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Qurbaan Hua 3rd August 2021 Written Episode Update: Shrikant tries to misbehave with Chahat

Qurbaan Hua 3rd August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chahat walks to the hall in the night, she sees someone in the dark so questions who he is also warning, she realizes the smell of the perfume asking if he can do anything to be romantic as he has left everyone in the restaurant, Shrikant brings her closer when she asks him what is this behaviour because he sometimes gets romantic in the wrong moment as she has to turn on the lights because this is not the right time, Shrikant is really close to Chahat pulling her closer, she insists on leaving and pushes him away entering the room to search for the torch when she gets a call form Neel, Chahat answering it questions what is this behaviour and why is he calling her from inside the house, Neel says he is at the cinema hall, Chahat gets worried asking them who was the person who came close to her, Neel asks her to wait in the room while he will come as soon as possible, Shrikant enters the room closing it, he tries to misbehave with her when she starts yelling, Neel enters the house and standing at the door is knocking when Chahat yells, he comes inside when Chahat says that she pushed the person who will be outside pointing to the curtains, the lights come on when Shrikant says that he should have controlled himself for the first day as it got out of control, he sees Aalekh coming inside, exclaims he is the biggest enemy of the Dhiani family so would get the punishment for the crime which he has not committed.

Shrikant runs towards Aalekh who is trying to sneak into the house to steal the gold coins which have been brought for the pooja, Shrikant starts yelling calling him a thief, Aalekh stops him asking if he knows who he really is explaining he is not a thief, Shrikant questions then who tries to secretly enter the house, Neel coming out exclaims this means he was the person, Aalekh tries to reason but Neel twists his hand, the entire family also returns, Vyas je asks if he was the person, Chahat says he was the one who touched her, Aalekh pleads he did not touch her explaining he only came to steal the gold coins but did not even enter the house, they can all search him but Vyas je orders Neel to beat him, Neel starts beating him, Aalekh tries to run, Neel orders Bopho to stop him, they all beat him, Aalekh runs away exclaiming the entire Dhiani family is not mentally stable.

Vyas je asks where is Chahat, they all are really worried, Neel along with the family witness that Chahat is pouring water over her body, neel rushes to her exclaiming he has gone, Chahat while crying is not able to control herself, Neel promises that no one would touch her and he will always be by her side, Chahat hugging him exclaims that no one has the right to touch her other then him, Shrikant is really angry witnessing the scene, Vyas je exclaims he is glad over the choice of Alka and mentions that he is now the member of their family, Neel says that he is glad Shrikant called them so they found Aalekh, Shrikant is really angry.
Aalekh is sitting, ghazala brings the ice for him, he exclaims he is just tyring to find the person who touched Chahat and for whom he was forced to bear the beating, Ghazala starts laughing, he asks why is she laughing on his pain, Ghazala replies that she is laughing thinking there is also someone else who is trying to come in between Neel and Chahat.

In the Dhiani house, the preparation of the Haldi function is going, Shlok ask Vyas je what is he doing, he replies he is making the Haldi and they put some milk in it, Chahat brings Naveli to him while Godamabri accompanies Alka, Shlok seeing them both exclaims it is really difficult and he would not be able to do it, Dua asks what is difficult in this, Shlok replies it is difficult to say who is more beautiful, either Naveli bua or Alka maa, Dua since they both are looking really beautiful but since Alka is her mother she is looking better, Chahat is tensed when Vyas je signals her to calm down, he handing the bowl asks them to place it in the Mandir and seek the blessings, Godamabri also calls Dua and Shlok with her, Chahat says she will call Bopho as they have still not arrived.

Chahat is walking when Neel stops her and takes out the bowl of Haldi, he is about to apply it when Chahat stops him saying that it is the Haldi of Naveli and Alka and not there, Neel replies that she must think this Haldi is the sign of his love, she asks him to leave as Bopho and Bhabhi are coming, they both come to the Dhiani house, Chahat greets them asking them to come inside, Shrikant coming from behind says Chahat would apply the Haldi of his name, he can stop it if he desires Neel Bhai.

The function of Haldi starts with the pooja, Vyas je applies tika to them both asking Godamabri to after applying the Haldi to them should also apply the same Haldi to their wives as it is said that if the used Haldi of the groom is applied to the bride then their relation becomes for the seven generations, Godamabri asks Bhabhi to give her the bowl as she will also apply the Haldi to Bopho, she is about to leave, Shrikant mention that something has fallen in it so he will bring it after changing the bowl, Godambari tries to refuse but he insists on taking the bowl, Shrikant is practicing thinking he would say it was a mistake as he was about to apply it to Alka but now he would keep on making the mistakes, he wonders he has gotten really bad.
Chahat is working when Neel pulls her aside to apply the Haldi, Chahat leaves saying she has a lot of work and also needs to prepare the breakfast, Godamabri takes the Haldi to the brides asking where Chahat is, she sends the children to call her as she would also apply the Haldi.

Dua and Shlok rush to Neel asking him to kneel down as they have something to say, when he kneels they both apply the Haldi on his face running afterwards, Shrikant and Neel both walk towards Chahat who is busy in working, when Shrikant is walking near with the Haldi, Shlok drops it causing Chahat to fall, Neel catches her and also applies the Haldi, Shrikant is not able to bear it, Neel mentions that he feels Shrikant has been sent to further their romance and it is better for them, Shrikant asks them to tell Alka that she should apply the Haldi while he is going to take the shower, Neel asks what has happened to him.

In the room Shrikant is not able to bear himself, wondering how much has Chahat changed as she was the only in the medical college who stood for him when the entire collage would make fun of him for his looks, he mentions he has loved her for the past eleven years but was not able to say it, he drops the frame which breaks, he even hurts his hand, sitting on the sofa he exclaims he had to change his identity so became Shrikant from zain Siddique, he has to even apply the tika, zain is not able to resist so tears the photo of Neel from the portrait and joins his picture, mentioning that Neel used to keep her in chains and as a hostage but would have to pay for all the pain which she suffered, after which they both would leave to settle far away as he cannot let her committed the sin by marrying someone from the other religion, Chahat only belongs to him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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