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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 3rd August 2021 Written Episode Update: Malhar regrets Khanderao’s behavior

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 3rd August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Guru ji saying I can’t teach Khanderao now, I wish he gets a good Guru who gives him knowledge and also teaches discipline. Malhar gets shocked. Guru ji leaves. Yamuna says we didn’t think of this, now Khanderao is gone. Khanderao gets angry on himself. He throws things in his room. Ahilya comes and stops him from hurting himself. They cry and hug. He says I didn’t wish to do this, Guru ji got so angry, everyone will think that I don’t know respecting elders. She makes him sit. She says I will do the aid, your hand is bleeding.

He says let it be, you are also upset with me, right, are you with me. She cries. He says if you were with me today, I would have not got angry, I would have not told this to Guru ji, its my mistake, I couldn’t handle myself for a day, I can’t win back dad’s trust now, he will never trust me again, he will regard me bad now, because I m not his good son now, just because of one mistake. Gautama asks Malhar didn’t you go to the Darbar. He says no, my son has ruined all my dreams, all the hopes got over, I wish I didn’t see that dream, I m sorry to say that your thinking is proved wrong about Khanderao, I have won, but I wish I hadn’t. She worries.

Ahilya says you did a big mistake, Malhar will forgive you, keep trying. Khanderao asks will you help me, I lost his trust today, I won’t let anything go wrong, once he forgives me, I won’t give him a chance to complain, its my promise. She takes him to talk to Malhar. He says no, I think I should talk to Gautama first, she will handle everything. She asks him to come. Gautama asks what, how can he do this, my son… He says you know it, I respect my Guru a lot, I always visit him every day to take his blessings, but my son was telling his Guru, that he will oust him. Gautama says I know he made a big mistake. He says no, this time, you don’t take his side. She asks him to listen. He says no.

Ahilya says just do as I said, come. Khanderao says no, I can’t see dad’s anger and hatred. Harku asks Khanderao to just go, if he delays, then the situation will get worse. He says but dad… She says you made a mistake, even then Ahilya is with you, right, I m also with you, because we know you are true at heart, we want to help you, but until you refuse to help yourself, we can’t do anything, you don’t run away from your mistakes. Malhar gets angry. He says you don’t explain me anything now, he can’t insult his teacher, a mum is the child’s first teacher, he teaches him everything, think how would you feel if he insults you, Guru ji got hurt by his words.

Gautama says punish Khanderao in such a way that no one insults his Guru again. Khanderao looks on and cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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