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Mere Sai 2nd August 2021 Written Episode Update

Mere Sai 2nd August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kakasaheb Dixit comes to Devidas’s house. He reads the nameplate outside – Sai Niwas. Devidas welcomes him inside and says Om Sai Ram. He gives a file to Kakasaheb. Kakasaheb notices his wife praying to Sai and asks him about Sai. He shares that he was mesmerised by Sai after meeting Sai a few years ago. Our day starts and ends with His name. I have removed all the unnecessary things from the house. The motive of my life is to live for others and help them. You may find it weird. Kakasaheb Dixit denies. I have heard about Sai recently. I have heard that He helps everyone. No one has been able to treat my leg till date but I think He might be able to help me. Devidas asks him why he hasn’t met Sai yet. Kakasaheb Dixit tells him everything. Why will Sai call me when He doesn’t even know me? Devidas says He knows everyone. Ask Him to call you with all your heart. Kakasaheb Dixit folds his hands. I want to come meet you. Please call me to you.

Gangaram has brought Sai, Baizama, Patil ji, Tatya and Srikant to show the land. Gangaram tells Sai he will feel blessed if Sai will accept it. Sarkar greets them just then. He asks Gangaram how he became so detached after becoming Fakir’s devotee. How can you take such a big risk and do something that’s illegal? Gangaram says I have cheated many people with tactics. I had fallen down but I dint have to be careful after coming in Sai’s abode. He is my everything now. Sai smiles. Mhalsapati ji and Madhav greet Devidas just then. Devidas is glad to see them here. What’s the occasion? Mhalsapati ji shares that Sai asked them to come here. He told us to bring something with us to Shirdi. Devidas gets confused. Sai dint tell me anything though. I have nothing to offer to Him as well. Mhalsapati ji is equally confused. Sai never says anything without a reason. Kakasaheb asks them if they know Sai. Devidas introduces them to Kakasaheb Dixit. Devidas shares that Mhalsapati ji is the first one who addressed Sai as Sai. He gave Him that name. Kakasaheb wishes that he could meet Sai too. Mhalsapati ji and Madhav look at each other. Mhalsapati ji smiles. Just think that it is time! I have understood that you are the one who Sai has sent us to bring. You are the memento he asked for. Kakasaheb Dixit is speechless. He looks at Sai’s portrait with folded hands. You indeed are the Guru of the world. Kakasaheb thinks that Aatya told me to go to Shirdi only when Sai will call me. He has called me so I am going. He asks Mhalsapati ji to take him to His Sai. Om Sai Ram! Everyone follows his example. Kakasaheb leaves with Mhalsapati ji and Madhav.

Gangaram asks Sarkar who said something illegal is happening here. Sarkar asks him to tell who he is giving his land to. This Fakir helps all those who rebel against British Government and who are traitors in reality. I am sure He is taking this land to continue with His such agendas only. Sarkar says Maalik knows the why behind everything. It is all about perspectives. The biggest cheating is when people don’t support their loved ones. Traitors are those who abuse their loved ones. How can your own people be traitors? Sarkar reminds Sai the power of British Government. You must not think about taking this land after duping them. Baizama asks him how he is sure Sai is taking it for himself. Sarkar insists that entire village knows that. Baizama says He simply asked for it. He dint say it is for Him. Gangaram says land will be sold only once that person is here. Sarkar refuses to let it happen. I wont let you sell it to a stranger. How can I let the sale of land of my town happen like this? What if that person is a criminal? Gangaram reasons that he cannot stop people from buying land without any evidence or proof. What if that person is someone who follows law? Sarkar tells him to specify everything clearly. If that person will agree to abide by the rules made by British Government within 10 days then things will be clear. It will prove that traitors were indeed trying to buy this land. He moves closer. You know how British Government is taking care of rebellious people and traitors. I just have to prove it that someone is a traitor. No other proof will be needed then. That person will rot in jail for lifetime then. You have only 10 days! He looks at everyone pointedly and leaves.

Gangaram asks Sai when that person will come. Sai says Shraddha and Saburi.

Sai comes to Dwarkamai. Kids are already there. Sai asks them if the pot is ready. Ragini nods. None of them are good though. We lost! Sai says winning or losing is something that is in our mind. Our competition is always with ourselves. None of you knew how to make it till yesterday. You know it today so you are comparing it to yesterday. You all won this way. Prahalad nods. We don’t feel good that you wont be able to use any of it though. We broke your pot. Sai tells them to fill water in these 3 pots from the pot that He had made. They do as told. Sai looks at the pots with a smile.

Kakasaheb reaches Dwarkamai. He looks at Sai.

Sai tells the kids that the pots are holding water just fine. Sai senses Kakasaheb’s presence and smiles. He tells the kids that the appearance and shape of the pot doesn’t matter. Its usage is important. Whatever we put inside should be kept safely. Feed me water from these pots one by one. They give him the pots. Sai says the water is pure. It isn’t even leaking. It means that the pot is doing its job properly. Why should it bother us when their shape and color doesn’t matter to the water? It is the innate nature of a person that matter. Outer appearance doesn’t matter. I think they are great. I will keep all 3 of them in Dwarkamai. I said the right thing Kaka?

Kakasaheb is taken aback.

Sai says what’s inside someone is what matter. What’s outside is of no importance. Sai tells the kids to go and play now. They keep the pots and leave.

Sai looks at Kakasaheb with a smile. Kakasaheb looks at Sai from top to toe. Sai tells Kaka he came really late. I had to wait a lot.

Precap: Kakasaheb is setting his bed when a person requests him to sleep in another corner. This is my family and I want to sleep with them. Kakasaheb agrees. He goes outside. It is cold though. Sai holds a blanket in His hand.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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