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Muntazir- RiAnsh SS part 2 (Are you sure?)

Hii everyone! It feels so blank when no one posts and when I see others’ show FFs. Here you go! 

Viraj whispered something in her ears which made his mother teary eyes and she hugged Aditi. Aditi too hugged her back feeling motherly love from her.

“Bhai are you sure this is your house?” Aditi asked Viraj.

“Yes. Why?” Everyone looked at her curiously.

“If you have so much money then why did you come from the train?” Aditi asked.

Viraj slapped his forehead 3 times for her words.

“What the hell Ritwik? You can from train!?” A heavy, husky voice came from inside.

“Vansh .. he must have a reason. Come both you.” Viraj’s mother said to him.

(Ab samjh aaya)

“Riddhima get the girl inside too..” Vansh said and Riddhima nodded.

Going to Aditi, Riddhima cupped her face and her eyes filled with tears.


Riddhima took Aditi inside with her and everyone followed.

Aditi was sitting on the sofa sipping coffee with Viraj and everyone was spying on them behind the pillars.

“Why did you lie your name?” Aditi asked him.
“Because you did the same.” He said.

Aditi felt silent and nodded in yes.
“I have reasons.”

Ritwik (Viraj’s name guys) starts laughing.

“Now why are laughing! I didn’t crack a joke.” Aditi stood up with her hands on her waist.

“So now 16 year old kids also have reasons…hahaha” Ritwik was holding his stomach.

“Aditi…leave him. Come with me I will show you your room.” Riddhima said to her.

“There’s nothing such my room. I am leaving.” Aditi said smiling to Riddhima.

“You are not going anywhere Aditi.” Vansh said coming from behind.

Vansh carressed her hand on his hairs and smiled.

“You will stay here till I find your family.” Vansh said.

“I have no family. I live alone. My mother died when I was 4 and father when I was 6.” Aditi said sitting on the couch.

“So who were forcing you to get married.” Ritwik asked her.

“Baba’s family. But when I got to know the reason, I ran out.” Aditi said.

“Talks will be done later. You both must be tired. Have some rest.” Dadi said.

“Ritwik, I want you to come to my office. To tell about your ‘train’ travel when I booked a flight.” Vansh said leaving from there.

Ritwik sadly looked at Riddhima who was telling no need to worry with their silent talks. Aditi chuckled on them. And Riddhima took her to show her room.

“Have some rest. I will be back soon.” Riddhima leaves the room and Aditi was just admiring its beauty.

“This room looks like a hotel room. Wow. But I need to focus on what I came from. Should I …no.”

Aditi has a look on her left palm. It had a ‘V’ written tattoo on it. She closed her palm and smiled.

Here, Ritwik was standing quietly waiting for Vansh to say something. Riddhima was standing next to Vansh.

“Why from a train?” Vansh asked.
“I missed the flight, and my friends insisted thats why.” Ritwik replied.

Vansh smiled and ruffled his hairs.

“If you wouldn’t have find Aditi I would have gave you a punishment.” Vansh chuckled along with Riddhima.

“I know why you brought her here.” Vansh said with a sad smile.

“Hope she stays here. I would love it.” Riddhima said wiping her tears.

“That’s why I took her home. She so sweet and cute. Adorable. Just like her. Right Mom Dad?” Ritwik asked.

Vansh side hugged Riddhima and they boh nodded in yes.

“I will go and have some meethi bhaat. We will talk at night.” Riwik left jumping from there and Riddhima broke down weeping hugging Vansh.

“He thinks he is able to hide his pain from his mother…” Riddhima said to Vansh who had tears on the corner of his eyes.

“He is grown up so fast, trying to hide from us. (chuckles) time flies.” Vansh said wiping Riddhima’s tears and they both smile.

“Come.. I think I should also meet her then.” Vansh said and they both left to meet Aditi.

Aditi was sitting on the bed, admiring its softness. Vansh and Riddhima entered and she stood up hurriedly.

“Are what happened? Sit down.” Riddhima said.
Aditi nodded and sat down. Vansh and Riddhima sat next to her.

“If we had a daughter she would surely look like you.” Riddhima said.
“Of course, and be like you too.” Said Vansh.

Ritwik also entered inside and bent on knees and sat down infront of Aditi.

“Why do you all love me so much? When I am no one to you all?” Aditi asked.

“An old relation chhoti, you won’t understand. ” Ritwik said.

Vansh, Riddhima and Ritwik stood up hugging each other. Aditi admired them and chuckled.

“You are like a giraffe! And look at your cute little mother panda ” Aditi exclaimed.

Riddhima made an angry pout and all of them had a normal chit-chat.

It was midnight, Aditi had her phone in hand and she sneeked out of the house in the garden talking on the phone.

“No I haven’t told them. I will so when it’s the perfect time, don’t worry. There is no one to even cry at my body. Ufff…stop your tantrums! I said I will tell them! Now shut up and keep the phone.”

Aditi declined the call and sighed.

“What are you going to tell us?” Ritwik asked standing behind.

Aditi flinched back and the phone fell down breaking. She picked it up, it was off. She tried to switch it on but all in vain.

“I am asking you something? If you are here for any mission or aim, I must tell you Dad will not be happy at all.”
Ritwik said stepping closer to her.

“Nothing bhai …me and aim? My only aim is to be alive. Be be alive till my last breath.” Aditi said confusing Ritwik.

“Your long lost sister, Vanya.” Aditi continued.

Ritwik looked at her, a tear fell of his eyes looking at her teary smile. He hugged her tightly.

“Agh leave me you giraffe!” Aditi pushed him.
Ritwik cupped her face.

“Are you really my Vanya?” He asked.

“Woh…I am not sure…” She said.

“We can get surety from mom dad.” He pulled her inside but she stopped.

“Look, let me tell you. It’s better not to tell them. And I said I am not sure!”

“And I said they will make us sure!” He too shouted.

Taking a deep sigh, he holds her hands and she backed off. He held her by her arms and bend to her height.

“I don’t want to tell them…what if I am not? I would hurt you all. And myself.” She said with a lump in your throat.

Anyways, she was correct. Just a little bit.

“But what if you are? No more talks. We will talk to them tomorrow morning.”

And they both left inside, Aditi looked at tattoo on her hand. She closed her fist and drifted to sleep.

Upcoming: How did Vanya get lost?

Muntazir hun mai. unke intezaar ka

Kuchh toh inayat ki aapne,
Phir aap gair-bewafa hi sahi

Ritwik….stuck to choose. Should he tell them or not? What if she is not Vanya?

Hihi! Hope all your confusions got cleared! Do comment your reviews! Is she really Vanya or not? And I seriously need your prayers, my both grandparents are not doing well so keep them is your prayers. Will meet soon!

Tanvi 💫

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