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Molkki 3rd August 2021 Written Episode Update: Virender agrees for Veer and Priyu’s marriage

Molkki 3rd August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Purvi brings Virender to hospital on the cart. Purvi asks doc to check him. Someone shot him. Doc says we must do his surgery right away. She begs him to treat Virender. They take him to OT. She prays for his well-being. Purvi calls Nandini next and asks her to come to hospital. They have taken him for a surgery. I cannot understand anything. I am scared. Nandini drops the phone in shock. Aarav looks at her and smirks. Looks like she heard the news of her father’s death. He pretends to be concerned. She tells him that Virender got shot. He is in OT. Take me to hospital. He agrees. I will get the car. She nods. Aarav calls his father and informs him that Virender is still alive. Do something. He is still alive! Chaudhary throws the bottle angrily. How could he survive? I will see how he will survive now.

Veer wipes Priyu’s tears. Please stop crying. She asks him if he is trying to just pacify her. He denies. I am Mukhi ji’s son. I stick to my words. I will marry you. Please stop crying. Priyu hugs him.
Anjali takes her phone. I will use this video to make Virender and Molkki’s life hell!

Purvi is pacing outside OT. Doc comes out. She asks about Virender’s health. Doc tells her that the bullet wound is close to his heart. I cannot say anything right now. Pray that he recovers. She cries and prays for Virender’s long life.

The surgery is still going on. Chaudhary gets into the OT dressed as a doc. He watches a doc inject something in Virender’s drip. Purvi is crying outside.

Veer, Nandini, Aarav, Juhi and Manas reach hospital. Nandini asks about Virender. Nurse points at the OT.

Chaudhary decides to cut oxygen supply. How will he survive without oxygen?

Manas hugs Purvi and cries. She assures him that Virender is fine. Nandini asks Purvi about Virender. Will he be fine? Purvi says his wound is deep. I cannot understand anything. Doc has taken him for surgery. She hugs the kids and cries. Nandini tells Aarav she cannot lose her Baba again. He comforts her. How does it matter what you want? Your Baba’s game is over. No one can save your Baba now.

Doc tells his team that Virender is out of danger now. Everyone leaves except Chaudhary. He picks a scalpel.

Manas and Juhi ask haathi if Baba will be fine. Purvi comforts them. You both are very brave. Your Baba will be fine. Let’s pray to Kanha ji. I told you that Kanha ji hears the prayers of kids before anyone else. Let’s go to the temple in hospital to pray for your Baba. She heads to the house temple with kids. Aarav is smiling.

Purvi spots a guy in the hospital and recalls that he is Chaudhary’s guy. What’s he doing here? Has he come here to kill Mukhi ji? Is his life still in danger?

Chaudhary tells Virender he is his Kaal.

Purvi is outside OT again. She asks doc about Virender. He tells her that he is still in OT but he is fine. He is out of danger. She denies. I saw one of the guys who had shot Mukhi ji. They have come to target him again. Please let me go inside.

Chaudhary tells Virender he will die for sure today. If not by bullet then by knife! He is about to stab Virender when Veer opens the door. Chaudhary flees from the room but the guards continue to chase him. He manages to escape unscathed.

Purvi is sitting next to Virender holding his hand. She stays by his side and looks after him. Virender spends time with the kids. Veer, Purvi and Nandini smile seeing Virender playing with Manas and Juhi. Veer and Nandini spend time with Virender as well. Days pass by. Virender comes home with Purvi and Veer. Manas and Juhi hug him. Nandini does his aarti emotionally. She hugs Virender. Welcome home, Baba. He nods. Aarav, Anjali and Prakashi are pissed to see Virender.

Sudha comes to haveli. I thought to meet Mukhi ji as he got discharged from hospital. Purvi teases her by saying that she thought she brought halwa for someone again. Sudha denies and smiles shyly.

Priyu serves food to Veer. Veer remarks that it feels good to see everyone together. Everyone nods. Veer says I want to share something. Virender tells him to go ahead. Veer says I love someone and want to marry her as well. Virender is pleased. Veer says she loves me as well and wants to marry me too. Virender tells him to go ahead. Who is it? Sudha smiles shyly. Veer takes Priyu’s name. We both love each other and want to get married. Sudha and Purvi are stunned. Virender readily agrees. Let’s make preps for the wedding if you both love everyone so much. Veer and Priyu take his blessings. Virender tells Priyu he is very happy to know that they love each other. He will keep you very happy. Sudha leaves. Purvi looks worried.

Priyu thanks Anjali for making her dream come true. This wouldn’t have been possible without you. I wouldn’t have been able to trap Veer otherwise. Now I will become the next Mukhiyayin because of your idea. I don’t like Veer at all but you made me realise that everything that belongs to Mukhi ji will go to Veer eventually. You have done so much for me. I will give you the biggest prize when I will become Mukhiyayin. Just pray that it happens soon. Purvi turns around and looks at Priyu in shock. How can you forget our upbringing? How can you marry someone who you don’t love? You are ruining 2 lives because of your greed! Do you even know what you are doing? Have you lost it? Priyu asks her what she is doing here.

Flashback shows Purvi confronting Anjali. I know this is all your doing as Priyu doesn’t even like Veer. Anjali drops water on her. Sorry for ruining your clothes. I swear I haven’t done anything. Everyone ends up blaming me for everything. Change your clothes or you will fall ill and blame me. Wear my clothes. I will dry your clothes till then. Purvi declines but Anjali insists. She gives her dress. Give me your clothes. I will dry them myself. Flashback ends.

Priyu tells her to stay away from this matter. How is it wrong when I want to have the same luxuries as you? Why are you jealous of me? I want respect and money too. Let me do what I am doing. Purvi is shocked. I cannot believe that my sister will say this. I know you know that it is wrong. Why are you spoiling Veer’s life when you don’t even love him? Marriages that are based on love and truth survive. Marriages based on lies crumble in no time. Priyu reminds her of her marriage with Virender. You came here as Molkki yet you are living that relation till date. You became Mukhiyayin. Why don’t you understand that I want this comfortable life too? How am I wrong here and you are right? Purvi says what happened in my life was destiny but you are fooling Veer. Priyu tells her she doesn’t regret it. Purvi says I cannot believe that you can think and say such things. Come what may, I wont let you do this. Be it my own sister, I wont support what’s wrong!

Precap: Anjali tells Priyu that once she marries Veer, she will become Mukhiyan and then she can relax her whole life. Purvi brings Priyu to Virender and tells her to tell the truth. Priyu says that Purvi is forcing her to not marry, but she loves Veer. Veer also says that they love each other. Virender says that they will marry and their wedding will take place day after tomorrow. Purvi and Sudha see the Veer-Priyu incident video and get shocked.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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