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ATBA: A different type of story (KiVi and RanVeer) – Epi 8

Hi guys, sorry for the delay, I had a lot going on and I was super busy too. Will try to update the chapters more often. heres the next part and I am glad you all are loving it.

Epi starts..

At the samosa stall..

Veer looked at Rani when she was eating samosas and smiled. Rani noticed him staring.

Rani: What happened dactor sahab? Esi tukur tukur khahe dekh rahi?

Veer: Can’t I stare at my wife?

Rani: Haww, bada romantic ho gaye aap..

Veer: Haha koi shak?

Rani: No no you are best

She blushed a little and giggled.

They finished the samosas and as they were walking back to the car Rani tripped on her pallu and nearly fell but Veer caught her in time.

Rani: How can I fall when you are here to catch me?

Veer: Dhyan kahan hai aapke? (where is your attention?)

Rani: On my husband.

Veer: Wow, you too have started become romantic.

Rani blushed: Ab can you lift me up now? Everyone is looking

Veer: So?? Let them look na, we are husband wife what is there to be ashamed?

Rani hit him gently on the chest and got up from his arms. He laughed as he followed her to the car.

Back to Rajawat house..

Ranvijay came up to Rajmata when she walked into the living room

Rajmata: Wh..what are you doing here?

Ranvijay: I came to see the family

Digvijay from behind: Come on, don’t lie. What are you really here for?

Ranvijay: Fine..(rolls his eyes), you wanna know? I will tell you the whole story.

Rajmata: Hurry up

Ranvijay: What’s the rush maa sa? Its a long story, come sit on the sofa. Kiara, get some tea please

Rajmata: Wait how did you know Kiara is here?

Ranvijay: I have tabs on what happens here always

Rajmata: That’s creepy

Ranvijay: You can call it survelliance

Rajmata: I call it creepy, now tell me why you came back

Back to RanVeer..

Veer was driving home when the car stopped suddently. He breaked hard

Rani: Bhabhubak, aap theek hai?

Veer nodded and asked her back: And you?

Rani nodded back.

Rani: What happened?

Veer: Pata nahi but I think the battery is dead

Rani: We won’t get a mechanic here. See its too late and there is nobody around

Veer: Haan Rani, looks like we have to spend the night somewhere here.

Rani gets a little scared: Yahan? (she looks around)

Veer decided to trick her and goes to hide behind the car as she turned around to face the other side

Rani: But dactor sahab..there is –

She turned back to face him but didn’t find him anywhere

Rani: Dactor sahab??

She started to panic and looked around

Rani: Dactor sahab, kahan hai aap?

Veer came from behind and tapped her on the shoulder. Rani jumped and realised it was him hugged him tight while he laughed a little

Rani: Dactor sahab that was not funny. Pata hai, mere jaan nikal gaye thi

Veer: Shh, calm down Rani its okay. (He hugged her back)

Rani: Esi mazak nahi karte hai. I won’t talk to you now.

She let him go and went to stand to one side with her arms crossed. Veer giggled a little and walked up to her

Veer: Accha sorry (he tries to look at her)

Rani turned the other way again with her arms crossed

Veer: Sorry na Rani, I promise I won’t do it again. I will never leave you alone.

Rani started to have tears in her eyes and then turned around quickly and hugged him again.

Veer: Oho Rani, shh, it was only a joke. I won’t do it again pakka

Rani: I love you

Veer: I love you too Rani (hugged her back)

Precap: Rani and Veer finds somewhere to stay for the night. Other side, Ranvijay reveals that he is the husband of Rajeshwari and that he owns everything in the house. 

That’s it guys for today. I hope you enjoyed the RanVeer moments, there will be more of them next chapter and a bit on KiVi too. Will update by Sunday. 🙂 thanks for all your support and note: This Ranvijay can switch between positive and negative, he isn’t going to harm RanVeer’s relationship so there is no need to worry 🙂

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