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Chale Na Zor Ishq Pe (Ishqaan – Ishq Par Zor Nahin) Part 25

The house was decorated again but this time completely with yellow flowers. It was Isqhaan haldi ceremony today. Ishqi was dressed in a beautiful yellow lehenga, and yellow fresh flowers were her jewellery. She looked like an apsara landed from heaven. Ahaan couldn’t take his eyes off her.
He himself looked so handsome in a yellow kurta and white pant.

The ceremony began and all elders put haldi to the smiling couple.

“Ye kya kar raha hai” ahaan scolded as Karthik smeared his entire face with haldi

” Aree bhai jitni jaldi lagegi utna rang khilega” Karthik said smiling

“Achha, ruk there rang bhi khilate hai” ahaan ran after Karthik

“Bhai kya kar rahe ho, meri haldi thodi na hai…agar hoti toh main ache se haldi lagata” Kartik was still running.


“Shaadi ki koi jaroorat nahi hai.. wise hi haldi lagedenge tumko” Ahaan ran faster to catch him

Karthik while running suddenly collided with Shefali who was coming from the opposite direction, she was about to fall but he held her by her waist. She looked so beautiful that Karthik just kept staring at her. She wore a yellow Anarkali, which flowed around her. He slowly traced her cheek with his hand, in turn applying the haldi on his hand to her cheek.

“Karthik your family is watching, let me go” shefali said embarrassed.

Karthik turned behind and his entire family was looking at him teasingly

“Ummmm… Woh main zameen ko bacha raha tha” he murmured

“Shefali girti toh zameen toot jati na” he said and then realised what he said. But it was too late, Shefali was already hitting him

“Serves him right” ahaan said ” aur maro usko”. And the entire family starts laughing.


“Humare saath inki bhi haldi hogayi” Isqhi whispers to Ahaan, and they both smile.

Ishqi wished ahaan mother could also join in their happiness.

All were busy, so ishqi pulled ahaan away from them all.

“Kya hua Ishqi” ahaan asked worried

“Apne pyaar ko haldi lagani hai” she says

He smiles and puts his cheek forward.
But she comes nearer and touches her haldi laden cheek to his cheek. Ahaan closes his eyes relishing the feeling of her so close to him. She starts moving after applying haldi to both his cheeks.

“It’s my turn now” he says, and she looks at him

He brings her closer to him and turns her around. And back hugs her. He grazes his cheek over her neck. His slight beard tingling along her sensitive skin and her heart racing wildly. He takes some haldi from her cheek and moves his hand slowly over her waist. The sudden cold hand with haldi on her warm waist makes her shiver and Ahaan smiles. Keeping his hands on her waist, he plants feathery kisses on her neck and she whimpers and holds his hand tightly.

He turns her around and kisses her slowly on the lips

“Ab humari haldi poori hui mrs Ishqi ahaan veer malhotra” he says

“You are running ahead of yourself mister, we are not married yet” she says playfully

“You are mine and will always be with or without the title” he says seriously and she looks at him lovingly.

But her expression changes and ahaan notices it.

“What is the matter” he asks

“We still haven’t got the test results of Riya. Even though I am sure it’s not your child but riya is evil. Anything can happen” she said

” You don’t worry about that I have it covered” he said and hugs her

“Ahaan veer malhotra” he hears someone calling from outside

They both go out and see riya there, she stood there smiling and confident and Ishqi feels uneasy

” The reports are out Ahaan, see for yourself” she says and gives the report to ahaan. He gets a phone call and signs ishqi to look at the report

Ishqi takes the report from him and slowly opens it
“Her hands start shivering as she reads the content. It’s says positive. Which means ahaan is the father of Riya’ baby”



There are some episodes which fill me with joy when I a writing them, and this was one of them.. hope you all liked it too



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