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Bigg Boss OTT 3rd September 2021 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss OTT 3rd September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 26 8 AM
Everyone wakes up dancing.

8:45 AM
Nia says old houses are cleaner than this. Raqesh says Akshara is so filthy. She says no one did it. Raqesh says Divya doesn’t clean after making tea either. Nia says at least you can clean the mess you create. Nia says this is so dirty. Raqesh says we should decide one time to cook. It’s so dirty. Pratik says if someone is hungry then what will they? Just keep an eye and ask them to cook. Raqesh says who would see? Pratik says who has a problem. Pratik says it’s the cooking team’s responsibility. Akshara says people leave their things on the slab. Pratik says I don’t know who is Raqesh trying to impress. Raqesh says I have 10 years of experience unlike you. He says Shamita cleans it every morning. Nia says it has to be clean.

Moose says it doesn’t matter, Raqesh keeps bringing in how wise is he. Nishant says he has an opinion, let him speak up. Moose says he’s senior-only then he can have an opinion? Nishant says he didn’t say that. Moose says why are you getting in it? He says why are you? She says I can say what I want. He said wrong. Nishant says you’re wrong. She says you can’t tell me that. Nishant says he only answered you Pratik. Pratik says if he’s so senior, he should clean it. He told me I am new. Moose says he has said it before.

9 PM
Nishant says to Neha he didn’t mean it. Pratik asked why are you trying to impress Neha? Neha says I don’t know, I am not jealous. Why is Pratik also overdoing it? He’s also after Nia. He’s irritating me.

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