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hi everyone..iam very very sorry for not commenting back in chat box as I dint have time due to my grandmother death suddenly. So please forgive me. Here is the next episode 😊.


Avni is shocked to see a guy named vidyut…

Avni: you…

Vidyut smiles..

Vidyut: yes it’s me..

Avni: I told that I will repay my loan within this month then why are you following me everywhere?..

Vidyut smiles and..

Vidyut: cool down ananya. I came here as iam one of the important guest for this engagement but I pulled you separately for some other purpose other than loan.

Avni gets shocked..

Avni: for what purpose?

Vidyut smiles and comes close to her in which Avni feels weird..

Avni: hey.. what are you doing?why are you coming close to me huh??

Vidyut: don’t get scared.iam not going to eat you or do something..I just want to inform something in your ears.

Vidyut comes close and tells in her ears..

Vidyut whispers in ears: i..i love you ananya. I want to cancel your debt as I want to make you as my wife…

Avni gets shocked and she pushes him..

Avni angrily: I don’t love you vidyut. I will just repay your debt within this month according to our deal that’s it.


gauri and Neil’s engagement gets over and Everyone starts leaving while gauri smiles seeing neil…

Gauri happily: finally our dream got true Neil and iam so happy…

Neil makes a face and..

Neil: but iam sad because my dream dint get true yet..

Gauri gets shocked and makes Angry face..

Gauri: you stupid fellow…

Neil suddenly laughs which shocks gauri..

Gauri: now why are you laughing?am I jocking now??..

Neil cups her face and..

Neil: I told that I was sad because we dint get married yet as my dream was to get married to you soon but really I was happy as our engagement finally happened.and by the way you was really looking like a angry bird now…

Gauri stares him and beats him..

Neil: hey stop!!!!I was just joking…

Gauri beats him and so Neil starts running and gauri chases him…


Avni tries to go from that side but vidyut pulls and holds her closely which irritates Avni…

Avni shouts: leave me vidyut orelse…

Avni tries to push him but vidyut holds her tightly and…

Vidyut: see my dear are my life. I will marry you at any cost.

Avni gets angry and she pushes him and slaps..

Avni angrily: I regret that I got loan from you thinking that you are a good man but you are really a spoilt and selfish man…you can’t force anyone in their decision vidyut.

Vidyut holds her hand and..

Vidyut: my love for you is obsession..I don’t care whether you love me or not but I love you. So I will fulfill my desire of making you as my wife.

Someone crosses that side and sees vidyut and Avni…

Avni shouts: I can complain you to police if you force me…

Vidyut laughs..

Vidyut: you won’t ananya because I can make you arrest with  accusations!.

Avni gets shocked..

Avni: you need proofs for accusing me vidyut.

Vidyut: I have proofs to arrest you Ananya…

Avni gets shocked…


Teni comes to rocky while Rocky sees her…

Rocky: why you took so much time teni?

Teni looks him  weirdly..while Rocky notices her and he gets up and holds her hand and…

Rocky: what happened? Why are you looking me in this way?

Teni gets angry and pushes him and shouts…

Teni shouts: how dare you rocky? You are abusing even in this function??..

Rocky gets shocked while everyone looks them hearing teni’s scream…

Rocky in shocked tone: wh..what happened teni? Why are blabbering something?

Teni slaps him hard and shouts..

Teni shouts: shut up rocky!..I came here with you to show the world that you are a good man because I thought to change you into good person but you are not changing and you are abusing and harassing me so much…

Riya sees this from far and smiles evilly..

Riya in mind: perfect day…

Everyone surrounds them while teni cries loudly…

Teni cries: spare me rocky.. atleast spare my life please…

Rocky gets more shocked…

Rocky: teni..what happened to you?I dint do anything..and why are you blaming me like this?

The chief guest too comes there and asks teni..

Chief guest: excuse me madam..this is award function and why are you shouting like this?

Teni cries: this man is abusing me even in this function then what will I do?

Chief guest gets shocked…

Chief guest: then don’t worry mam..we will make this man should have pointed this man’s character in public before atself but it’s okay we will help you now as women’s dignity is more important…

Rocky gets shocked and shouts..

Rocky shouts: what is happening here??teni..what are you doing??you know right that how much I love you then why are you blaming me falsely??..

Teni pushes him and..

Teni shouts: don’t act innocently before this crowd rocky. See this red marks(shows her hands) which you made…

Rocky gets shocked seeing it…

Rocky: but that happened due to heat you got in stove yesterday..

Teni slaps him..

Teni shouts: don’t lie are afraid to face public as your truth is out now…

Rocky is totally shocked and gets angry…

Rocky shouts: teni…stop your drama. What’s your problem now?

Teni shouts: you are the problem totally used me as a tool and harassed me.

Rocky is shocked to hear this and gets more angry and holds her tightly..

Rocky angrily: if your allegations are true then just look at my eyes and tell it teni..

Teni tries to hide her pain and looks at rocky with guilt but pushes him…

Teni shouts: please leave me rocky…

Rocky doesn’t listen and he tries to hold her again but everyone holds him back and slams him and humiliate..

Everyone: this man is so cheap..he have tortured this innocent girl and still he is trying to torture in front of us.we should save a girl’s let us call the police.

Teni and rocky gets shocked and teni worries in her heart..

Teni in mind: iam totally broken into pieces rocky..I don’t have any other options except this.please believe me through your heart rocky please.i should stop the people from Calling police…

Teni : please don’t call the police as it will spoil this function.kindly chase this man out and I will complain him once this function ends..

Everyone agrees and chief guest holds his collar and shouts..

Chief guest: I don’t know how you became one of the best business person but your character is cheap and bad…so just get out or we will throw you out.

Rocky looks at teni while teni turns her face away and she controls her tears…

Teni in mind: bappa..please give him strength to bear this humiliation for sometime.i promise once I come out from this function I will tell the whole truth…

Rocky angrily stares teni and..

Rock shouts: teni…I will ask you one last time..if you love me then tell them the truth. Do I really abuse or harass you?..

Teni’s eyes gets tears but she controls..

Teni in mind: I love you rocky but iam helpless…iam so sorry for what iam doing.

Teni: why should I love the person who harass and are talking as if you dint do anything so just get out….

Rocky gets shocked and gets more angry while everyone speaks bad about him and he finally shouts..

Rocky shouts: ok..I will get out but soon someone will surely suffer for this.

Everyone: you cheap rascal..stop cursing and get out or we will punch you hard..

Rocky stares teni and goes out looking at her and teni too looks him and finally rocky goes while teni cries….

Chief guest: mam..we respect women so we saved you from that abusive person and now you can stay here atleast to attend the function till the end.

Teni: actually..the business was running in my name and so if his name is called as winner then I will get the prize instead of him..

Chief guest: that’s great..

Teni fakely smiles and goes and sits and thinks..


it was teni’s birthday and rocky suprises her with a small gift..

Teni: why are you gifting a paper to me? atleast you should have not done anything stupid like this so that I would be happy today but you spoiled my birthday by gifting just a paper…

Rocky laughs while teni gets angry…

Teni shouts: why are you laughing huh?

Rocky : first open and see my gift and then shout at me..

Teni glares him angrily and tears the gift paper and sees the document papers and she reads it and gets shocked…

Teni shocking: did you do this for me?

Rocky: yes..

Teni gets happy and hugs rocky and..

Teni: you have changed your business into my name..iam really happy about it but why suddenly you did this?

Rocky becomes sad and..

Rocky: because our business is doing well and there are chances that I get nominated for best business person and I want you to get the prize if something happens to me and that’s why I changed  my business into your name.

Teni gets shocked and slaps him..

Teni: don’t talk stupid..why would anything happen to you?

Rocky: I feel like my life is short as..

Teni closes his mouth and cries hugging him suddenly..

Teni: shut up rocky. Don’t talk about death please..I can’t live without you. So, promise me that you won’t talk anything like this orelse i will complain this to mum

Rocky: ok..I will promise.


teni cries remembering this..

Teni in mind: everything is going bad..but I will get this prize for rocky and I will hand over to him and then tell the truth.


Mishti and that person looks each other for some time and mishti shouts..

Mishti: why are you holding me as if iam your wife?just leave me..

Stranger leaves her and she falls down and she screams..

Mishti screams: aaaaahhhh…

Mishti glares that stranger angrily and she shouts at him..

Mishti shouts: don’t you have any sense?atleast for humanity you should have not pushed me down.

Stranger glared her and..

Stranger: excuse me madam..I dint push you down. I did the work what you told and that’s why you fall down understood?

Mishti gets up and angrily looks him..

Mishti: you are a foolish man. Will you leave me down if I tell you?don’t you know that I will get hurt if you leave me huh??..

Stranger looks her confused..

Stranger: hey fighter cock.. stop doing argument.its better I run away from you so that I will never meet you are really a strange women who only knows to blame others.

Mishti: yes me are such foolish man.i wish never to see you again in my lifetime.

Both turns away their faces and goes…


Avni: what proofs do you have?

Vidyut smiles and takes some card from his pocket and shows it to Avni and Avni gets shocked seeing it…

Avni shockingly: how did you get my ID card?

Vidyut: you left in my place that day and so I got it. I know you are hiding your real name Avni and using your name as ananya.i can get you arrested for signing the deal with your fake name miss.avni Ayesha.

Avni gets more shocked and stumbles..

Vidyut: now I will give you some options for you to choose okay?

Avni looks him silently…

Vidyut: either marry me and live freely or get arrested and also I will tell your true name to everyone. So just choose your better option soon.

Telling this vidyut laughs evilly while Avni worries…

Avni in mind: what will I do now?I thought this man to be good but he….shit!. I should not let anyone to know my identity orelse my motive will be what will I do?

Vidyut holds avni’s hand and presses it while Avni gets angry and pushes him…

Avni angrily: how dare you vidyut..

Vidyut smiles: I know that you will choose to marry me only and that’s why I touched you because you have no other option to be free my dear… hahahaha..

Vidyut again tries to touch but the person who was looking at Avni and vidyut comes and holds his hand and slaps him and he is none other than aman..

Aman angrily: how dare you to touch a girl vidyut?..

Vidyut looks aman and gets shocked..

Vidyut: amol….

Avni gets shocked hearing his name as amol…

Avni in mind: dayawanti told me that she will change aman’s name into amol and that means he is my….

Avni gets emotional and gets happy seeing aman..

Avni in mind: that means he is my aman.finally I met my aman after so many years…and also he told me as di though not knowing each other..

Avni cries happily seeing aman while aman scolds vidyut very badly..

Aman shouts: I know that you are a bad and spoilt idiot and that’s why I never trusted you .you and your sister Gouri are really different..gauri di is really good but you..chi.i will expose you one day vidyut and this is my promise.

Avni gets shocked hearing this…

Avni in mind: that means vidyut is gauri’s brother.

Aman shouts: I hate two persons in my life that is you and my idiot dayawanti dadiyou both are really bad. I will surely expose you both soon.

Vidyut laughs evilly..

Vidyut: really amol?who is going to believe you??first of all do you have proofs to expose us as only you know that we are frauds…

Avni gets shocked…

Avni in mind: how do aman know that dayawanti is bad? Do aman knows his reality??..

Amol shouts: i will surely collect the proofs soon vidyut and then I will give you such a horrible punishment…I dint hear what you spoke with this di but I know that you was threatening her as I found out through your actions and if I see it again then I won’t spare you…

Telling this he angrily holds avni’s hand and takes her away from vidyut while vidyut laughs…

Vidyut in mind: my dear know that your dadi is doing illegal business and you know that iam a spoilt man but iam sure you can’t expose us soon.and also you can’t save that fraud girl too because she will come to me by herself soon…hahahaha..


Precap: Aman questions dayawanti. Avni cries. Teni gets shocked. Mishti hides. Omkara dreams.

Everyone will think about what loan is Avni talking about and I will reveal it in next episode 😊.

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