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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 4th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Mahi hits Arjun

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 4th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Chanda says enough. Isn’t there any other way to torture Mahi? This is torturing me more. Arjun says try to understand. We have to crack their love. It’s their biggest strength. He says I want Jogi to stop trusting Mahi.

Seema and Renu go to Jogi’s house. Rupa says stop here. There’s no place for you and your daughter in this house. You can’t meet him. Seema says I came to see Jogi. Rupa says he’s my son. we don’t know where your daughter is. Go from here. Biji says stop it Rupa. She says Seema please come another time. Things aren’t okay right now. Seema asks where did Mahi go? Rupa says must have gone to her love.

Scene 2
Mahi comes to Arjun and puts a knife on his neck. Mahi says how dare you to touch my husband. He caresses her face and says what will you do? Mahi cuts his hand. Mahi nibs it in his face and says I can cut your face too. Mahi says you are nothing in front of my love. Mahi kicks him and hits him. Mahi says the wife who can stay hungry all day to save her husband, can eat his enemies like a hungry lion. Mahi hits him. Mahi recalls Jogi in pain. Mahi kicks and punches Arjun. Mahi says you have to pay for my husband’s pain. She is about to stab him. Mahi hits him with the back of the knife. Mahi hits him with a vase. Arjun screams. Mahi says if you dare to touch Jogi again, I will kill you.

Mahi comes home. He sees media reporting wife got her husband beaten by a lover. Mahi comes in and asks are you okay Jogi? They are trapping me. I didn’t do anything. Jogi says why did you go to Arjun again? I trust you. He sees her hand. Mahi tells him how she beat Arjun. Jogi says why did you have to do this? What if something happened to you? Mahi says if anyone hurts you I will hit them too. This was the right thing to do. Jogi says what’s the point of an attack that hurts us.

Scene 3
Seema says Chanda are you marrying this Arjun? Pappu says Mahi went to him. She did it all. She can’t let Arjun be. Akash says enough. You have said enough about my sister. I won’t tolerate it. Pappu says speak to me when you grow up. You eat my food and arguing with me? Only open your mouth to eat. Akash says I am leaving this house. Seema says what are you saying. He’s your BIL. Apologize to him. Akash says I have to defend Mahi. I am leaving. I got selected and I will live there. I will only come back when I am something and able to speak in front of him. He picks his bags and leaves.

Pappu says to Chanda why are you sad? Jogi and Mahi are breaking. Chanda says Mahi wins every time. Pappu says this will be our time. We have to ensure that Jogi and Mahi keep fighting each other.

Jogi says you are so stubborn. It has ruined everything. We lived such a peaceful life. I don’t know what will happen. Defeat is better than this win. Mahi says no. Rupa says she won’t ever listen. She will do what pleases her even if it ruins our lives. People have DILs as laxmis in their house and she came to our house like a curse. I wish you never met her and never married her. She has made our life hell. I wish you married a girl who didn’t impose her dreams on us and ruined our lives. We would all be happy with a girl like that. Biji says what are you saying? Rupa says it’s time to take things in my own hands. I won’t let it be ruined anymore. Rupa calls someone. Mahi asks who were you talking to? She says someone special for this house and Jogi. That person will change everything in this house. She says Jogi, Biji get ready for the guests. Mahi you should wait. Your stubbornness opened my eyes. Mahi asks who’s coming? Rupa says you will know tomorrow who’s coming and why.

Episode ends.

Precap-Mahi says to Jogi you and I are together for life. Jogi says we will be together for all our lives. Mahi says I won’t let anyone come between us. A big car comes. Mahi says has babe called goons to kick me out of this house?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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