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RIANSH: WILL THEY FALL IN LOVE? (A beautiful journey) Episode 36

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Episode begins with..

The lawyer handovers the bail papers and completes the formalities.. 

INSPECTOR: You can take her now. But, still the case has not yet solved. You have tried to kill my friend. So, you have to answer for it.. 

VANSH: Wow, you are so confident. This is a fake case. Even then, your confidence level is inspiring me. I won’t say anything now. Let me do my work at the right time. Tell this to your friend also.. 

RIDDHIMA: Who is that friend? 

VANSH: I don’t know his name. I just saw him talking with this inspector.  They both have made this plan to trap you. But, I don’t know why they did this.. 

LAWYER: Sir, he is virat.. Even he is a business man.. 

RIDDHIMA: Virat.. 

VANSH: You know him.. 


Just then, angre comes there.. 

ANGRE: Riddhu, is there any problem.. 

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, I’ll tell everything later. Now, lets leave from here.. 

Saying so, she goes. 

VANSH: She always does what she thinks. This is not fair. She won’t even share her problem with us. Even we ask her, she just ignores it.. 

ANGRE: Don’t get angry. Let’s ask her after reaching home. We have a big problem there. We must first solve that.. 

VANSH: What problem.. 

ANGRE: My mom and dad.. Come and watch that.. 

Angre goes… 

VANSH: (thinking) What is he speaking about.. Bothe brother and sister are same. They won’t say anything clearly.. 

Vansh goes.. They all reach the car.. 

RIDDHIMA: How long will I wait for you? Can’t you some soon.. 

VANSH: What? 

RIDDHIMA: I’m talking about bail.. Can’t you get that bail soon.. 

VANSH: Next time, before coming here,  inform me. I’ll arrange the bail beforehand.. 

RIDDHIMA: Monkey.. 

VANSH: Devil.. 

ANGRE: Enough of your fights.. This is police station. By the way, Where is Sia? 

RIDDHIMA: She has come out to call vansh, right? 

VANSH: But, I didn’t receive any call from her.. 

RIDDHIMA: Don’t worry.. Let me go and check.. She must be somewhere here.. May be she might have been speaking to mom.. I’ll see.. 

Saying so, she goes.. 

Angre tries to stop her.. 

VANSH: She won’t listen to you.. Come and sit in the car. She’ll come. We’ll wait.. 

Riddhima comes searching for Sia. She sees sia speaking to someone. But, she couldn’t see the person. So, she goes the other side to see the person. She sees the person and gets shocked.. It was virat.. 

Sia slaps virat. Riddhima sees it and gets shocked.. 

VIRAT: Sia, listen to me once.. Please.. 

SIA: Why should I? How much lies are you going to tell me? You must have planned something by now, right? Okay, tell me.. Let me hear that too.. 

VIRAT: Sia, I can’t lie to you. 

SIA: Again it’s a lie. Till today, you haven’t told me that you don’t like riddhima.. You consider her as an enemy, right? 

VIRAT: Have I told anything about her to you? No.. Right.. Then, how can you tell that I have lied to you.. Sia, I accept that I consider her as my enemy. Because, she have insulted me. I can’t tolerate that. So, I did this. But, believe me I have no intention to hurt you.. 

SIA: Enough!! I don’t want to hear anything from you.. 

VIRAT: Sia, please.. 

SIA: Today, you have proved that I’m wrong. I thought that you won’t hurt anyone. I thought that you’ll support me. But, today you have created a big problem for me. Today, you have hurt my family.. 

VIRAT: Sia, I respect your family a lot. In fact, I like your family a lot. And even you know that.. But, riddhima.. 

SIA: She also belong to my family. She is my bhabhi. Keep this in my mind. I have planned to make you meet her. I thought that if she meets you then, she’ll definitely help me. But, you have spoiled everything. If bhai comes to know about this then, do you think that he’ll accept you. Leave bhai.. After seeing all you have done, I’m totally broken. Now, I don’t want to marry such a person who traps the innocent for his revenge. 

VIRAT: Sia, even if you want to go away from me, you can’t go. You know that. You can’t hate me. 

SIA: I know.. That’s why right now, I’m feeling a pain of death.. Because, the person whom I loved, I trusted is the reason behind my bhabhi’s arrest. That’s too he traped her in a fake case. Do you have any idea of how I’m feeling right now? 

VIRAT: Sia, I can’t see tears in your eyes.. Please, I’m sorry.. 

SIA: Sorry, not enough!! I don’t want to speak to you. Just leave me.. 

She was about to go.. But, virat holds her hand.. 

SIA: Virat, if you have ever loved me truly, then leave my hand right now. 

Virat leaves her hand. Sia cries and goes. 

Riddhima on hearing all this gets shocked.. 

VIRAT: Riddhima, today you have even snatched my love from me. No.. I can’t live without sia.. Even she can’t.. I know she is angry with me. But, her anger is nothing in front of my love. 

He cries and goes.. Riddhima still stands there.. 

RIDDHIMA: (thinking) It means the person whom sia loves is virat.. My God!! Vansh knows that virat has filed this case to trap me. But, he doesn’t know that he is the same person whom her sister loves. If he comes to know about this, what will happen?

Riddhima comes back to vansh and sees sia.. 

VANSH: You have gone to search for her. But, she reached before you. Wow!! 

Riddhima remains silent. She thinks about virat and sees sia.. 

RIDDHIMA: Let’s go home.. 

Riddhima sits in the car. Vansh, sia and riddhima goes while, angre follows them in his car.. 

They all reach home.. 

Uma and chanchal gets happy seeing riddhima. They both hig her. Rudra comes towards riddhima. But, she backs off.. Angre and vansh notices this.. 

UMA: Riddhima, who did all this? 

She looks at sia.. 

RIDDHIMA: Don’t worry mom.. Just a business issue.. It’s a fake case.. Don’t worry.. 

RUDRA: Riddhima, enough of all this.. I have already instructed you not to come to company. Now, just see the results. You are married now.. This is not required now. You don’t have to work. Just look at vansh, sia and Uma. Because of you, they all are suffering. Now, you can’t ignore this. Enough of all this dramas. I’ll get the papers tomorrow. Just sign it and get away from the company. 

Riddhima tries to speak.. 

RUDRA: Now, enough!! Don’t even think of arguing. We all have our own respect in this society. Because of you, today we all are suffering. Just think what others will ask vansh if they come to know that his wife his arrested. What will vansh say to them? Okay.. How will umaji handle her relatives and her neighbours when they ask her about this? What will sia tell to her friends? At least, think about us.. Don’t be stubborn and selfish.. Think about others. 

ANGRE: Dad.. 

RUDRA: Stop supporting her.. Even you are the reason for all this.. I’ll get the papers tomorrow. Just sign.. That’s it..

RIDDHIMA: I won’t sign in any papers. This company is my dream.. 

RUDRA: Don’t forget that I have started this company. You have to sign. Be ready.. I’ll get the papers and come tomorrow.. 

Saying so, he goes, while chanchal follows him.. 

Riddhima cries. Ishani and sia consoles her.. 

ANGRE: Riddhu, don’t cry.. I’ll handle him.. I’ll speak to him.. 

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, let him come. I won’t sign.. My decision is final.. 

Saying so, she cries and goes.. 

PRECAP: Why does he want riddhima to back off from this company? What’s the reason? 

Do comment your views and suggestion if any to be made.. 

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