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Pandya Store 3rd August 2021 Written Episode Update: Rishita defends Dhara

Pandya Store 3rd August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the lady taunting Dhara. Kanta says if not Dhara, then there are two more bahus, very soon, good news will come. The lady says I think Rishita’s turn will come now. Rishita says no, Dev and I didn’t plan anything, I m myself a kid now. Suman asks were you a kid when you ran away from your house and married Dev, why can’t you give birth to children. Prafulla and Anita come. The lady says when Dhara doesn’t want a child, then other bahus will also learn from her. Anita smiles. The lady says adopt some children and become Dadi, Suman. Rishita scolds the ladies. She says you are senseless than these kids, you came to our house, had food here, you are taunting Dhara and Suman, if any girl doesn’t get a child since 10 years, then try to understand the situation, this is so insensitive. Dhara says calm down, they are guests.

Rishita says if they are guests, then why are you talking personal things, its a husband and wife’s matter, child isn’t everything for a woman, get a life for yourself. Raavi says I was talking about my dupatta. Shiva says you don’t explain me. She says this hing bottle came with my dupatta, I m fed up explaining you, shall I leave you and go. Shiva says do anything, you are helpless to stay here, its not your wish. Kanta says we got into useless things, swing is fixed, come, child comes by Lord’s wish. Prafulla says Suman knew that her bahus will do something, so she gave birth to many children. Suman gets angry and asks Prafulla what does she want to say. Prafulla says it was a joke. Suman says your sister’s daughter is my bahu, if her godhbharai doesn’t happen in one year, then I will send her back to your house. Prafulla gets shocked. Suman laughs and says this was my joke. Anita goes to see Raavi. Suman asks Dhara to stop Rishita from telling anything. Dhara says don’t worry, I will handle this.

Shiva says this marriage didn’t happen by wish. Raavi says yes, everyone has to make a compromise. He says you don’t do this favor on me. Raavi says we both have to compromise, I will stay here. He says I won’t compromise, remember. Gautam and Krish play carrom. Dhara comes to them. She asks them to come downstairs, there is a problem. She asks Krish to play music and make everyone dance. She asks Gautam to divert their minds. Anita comes and takes Raavi. Dhara asks Gautam to smile now. Rishita asks did you come to lecture me. Dev says I came to thank you, you took a stand for Dhara, I like this about you, you aren’t scared to say the truth. Dhara goes to the kids and asks them to keep the baskets. She gives them chocolates. She asks them not to do any mischief now, behave like good boys. The boys hit her with the chocolates. She asks them not to throw the chocolates. She says they are kids or a trouble. She goes to get mehendi.

Suman asks Prafulla to play dhol. Prafulla plays dhol. Suman laughs and taunts her. Prafulla gets angry. Everyone dances on Chogada… Krish asks Shiva to dance. Shiva refuses. Krish brings him to Shiva. Shiva gets angry and pushes Raavi. Anita holds Raavi. Shiva leaves. Everyone looks on. Dev goes after Shiva. Prafulla hears ladies joking that Raavi and Shiva can never have children. Raavi cries and says Shiva always stays angry. Suman says now Raavi got upset, this Shiva… Dev stops Shiva. Shiva says I don’t want to talk to anyone. Dev asks him to sit and talk. He says everyone is happy today. Shiva asks him to go and celebrate. Dev says you didn’t think of Raavi, she got humiliated. Shiva says she is upset since she married me, you are seeing this today. Dev says don’t feel guilty, I felt its because of me, I made a big mistake, you are wrong now. Shiva says don’t talk to me. Prafulla comes to Raavi and Anita. She says I had seen how he had pushed you, I wished to break his hand, tell me what happened. Suman hears this. She asks what will you do if she tells you.

Dhara cries and asks Suman to calm down. Suman says fine, I will get silent forever. She goes and jumps into the well. Everyone gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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