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Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd August 2021 Written Episode Update: Sulochana Convicted In Devika’s Murder

Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rudra insists Sulochana to confess her crime in front of judge. Sulochana denies and says she will not go anywhere. Rudra says he knew she would confess easily, so he recorded her confession. Sharda gives his phone. Sulochana pleads Sharda to stop Rudra. Rudra calls inspector and says he needs to inform something important regarding Devika’s murder. Inspector says its too late as judge will pronounce judgement in sometime. Rudra informs same to Sulochana and insists her again to accompany him to court and confess. She resists again. He holds her hand and says proving Preesha innocent is most important to him at this time and heads towards court with Sulochana and Sharda. Judge is about to pronounce Preesha guilty and give his verdict when Rudra stops him and says he got a proof that Preesha didn’t kill Devika but his mother Sulochana did instead. Preesha’s lawyer backs him and requests judge. Judge permits. Rudra gets into dias and explains the whole story. Judge asks if he has any proof. He shows Sulochana’s confession video. Judge says he will give the final verdict after a break and orders to arrest Sulochana.

Sulochana tells Rudra that she is sad that she is going to jail but sad that her own son supported Preesha instead of his mother. Rudra says he supported truth. Police arrests Sulochana. Sharda tells Rdura that he did right and she is proud of him. GPS thanks Rudra for supporting Preesha. Rudra then looks at Preesha and walks towards her. Yeh Hain Chahatein.. song plays in the background. Inspector stops them and says they cannot hug in court as Preesha isn’t pronounced innocent yet. Court hearing restarts. Judge pronounces Preesha innocent and Sulochana guilty and announces 5-year jail term to Sulochana. Sulochana before leaving curses Rudra that he betrayed his mother for Preesha, so he will not get Preesha and will be in pain forever like she will bein jail. Once police takes her away, Rudra and Preesha’s romane starts. They hug each other tightly. Yeh Hain Chahatein.. song starts in the background again. They hold each other’s hand and try to leave the court when Arman stops them and warns Rudra to leave his wife’s and Anvi’s mother’s hand. He calls Anvi and gives phone to Preesha. Anvi asks her when will she return home as thief-police game is over now, and if she doesn’t come soon, she will become a star. Preesha asks not to say that, she is coming soon.
Chachaji warns Rudra to spare their family at least now and asks Arman to take Preesha home. Preesha walks with Arman. Rudra hopes she turns back and returns to him. Preesha walks away. Har Kisiko Nahi Milta Yahan Pyar Zindagi Mein… song plays in the background.

Next morning, Sulcohana signs jail register when Preesha walks to her. Sulochana taunts her that she must be happy after trapping her in jail, she trapped her son and will never be happy in life; she troubled her before and because of her curse lost her son Saransh and even Rudra; this time she will lose her dearest Rudra. Preesha confronts her that she lost Saransh because of Sulochana’s evil deeds, Sulochana misused Rudra always instead, but couldn’t succeed this time, she couldn’t get away this time and is frustrated, etc. Sulochana tries to speak again. Preesha shuts her mouth.

Precap: Arman asks Preesha if her feelings for Rudra are more stronger than Anvi. Preesha says after losing Saransh, Anvi gave her love and she will not leave Anvi. Rudra tells Sulochana that Preesha can take care of Anvi being with him. Arman thinks he will use Anvi to be with Preesha and she has to love him and not Rudra.

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