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Being with my so called kidnapper # episode 46 # tricked by him

Hello peppies aagyi me..

I was not in mood to post after listening Siddharth’s demise was something unexpected.. may his soul rest in peace..

So i asked u all to demand riansh scenes and i found a demand common as it was asked by many readers so here i go .

Let’s start

Scene 1

Next day (morning)

Vansh’s pov

I was walking towards my baby panda’s room  just to check on her..

As soon as i opened the door

Thuuudd!! I was welcomed by a udati hui chappal on my face..

“Ri..ridhima…what are u doing” i haven’t completed yet.. and

A pillow …a bellan..A comb..hitted my  face…

“Is this how u welcome someone” i asked picking the things from floor

“And serves u right Mr.eble raisinghania”she retorted instantly

“What are this for sweetheart” i asked walking beside her

“For playing with me 🙄” she snapped twisting her mouth 😏

“What i did jaan ” i asked being the most innocent kid that time

“You moron.. I won’t leave u now ” she said and started beating me with her dhai gram ka hath..

I laughed reminiscing the stunt i pulled early morning today

Flashback starts

Riddhima’s pov

Ouchhh!! I shouted as soon as a nail pierced my foot..

“Madam..bandage..mam antiseptic.. should i call the ambulance ” all the staff around me panicked as if i was lying on the bed of nails..

Hence prooved they are vanshu’s staff only..


“Vansh it’s not needed” i said making faces looking at the injection in his hand

“Don’t be a stubborn kid otherwise i know how to tackle them” he said rebuking at me..

How dare he to shout on me..

I turned my face being grumpy baby..

“Riddhima..” he said softly trying to gain my attention

“Mar gyi tumhari riddhima 😏” i said turning my face again

That’s it..a very very extremely galat decision by me..

He pulled me very next moment in his lap..

“Come again ” he said directly looking into my eyes..

I gulped looking at him as anger was clearly spitting from his eyes..

The fear of injection is more tolerating than fear of vanshu..

You are doomed riddhu..this chlta phirta Yamraj Raisinghania won’t leave u today..

“Vansh…” I whispered softly as soon as he hugged me tightly in his embrace

“I won’t tolerate next time if u will use death and your name at a time ” he said crushing me under his body

I will surely die under his weight..

“Vansh .i was just” i didn’t complete even and he pressed my back more

“You can’t go anywhere.. I won’t let u ” he said being angry..

I parted myself from him and cupped his face..

“It was a joke vansh i am not going anywhere” i tried to calm my Volcano raisinghania

“Van..vansh slow..”i moaned as soon as he started kissing my body agressively

“I just can’t imagine to loss u.. you are my addiction riddhima ” he said sliding my top from my shoulder

Sucking my collarbone and planting N number of kisses on my body roughly he stopped as i hissed in pain a little

“So..sorry jaan ..i am sorry i hurted u ” he said impatiently checking my body in order to find any injury

“I am fine vansh” i said softly pecking his lips..

“You have to be fine for me” he said pulling me by my hairs not to hurt me..

First time i saw obsession in his eyes instead of love for me..

Or may be it was always there ..only i failed to recognise it..

“You are mine …only mine..” he whispered to himself slightly hyperventilating ..

What happened to him suddenly..why is he behaving like this..

“You ok na jaan” i asked holding his hand in mine..

“Now better” he said pulling me again in his lap..

Pecking my lip softly he showered some feather kisses on my face..

“Sorry i hurted u” he said and i nodded in no..

“Now let me apply this injection to u ” he said and i jumped at my place forgetting about my injury

“ am fine see” i said jumping on bed

“Riddhima..😡.. don’t try to be a kid because you are not.. just look at are an adult now but still behave like a kindergarten kid..”he shouted and i bow down my face being grumpy again..

Pov ends

Vansh’s pov

Shitt!! I didn’t want to shout on u..but she forced me..

I thought as soon as i saw some tears brimming in her eyes

My baby is so will she handle a rough man like me..

I feel petty on her sometimes.. being a fragile flower herself she has to handle a mafia king like me..

“Accha baba..i am not injecting you” i said adjusting her in my lap

Her eyes shined with happiness but concealed very next moment by her grumpy look

So..she is angry wow..she was the one who was careless and  now i have to pacify her..

“Riddh-ima” i whisperd making patterns on her bare shoulder as i have slided her top ..

“I am sorry jaan..but u were hurting yourself and I can’t see that” i said caressing her cheek

Pov ends

Riddhima’s pov

I losted in his orbs who were holding so much concern for me..

“You love me this much” i asked pouting

He smiled looking at me and i blushed under his gaze

“Tell me na u love me this much Vanshu ” i asked again as soon as he gripped my arm

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” i shouted as i felt some preiking sensation in my arm very next moment

“I love u this much ” he said desposing the needle in Dustin

“Bastard” i shouted rubbing my arm..

You tricked me vansh..i was lost in u and u took advantage..

“Apply pressure on it ” he said leaving the room not before getting a pillow in gift on his face by me..

Flashback ends

Pov ends

Vansh’s pov

“Sorry riddhu but I can’t see u  hurt” i said trying to calm my  mini lady don..

“Ok ..but u have to compensate” she said sitting in my lap encircling her arms around my neck

Something is fishy..this much love..that too for me..even after pulling that jaan pe khelne wala stunt..

“What u want sweetheart” i asked holding her waist

“Shimla ” she said and smiling sheeply

” But how will i bring whole shimla for u.. that’s not possible practically” i said scrunching my brows

“Ouccchhh!! ” I whinched as soon as she hitted me on my chest..

“Sorry” she said keeping her head on my chest..

I hugged her tightly feeling my baby is not in good mood..

“What happened to my riddhu” i asked stroking her hairs

” I am missing shimla moments vansh.

They were so remember how we used to do fun at midnight ” she said rubbing her nose on my shirt

Buddhu can i forget my golden days….but she was the the one who used to have fun .. i had only challenging days and night in shilma because she troubled me alot..

The Mafia king who has the best chefs of india at his mansion used to cook ..just for her..only for her.. otherwise I won’t even boil the water for myself even..

” I want to go shimla again ” she said and i facepalmed myself mentally

“We can’t..its not safe..” i said ending the discussion

“Then bring shimla here ” she said pouting her lips..

I badly wanted to chew that pout..

“How” i said giving up..

” I want to spend my time with u here only like we used to do in shimla..

We will enjoy we will play..we will roam on will cook for me..etc etc .” She said dreamily..

Stop stop meri jaan..your fantasies are amazing but your boyfriend is a mafia i just can’t roam around in mumbai like a fidget spinner as u..

“What about safety than ” i said applying break on her thoughts

“Then why did u hire angre..for sticking to u whole day🙄” she said and i rolled my eyes for her not so valid jealousy

“Fine ” i said giving up to her demands and she jumped like a kid in excitement pulled by me very next moment.

“Careful sweetheart” i said only for getting royally ignored by her..

“Shimla wala time ” she said dreamily throwing her arms in air

“Shimla wala time ” i whispered thinking about the gadha hammalli she will made me do now..

Poor me!!

“When is our wedding” she asked sitting on my lap  again

“Next week ” i replied and we both went to our own thoughts

She must be thinking about how to trouble her boyfriend in new way

And i thinking about how to escape from your zulmi girlfriend..

Pov ends

Done done dana done

Pura epi god me bethne or utarne me hi nikl gya na..😂i realised it while proof reading

Hope u all like it..

Keep commenting what riansh scenes u want i will fetch the interesting ones

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