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Sasural Simar Ka 2 3rd August 2021 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2 3rd August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Simar telling Aarav that today she can’t do recording of the song and asks him to take her home. Aarav says I know you are very stressed and tells that he will talk to Badi Maa and she will understand. Simar says I am not complaining about Badi Maa, she is right at her place and tells that the circumstances are bad. Reema and Vivaan come to Oswal Mansion. Reema tells Vivaan that Badi Maa can’t see anyone happy and everything is fine until they dance on her tune, else she don’t think them as humans. She says she has crossed her limits by sending Police to Papa’s house. Simar tells Aarav that they shall not go against Badi Maa and tells that they shall go home instead of radio station. Reema asks how can I forget whatever happened with my family and says whatever happened is due to your Badi maa. Vivaan says why don’t you understand, even she is hurt and asks her to give her some time and says she will forgive everyone. Reema says she will forgive everyone who has created this drama. Vivaan says this is not fair. Reema says wow, didn’t you see my Papa’s condition. Vivaan says whatever happened was wrong, but that doesn’t mean that we shall do anything and cross the line. He says she is head of the family and my Dadi, she has brought us with love, facing many challenges. He says you can criticize her, but not misbehavior. He says I will not tolerate her misbehavior.

Aarav tells Simar that you are not disrespecting badi Maa, but following your dreams. He says you will soon go and then your dreams will be left. He asks why is she hesitant to take a step. Simar says but. Aarav says I am taking you to radio station directly. Reema walks towards Badi Maa’s photo frame and says I am not the person who accepts defeat easily and says if I don’t take revenge for my Papa’s humiliation then my name is not Reema Narayan. She says she will break her ego and make its many pieces which she can’t even count, and asks her to mark her words. She goes from there.

Yamini Devi is about to walk out of the radio station. The radio station Manager tries to stop her. Yamini says today’s generation doesn’t value time and says our Guru taught us to value time. She says she can’t wait anymore. Rishabh says we got your date after much coordination. He says that background singer is new and today is her first recording. Yamini says this time, the recording is halted due to her. He asks her to give her 10 mins to arrange the other singer. Jogi asks him to call Madam when he arranges the new singer. Yamini Devi asks him to make the background singer understand that she doesn’t give even her 2 mins to such persons who doesn’t value time.

Aarav’s car gets stopped and he gets down to see the car punctured. Simar says it might be Mata Rani’s sign that we shall not go to radio station. Aarav says if it was Mata Rani, then call wouldn’t have come from radio station. He says he has spare tyre in the car, and he will not give up. He tries to change the car. Simar asks shall I help her? Aarav says just do rehearsal. Simar says if you are saying this, as I am a girl. Aarav says I know you can do anything. Simar says I will do. She takes the spanner and tries to open the screw. She hits her head on the car accidentally. Aarav helps her. Kabhi meri nazar utarna plays…..He helps her and then changes the tyre. She moves hair from his face. Aarav fixes the tyre. They look at each other. He asks if it is Mata Rani’s sign, now lets go. Simar nods her head and touches her face, grease black color gets applied on her face. He wipes it from her face using his handkerchief. She says until he keeps the tyre, she will visit the mata rani’s temple. He takes her name in heart. She listens and answers in her hand. Aarav signs nothing. Simar smiles and goes.

Chitra says I know what is going on in your heart, and tells that they will take revenge surely. Reema says it is not like that. Chitra says I know it, its ok. She says you can’t defeat Badi Maa without my help. Reema says you will help me. Chitra says you have to convince Badi Maa that you are perfect Bahu and you have to drag her towards you. Reema asks what will happen with his? Chitra says Badi Maa makes everyone dance on her tune and asks her to act to be her favorite and make Vivaan as her favorite too. She says then we will take advantage of the situation and take everyone in our control and will snatch power and position from her. She says just as her power and position will be zero and she will shatter. She says we can do this together and asks her to remember that she is in her team.

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