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Stranger (Riansh OS by Disha)

Acha yeh suno

Scene shows Riddhima seeing ivy gourd one half dried and one half living.

She posted it on social media.
Wrote that,
This is what relations give to you
A marriage
only one partner receive everything
Other one die.
Just after posting ,she got a comment from an unknown person within seconds.
And it tells her that the gourd is still alive because other side is giving it’s best to make it live.
Riddhima felt this comment different.
For the first time she clicked on someone profile.
Vansh Rai singhania. It read
An unknown smile lifted her lips up,but she ended the tab.
Next day
Riddhima receives Vansh’s post.
He posts that he had gone through 20 km by cycle to click the photograph  of rose Bush.
Two branch from same Bush
Living well with each other.
He wrote that relation depends on
Personalties .
She smiles on seeing the post ,and felt a bit different.
Very few posts were liked by her.
It was one of them.
Slowly He sent her friend request.
His first message showed in the notification tab.
Riddhima just opened it but didnt accept the request.
Vansh on message : Hi its Vansh.and you?
Riddhima : Dont you have eyes to read on profile?
Vansh: Interesting
Riddhima: Indeed.
Vansh : Accept my request.
Riddhima: Why
Vansh ; Because I travelled 20 km for you.
Riddhima smirked but accepted.
Vansh: What do you think about relation
Riddhima: Time waste.
Vansh : I think they make the time for them themselves.
Riddhima didnt reply.
Vansh: Which religion.
Riddhima didnt like this question.
But replied.
Riddhima: Christian
Vansh oh then my grandmom will not allow our marriage.
She was amazed .
First his joke about marriage.
Second his thinking about interreligion  marriage .
She thought to reply on the second fact
Riddhima “that’s why I dont believe in relations they are made seeing religion,caste colour creed
Vansh : Discrimination.prejudice.Social science class going on?
She didnt reply.
Vansh: Oh so you really want to marry me.
Riddhima:I should ask it from you.
They both smiled.
Slowly they became friends .
She even called him one day.
As he was requesting from a long time to make him one chance to listen to her so she did.
He tracked her location.She had no idea about it.
She was slowly becoming attracted towards him.
When he told her that he is with her sister for interreligion marriage .
She felt relieved but then berated herself as why am I relieved.
One day he Called her that he is going to propose someone .
She got sad.
She ended the call.
Touched her eyes they were wet.
She was confused as why is it happening with her.
Whu is she sad.
He again called her
Shepicked up
Vansh: I will tell her
That from the day I found her
I got lost in her
First time i am asking GOD
Why we didnt met earlier.
and then he appeared in front of her.
Proposed her.
She was shocked to the core.
She had seen Vansh in photographs.
Used to die on his looks and stare his photo for hours at night.
But never shared her photo.
Vansh saw her first time.
Vansh got lost in her beauty.
She broke his stares  by breaking her own sim so that he dont track her. warned him to stay away
… blocked him
Weeks later
Found that she will die without him.
Realised that he was so true.
Unblocked him but Found that his account is deleted.
Searched on Google.
Found his photo.
With a married girl.
For her everything ended .
Weeks later
in flight
She found him
With same girl
Bur his seat was besides her.
He started blabbering his stupid jokes.
She finally broke down on his cool nature.
Vansh : Having scotch?
Riddhima nodded
Riddhima: Wine brandy whiskey bear rum. Everything.
He laughed.
Congratulated him on his Marriage.
He replied
She is bhabhi.
Riddhima saw that girl
With another man
Vansh : Now will you marry me.
All it ended on she trying to hide her eyes and he trying in best to look in them.
Kaisa h?

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