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Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 3rd August 2021 Written Episode Update: Maithili Gets Suspicious On Raghav’s Family

Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 3rd August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arun heads towards Raghav’s house when Maithili says she will also accompany him. Sadhana says she cannot go out on her haldi day. Raghav messages Maithili. She informs that Raghav has messaged her 6th time now. Arun takes her along. Guests discuss that groom has gone out of town for training and his family is missing from the rituals, something is wrong. Sadhna hears that and fumes on Maithili. Maithili with Arun reaches Raghav’s house and informs Raghav that she reached his house. Jwala and family spread fire and throw water on it. Arun sees smoke emerging from the house. Raghav hears that and gets tensed. Maithili says smoke emerging from papa’s car and disconnects call. Raghav thinks Maithili cannot even lie properly. Arun knocks door calling Mangi and Jwala. Mangi opens door. Arun asks how did the fire accident happen. Mangi says electric short circuit. Maithili thinks why did they throw water if its a short circuit. Jwala starts her drama. Maithili consoles her. Arun says they should have called him. Rani says phone was with mummy, then says there was no network in their mobile. Maithili says she could connect and even Raghav. Jwala cries that they cannot attend mehandi function as their clothes and jewelry are burnt and they don’t have money to buy anything. Maithili consoles her. Jwala thinks Maithili is her blank chque. Arun takes Mangi aside and offers him 4 lakhs for clothes and jewelry. Mangi tells family that he will get them clothes and jewelry and tells Maithili that her father-in-law is not a broke. Maithili while leaving notices bed light on and thinks something is fishy.

Arun returns home where Sadhna confronts him for giving 4 lakhs to Raghav’s family in charity and says she will not attend Maithili’s mehandi ritual. He requests her, their argument starts, he promises her that he will perform Maithili’s mehandi ritual without her. Jwala and family does cloth and jewelry shopping and select costly ones. Mangi praises her acting and says eh should have sacrificed the golden goose at once. Jwala says she will grab one golden egg a day and revels her plan of doing 4 dhamakas in 4 days and finally sacrificing Maithili on wedding day and make Arun fall on her feet. Mangi praises her ore. On the other side, Aarti does Maithili’s makeup while Maithili reminisces the irregularities in Raghav’s house and tells Aarti about it. Bhavana walks in and asks if they want to waste papa’s lakhs of expenditure on Maithili’s functions and informs Maithili that her in-laws have come wearing costly clothes and don’t seem like they had a fire accident at their house. Mathili notices them entering lavishly and remembers their drama at home.
Precap: Maithili dances with Raghav during their sangeet ritual. She then hears guest discussing that Jwala is wearing jewelry worth 2 lakhs, then confronts Jwala for accepting costly gifts from Arun and says she should have rejected them. Jwala thinks Maitihli is using her brain more than required, hence she should turn the tables in her favor before her plan fails.

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