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RadhaKrishn 3rd August 2021 Written Episode Update: Ganesh Drinks Whole Kshirsagar Milk

RadhaKrishn 3rd August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bal Ganesh thinks he is hungry, so he will drink whole Khirsagar’s milk and then he will see how will Seshnag and Krishna/Narayan mamasri/uncle will be forced to open his eyes and meet him. Gods panic hearing that. Balram is about to start food when Krishna calls him and asks to check what Ganesh is doing. Ganesh starts drinking khsirsagar milk. Balram rushes to him and stops saying it will unbalance the nature. Ganesh says he is helping him instead as Krishna will wake up after that and continues his justification. Other gods emerge and plead him not to drink the milk as it will unbalance the nature. Ganesh continues his adamancy, but then agrees. Balram thanks him. Ganesh disappears. Balram thinks he needs to stay here and protect Narayan and sudarshan chakra, but feels very hungry. Ganesh thinks he fooled them and sends laddus for Balram. Balram gets happy thinking Krishna sends them, eats them and falls asleep. Ganesh consumes whole khirsagar milk and thinks Krishna mamasri has to wake up now. Balram wakes up and panics seeing whole kshirsagar empty realizes Ganesh drank the milk and searches him via his superpowers, but doesn’t find him. Narayan via telepathy asks him to find Bal Ganesh and fulfill his promise. Mahadev thinks Bal Ganesh is hiding, how will Narayan sleep peacefully now. Narayan asks Balram/seshnag to remember his superpowers. Balram uses his special powers again and finds Bal Ganesh heading towards Kailash. Ganesh thinks he drank whole kshirsagar milk to wake up mamasri and is feeling stomachache now and hopes nobody searches him here.

Sam orders citizens to complete their given task properly. Radha asks what is he doing here as a rishi is coming to describe shravan maas story and she never saw Sam with rishis before. He asks if she thins only she is religious, rishi Sandipani is coming to narrate shravan maas story; he is taking care of arrangements here as Krishna is resting somewhere and Balram is also missing. Radha fumes on Krishna and walks towards garden to wake him up. Krishna asks Balram to protect him from Radha. Radha walks to him and throws water on him. Balram bears water and protects Krishna. Radha asks why did he protect Krishna. Balram requests to let Krishna rest and let him search Bal Ganesh before he hides in an unidentifiable place or he won’t be able to find him. Radha asks what did a small kid do. Balram says all gods are searching him in whole universe.

Ganesh walks to Mahadev feeling stomachache and seeks his help. Mahadev asks to look within him and find answer. Ganesh asks him to inform directly if he doesn’t want to help him. Mahadev suggests him to hide under his mother’s pallu. Balram reaches kailash. Mahadev stops him and acts surprised. Balram says he is acting as if he doesn’t know anything and says Ganesh and Krishna are both doing leelas and he has to manage them; he knows how important it is to refill kshirsagar. Maahdev says he can search whole kailash and thinks Balram won’t be able to search Ganesh as he is hiding in his mothe’s pallu/veil.

Precap: Ganesh tells Mahadev that he will return kshirsagar milk only if he gets a most sound producing instrument. Balram says his father’s damroo. Mahadev says Narayan’s shank is more powerful. Ganesh takes shank and thinks he will wake up mamasri with its sound.

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