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Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 3rd August 2021 Written Episode Update: Amrit gets Nalini’s blessing

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 3rd August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaveri saying you did good to keep the papers and jewellery with you, they came to loot everything, don’t talk to them, don’t eat anything given by them, they can add anything and feed you. She fills her ears. Amrit is happy. She thinks since Randhir came in my life, it really changed. Randhir comes and asks what did you write for tomorrow. She says something that I want to live, such a story. He reads it. He says I know. She says your days are gone. She jokes and laughs.

She says I don’t know this is little Randhir or little Ranjhan, but I love the baby a lot, we will promise the baby together. He says sure. They promise to give the happiness to their child. He says we will have the same thing always, you just see, this column will also get hit. She gets sad. He asks what happened. She says this happiness is incomplete without Nalini’s blessing, I wish we could tell this to her, she would be really happy to know this. He says everything will be fine, just see, you will get a chance to talk to her.

They come to their room. They see the junk there. She asks where did our bed go. Kaveri wakes up and screams. She sees a rope tied to her feet. She follows the other end and goes out. She gets shocked seeing a snake. Randhir and Amrit look on. Kaveri shouts Naman. Amrit asks why is she calling Naman than the family members. Naman comes. Kaveri says someone kept the snake there. Naman asks her not to worry. He opens the rose. She asks Naman not to go there. Naman says don’t worry, be careful. Amrit says I think there is a relation between them. Randhir says yes, he is just a servant for them, but she doesn’t act so with servants, we have to find out.

Naman says its a plastic snake. Kaveri gets angry. Naman says someone did a mischief. He gets a note. He reads, you have seen the way to go out, it will be good if you go out yourself, else you will be thrown out. Kaveri says I know who did this, I will see them. Naman goes. Kaveri goes to her room. She sees the same junk. Randhir and Amrit are there. Amrit taunts her. He asks Kaveri to be careful next time. Kaveri shouts get out of my room. Its morning, Manak gets arguing with Kaveri. Kaveri thinks Amrit would have made this halwa for Nalini. She adds salt in it. She thinks it would be fun when Amrit gives this to Nalini herself. Amrit goes to Bindu and says I have made the halwa. Bindu gives the kalash. She says you have to get this from Nalini. She tells an old story. She says you will get blessed by Nalini if she gives this kalash to you. Amrit thanks her for telling her about the tradition. Bindu asks how will you feed the halwa to Nalini. Randhir says this way. He gets many similar kalash. He says I have thought everything.

Mohan thinks of Uday’s words. Bindu comes to talk. She says I was thinking to call Uday back for a week. Mohan says no need. She asks why, why do you want to keep Manak away from Uday. He says I don’t want to talk. She asks why do you get angry on Uday, is there something you know about Uday and Vashma, what you are hiding from me. Mohan says nothing. She says tell me the truth, else I will call Uday back. He gets angry and shouts. He says we will lose Manak forever. She asks what do you mean. He says nothing and leaves.

Vijender says we will file the case of fraud on Randhir, sign the papers. Nalini agrees. Servant comes and says Amrit is calling you. Nalini says I m not her servant, I won’t run to her room. Servant says this is waiting for you in your room. Nalini goes to see. Amrit gives a kalash to Nalini and says we got this puja kalash for you, just mum has to keep this. Nalini gives it back and says I don’t want this. Randhir smiles and says I got these kalash to make Amrit get your blessing. Nalini asks Amrit to leave. Kaveri asks why are they getting happy when she refused to the kalash. Amrit thinks thanks for the blessing.

Amrit and Randhir ask Nalini to have halwa. Kaveri says it means Amrit is pregnant, it wil be fun now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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