Naagin writer is running out of an idea? Let’s expand the show with a spin-off!

The writer is running out of idea because they cannot expand the storyline. The show is being limited just because of its title is “Naagin”, so all they can do is telling the story of Naagin again and again… repeatedly. It’s cannot continue forever, the audience will be fed up at some point. Remember not just Naagin, we also have Naag, they can be the main character too.

I think wey should have a spin-off show after Naagin 3 ended. As an example, if the show title is “Naga” or” Naagmani”… then the writer can easily expand the storyline without being limited and forced to just focus on the Naagin only, we can have different sides of stories with both Naag and Naagin as main characters in every season.

The audience doesn’t want to wait more than a year for the next season to start, It should start right after a season ended with completely new actors, new Naag or Naagin as the main character, that character will take over the show with their new story, not connect to the previous seasons to refesh the show.

Many people think Icchadhari Naag and Naagin is irrelevant because all they see till now is just revenge stories of women, but with an interesting concept like this I think the writer should change those mindsets with different types of stories, not just revenge. Keep in mind, what makes the show special, different and more interesting than the others is the mix of supernatural element with real life stories in the present time.

Not just about Naagin, revenge stories of women, this show can become something more than that, it’s can become a platform to connect people, though different stories. Because it’s a big show with so many people watching, not just India, other countries also interest in the show, they are watching it on YouTube with English subtitle just like Western superheroes and vampire TV show. Let’s expand the show with a spin-off, bring Naag and Naagin stories to the next level.

P/S: Everyone please share this to Ekta Kapoor, she need to read this!

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