragya gets happy..

Pragya: really?

Prachi: yes mumma..

Pragya hugs both Rhea and Prachi and..

Pragya: I feel proud of you both..I am sure both of you will surely achieve your aim and also will complete your career too…

Rhea and Prachi: yes mumma…

Suddenly sahana comes there and..

Sahana: excuse me..

Rhea and Prachi looks her and..

Sahana: did you forget that today is your birthday?

Prachi: no..

Sahana: then why are you sitting simply..come lets go out and enjoy for sometime before we leave mumbai.

Pragya: that’s great idea..we will go and enjoy for sometime.

Rhea: yes..

After sometime everyone goes out and they go for boating and they put glasses and take selfies…

Then they drink juices and snacks and they enjoy…

Later they go for shopping..

Rhea: let’s buy a designer dress.

Sahana: no.. first let’s go and eat burger.

Rhea: hey foody…now only we finished eating and how can we eat again?

Sahana: but my stomach is not full yet..

Rhea: you will become faty faty..if you eat more sahana..and every men will reject you..

Sahana: shut up..I can make myself slim by going to gym but I can’t stop myself from eating.

Prachi: enjoy eating and we will go for shopping and come okay?

Sahana: and Rhea go and purchase..and I and pragya aunty will eat in burger shop.

Prachi: okay..

As per they wish Rhea and Prachi goes for shopping while pragya and sahana goes to burger shop and they enjoy the day a lot and..

Pragya: tomorrow we are leaving mumbai..

Everyone gets shocked..

Prachi: tomorrow itself?

Pragya: yes..I have arranged everything and I even shifted my company there and only one thing is left.

Rhea: what’s it mom?

Pragya: we should only go.. that’s it.

Prachi: i will surely miss this beautiful place..okay.. come lets go and pack our things.

Rhea: yes.

Everyone goes to their home and packs their things..


After winning the competition sirat comes to her coach..

Sirat: sir..

Coach: are winning in locals everytime but why don’t you give your name in district levels or state levels? Are you scared to face more peoples?

Sirat gets worried..

Sirat in mind: even my dream is to win national’s but my mum and dad won’t allow me..they just hate me and only maudi is there to support me. And if I announce them about my wish them my mum and dad would kick me…

Sirat: actually no iam not interested to go state level or for some time I will play like this atself.

Coach: ok..

Sirat goes to her house sadly and sees maudi sitting in a chair and goes and hugs her and cries…

Sirat cries: maudi..why iam born as an unlucky person? Everyone is fulfilling their dreams but what about me??i hate my mum and dad..they keep me like slaves.

Maudi caresses sirat’s face and…

Maudi: when iam there..why are you worried?

Sirat: don’t go against mum then she will scold me later.

Maudi: no..I have rights to fight for my granddaughter..I will make your wish true.

After sometime sheela and mukesh comes and greets maudi..

Maudi: I won’t bless you until you fulfil my wish.

Sheela and mukesh gets stunned..

Sheela: now what should I do maa?

Maudi: you should allow sirat to play in state and national have to allow her to achieve her dream.

Sheela gets shocked..

Sheela: maa..she is my daughter and I have rights to decide about her future so don’t talk about sirat’s dream to me..I won’t allow her to go state or national’s.

Maudi: then..make my funeral ready.

Sheela gets shocked..

Sheela: what are you telling maa?

Maudi: see.. whenever I see sirat worried I feel chest pain..and if I see her shattered like this then soon I will die. I want to see her dream achieved before I die orelse I will die cursing you..

Sheela and mukesh gets shocked..

Sheela thinks and..

Sheela: fine..I will allow her to participate in state and national levels.

Sheela and mukesh goes from there and maudi tells sirat happily and sirat happily hugs maudi..

Sirat: thank you so much are my best grandmaa..

While sheela and mukesh speaks separately..

Mukesh: why did you agree to your mum easily? She is emotionally blackmailing you to make sirat achieve the dream..

Sheela: I know it..I thought some other plan and that’s why I agreed.

Mukesh: what’s it?

Sheela: we will take sirat to any city and make her play in state and we will humiliate her in front of the whole city by making any plan…

Mukesh: your idea is good..I know some boxers in delhi so we will take her to Delhi and we will use those boxers to humiliate sirat.

Sheela: yes..

They both laugh evilly…


Abhi looks at pragya’s picture and cries..

Abhi in mind: it’s all my fault..I should have not asked you to leave me.. because of my stupid anger at that moment..I lost you..

Tears fall from his eyes while aliya comes in..

Aliya: bhai are you ready?

Abhi sees her tearfully while aliya understands that he thinks about pragya and..

Aliya: I know you think about pragya…but she is your past bhai.she have deceaved you and went away and then why are you thinking her again?

Abhi:’s all my mistake..I should have not asked her to go.because of me she left..

Abhi cries while aliya consoles..

Aliya: bhai..she have accused you as murderer and which women will accuse her husband like this? She deserves to get away from our lives.

Abhi gets angry..

Abhi: aliya.. don’t talk anything wrong about my fuggi..she accused me rightly only because I dint fulfil her promise and if I had fulfilled her promise then Kiara would have not left us and we would have happily lived but I spoiled everything….

Aliya gets irritated and..

Aliya: you are again thinking about your past..20 years have passed now. And you have promised us to move come every one is waiting for your engagement.

Abhi nods his head while aliya leaves..

Abhi in mind: I decided to marry only for my family’s happiness. Everyone are seeing me worried and that’s why I decided to move on..but I will only love my fuggi always.if you can..please return and stop my wedding pragya!.iam waiting for you for past 20 years…

Suddenly a girl comes there and hugs him and..

Girl: look awesome in this coat suit…

Abhi fakely smiles and..

Abhi: thank you reema..

Reema: come soon..tanu aunty is waiting for you.

Abhi: yeah..I will come now.

Reema runs out happily while abhi thinks..

Abhi in mind: since kiara died..sonakshi’s daughter reema is  my daughter. Now Sonakshi and prem went to London and they left reema here and I feel little happy that atleast reema is there for me. When reema is here..I won’t miss kiara as she is like her. Reema too likes boxing like kiara and I surely fulfil her dream…

Abhi gets ready and goes down while everyone smiles seeing abhi….

Purab: are okay right?

Abhi fakely smiles and..

Abhi: yeah..

A guy named sunny comes there and wishes abhi..

Sunny: congratulations uncle..(sunny is son of Sonakshi and prem. Elder brother of reema)

Abhi: thank you sunny..

Suddenly reema comes and holds sunny’s ear..

Reema: you are sooo stupid bhai.

Sunny: what? Why?

Reema: you know right..I consider abhi uncle as my 2nd dad and you hadn’t brought any gift for him as today is his engagement.

Sunny makes a face..

Sunny: ohh shit..I really forget to buy gifts..

Reema makes a face and..

Reema: then why dint you forget to attend dad’s wedding alone?

Sunny: hey stupid..stop your nonsense now. I will go and see Aryan.

Reema: Aryan went somewhere..

Sunny: ohh..

Suddenly a voice comes from back..

Voice: hey guys..iam back!.

Reema and sunny turns and sees Aryan and ranbir and they go them..

Sunny: you gone to call your bro?

Aryan: yes bhai..

Ranbir: where is chief? I have packed a big gift for him..

Sunny: he is there (pointing towards abhi)

Ranbir: ok..I’ll go and give this and come sunny bhai..

Sunny: fine.

Ranbir goes to abhi and hugs him..

Ranbir: congratulations chief..

Abhi fakely smiles..

Ranbir: here is the gift from me..

Ranbir gives the gift to abhi and..

Abhi: where is Vikram and your family?

Ranbir: father is getting ready in super suit as he wants to be perfect in his friend’s engagement. So..he and my family will come in some minutes.

Abhi: okay..

Later everyone comes and the engagement function begins while purab makes abhi stand near tanu and aliya makes tanu stand near abhi..

Tanu whispers: iam really happy to marry you..

Abhi smiles fakely..

Pallavi:’s already time give them the engagement rings so that they get engaged soon before good time ends.

Aliya: yes..I will give.

Both of them are given rings and they exchange it and get engaged..

in mumbai pragya is packing things while heavy wind blows and pragya feels something heavy on her heart..

Pragya in mind: why iam feeling like this..iam feeling as if iam losing something. No..noo..pragya just concentrate on your work.


PRECAP: Prachi insults ranbir. Rhea and sirat meet. Sahana and aryan’s clash. Tanu teaches reema..

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