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Pratigya 2 3rd August 2021 Written Episode Update: Shakti tries to get Meera molested

Pratigya 2 3rd August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kesar comes to her room. Shakti says let’s treat you now. He takes out a stick and says when a wife starts talking too much then it’s a husband’s duty to shut her up. I will beat you too much today. He is about to hit her but Kesar holds the stick and says stop with all this, I can’t bear all this, if you hit me then I will file a complaint and you know what’s the law is. Shakti says now you are talking about the law because of that Pratigya? Do you want me to become a puppet-like Krishna is to Pratigya? I know what treatment you need. He brings a water bucket and says I will clean you today. Kesar says are you scared of using a stick now? Shakti throws water on her and says you will teach me law? He ties her to a chair and puts a cloth on her mouth. He says you will teach me law now? Have you gone crazy? I won’t give you bruises but you will die of the cold now, you will be so cold today. He turns the AC on and says now is it fine? He leaves from there. Kesar cries and shivers.

In the morning, Pratigya is working in the kitchen. Krishna hugs her from behind and says we can enjoy ourselves together. Garv and Kriti come there so Krishna moves away. Kriti asks Pratigya to teach them. Pratigya says Krishna will make you study today, Krishna takes the kids away. Kesar comes there but is sneezing. Pratigya says you have a fever so go and rest.

A businessman meets Sajjan and Shakti. They ask for a tender. He says a lot of people want this tender, it’s not easy. It’s not about money but the work. The man sees Meera going from there and smirks. Shakti notices it.

Later on, Shakti is leaving the house and asks Kesar to come with him as he doesn’t know about medicines. Kesar says I am not feeling fine. Sajjan sees Meera coming there and asks Shakti to take Meera with him. Meera says me? Shakti says you know me, we just have to go for medicines. Meera looks on.

Scene 2
Meera and Shakti come to an office. He says I have some work with Mr. Mishra so come with me. Meera says I can stay in the ar. Shakti says this is not a safe place. Come inside with me. Meera reluctantly goes with him.

In the house, Pratigya is looking around for Meera and says where did she go?

In the office, Shakti asks Meera to go and sit in the room. He looks at Mishra and recalls the flashback when Mishra told him that Meera is a beauty. Shakti said if this beauty comes to you then we will get the tender right? Mishra agreed. The flashback ends. Meera sits in the office. Mishra comes there and locks it. Meera says who are you? He tries to touch her. Meera pushes him away and says what are you doing?

Pratigya asks Kesar if she has seen Meera? Kesar says she went out with Shakti to get medicines. Pratigya says what? Shakti comes back home. Pratigya asks where is Meera? He smirks and says I am not her assistant. Pratigya asks Kesar why did you let Meera go with him? Kesar says I did a mistake, what to do now? Krishna comes there so Pratigya tells him that Meera is missing after she left with Shakti. Krishna says let’s go and search for her. Meera comes there running and has torn clothes. All look on. Pratigya rushes to her and asks what happened? Meera cries and glares at Shakti. She runs to her room. Krishna says what is going on? Shakti laughs and says she looks happy. Pratigya knocks on her door and asks what happened? Open the door. Sumitra says what is this drama? She keeps doing something everyday, let her do what she wants to. Krishna asks what happened? Shakti says she wanted to kill herself but stopped.

PRECAP – Meera tells Pratigya that this happens when you don’t have a man in your life. Pratigya goes and slaps Shakti.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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