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An interesting love story of Sirav – Chapter 1: Un-happen threats to Simar’s family

i think you all like last update.You all will think that why  I have wrote these three update in one day because tomorrow i can start first episode of my fan fiction?.Here last update I will tell  some hidden secrets. Are you ready to write. So lets read:

When Neeraja was 16 she was with his father Bhaskaran and Mother Sulekha living a happier life.But one night when Bhaskaran and Neeraja were coming back some body block the road with stone and when he removed many of them come with sticks andattacked him.One of them stabbed behind him and Bhaskaran was killed by him who was a member from his party who didn’t like Bhaskaran because of his truthful.

Neeraja  went to her father and said to watch but didn’t wake up and that politician asked others to killed the Neeraja who saw this.Bhaskaran asked her to run and  but when she run she was hit by a car where she lost her consciousness. In car there are three men who were addicted to alcohol and drugs and rapped Neeraja. Then after three months her mother Sulekha heard from doctor that her daughter was pregnant. She asked the doctor to do abortion.but doctor revealed that if the child was aborted then want to take the uterus from Neeraja .if neeraja gave birth to child then she also will not rembered so after birth of the child uou can give to anyone said doctor.Then after some months Neeraja gave birth to a daughter. But still she didnt remember .

Sulekha gave to a person to treat as his own child later it is revealed that he is a drunkard and throw that child in dustbin and peter rescue that children and treats as his own daughter without marrying any other daughter live with her.but she (Aleena)developed a deep hatred to her and after 25 years dhe tried to destroy that family .

After knowing truth Aleena was shattered and asked forgiveness from Simar family but nobody gave and when  Mahadevan learned the truth without telling truth to Neeraja considered Aleena as his own daughter, and simar and aparna after knowing truth without telling to their mothet loved Aleena as her own sister.Neeraja also loved Aleena because of that she forgot all the issues and loves Aleena .After knowing truth of Aleena’s birth without knowing Aleena is her daughter loved Aleena as his own daughter.Ambadi several times cime to rescue her and destiny pulls them close  and they are in love but they didn’t confess their feelings. This is a story of Neeraja unwrapped threats.

After that Simar,Aleena and Ambadi tried to punish them.Here sirav love story has a blossom of love,revenged for three bad persons.Tommorrow I will write the first episode. So bye see you later.

Precap:Simar ‘s sisters asking about the decision of her marriage  but she says that  he should be looking hand some in his inner heart  .Just then Sinar and Aarav meets and quarrel

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