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Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 4th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Shubhra asks Samaira to give her wealth to Vedika

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 4th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kuldeep wakes up, he says how could I sleep? I had to take care of the kids. He tries to wake up Anand. Kuldeep sees kids lying on the floor. Kuldeep wakes them up. He says thank God they are fine. They must have slept while playing. Bell rings. Anand wakes up and asks kids? Kuldeep says they are fine. Kuldeep opens the door. It’s shubhra. She asks are kids okay? He says yes. Come in. Samaira comes. Kuldeep says, good morning baby. Coffee? She says let me get fresh. Then we will do breakfast together.

Samaira says Kuldeep your favorite poha is ready. Roli’s parathas and what will Vedika eat? Sandwich? Kuldeep says let’s eat. Samaira says to Shubhra I made everything on this table myself. What if one or all of them die after eating this? Shubhra is shocked. Shubhra stops the kids and says no one will eat anything. Samaira says am I so bad I will add poison in the food? They think so bad of me. Kuldeep says they are jealous of you. You are the most beautiful woman. Anand says I see your real face now Kuldeep. You and Samaira are made for each other. Shubhra asks kids to go to the room and eat there.

Samaira says what do you want me to do? Shubhra says in a hurry to know the next task? Samaira says if I don’t do your tasks you won’t give divorce right? And I won’t get married? All these games are old-style. I want fun in my life. Annoying you is more fun than marrying Kuldeep. Shubhra says you keep showing your real face. You get fun in ruining lives. You will know with time who is doing what. Kuldeep says Sam, I want to get rid of this Shubhra. HOw long do we have to wait? I love you. Samaira says for you I can. Samaira says what do I have to do? Shubhra says be Vedika’s mom for real. A mother’s first priority is her kids. She thinks about their kids before herself. Will you be that mom for Devika? Samaira says she’s lost it. She goes in.

Anand says what’s happening here? I will go crazy. I can’t risk my daughter’s life. I am taking her from here. Kuldeep says what does this Shubhra think of herself? Her ego is hurt because I left her and got a better partner. But I won’t give up. She has to give a divorce. We have to get married. After that, I will take her kids away from her. Samaira says that night you said I don’t deserve to be their mother. Kuldeep says I was hurt about what Rishi said. I am very sorry. In a custody case, we have to prove you’re the best mom. For that, you have to win Vedika’s heart. We will do a video shoot then take Shubhra’s kids from her.

Shubhra says please trust me for today Anand. She’s like a daughter to me. She’s like Roli to me. Nothing will go wrong. I promise you I won’t let samaira hurt you or Vedika. Samaira and Kuldeep come out. Samaira says what’s going on in your mind? Stop playing these games with me. Why do you care if I am a good mother to Vedika or not?

Scene 2
Madhura is worried. Narain comes with a lawyer. She says why? He takes out a file and reads Narain’s will. Madhura says why are you writing your will? You will live 100 years. Madhura reads, after my wife and I are gone, all my wealth will be equally divided to my daughter Shubhra and my grandkids Roli and Rishi. Madhura asks why this? He says I had been thinking, I hurt Shubhra a lot. Everything I have will be Shubhra’s now.

Scene 3
Shubhra claps and says selfish people think like you. You can’t know words like love and sacrifice. Samaira says come to the point. Shubhra says the point is you will give Vedika her right and your name. So she can tell everyone she’s your and Anand’s daughter. Samaira says are you crazy? There’s nothing between us. Samaira says not between you and Anand. But you are still Vedika’s mom. You so modern, you should know so many celebs raise kids even after being separated. Update your mind too. You will be with Vedika in every important day of her life. On her birthday, school events. Kuldeep is with you too. You both can do this. Kuldeep says Vedika is like Roli to me. I will take care of her with Samaira. Shubhra says one partner agreed. What about you Samaira? Samaira says take name and right but who will do daily responsibilities? I am not a housewife like you. I am a businesswoman. How will I do this? Kuldeep says just say yes. I will handle it. Kuldeep says we agree. Go now.

Shubhra says this was the first part of the condition. Now the second part, a mother’s biggest quality is sacrificed. Have you ever sacrificed for anyone? For Kuldeep? Kuldeep says I don’t need any sacrifice from her. Shubbhra says but she has to do it for her daughter. Samaira says why don’t you get to the point? Shubhra says you only love yourself and your power. Your power is your money. Whatever people earn, one part of it goes to their kids. Some people give it all. You can’t do that. But half? Whatever you have, half of it has to be named Vedika. Samaira is shocked. Samaira claps and says wow. How much has Anand promised you out of it? What’s the deal between you two? Shubhra goes in. Samaira says this was your plan? You wanted my money. I have millions. Am I crazy that I would give it? Shubhra says I knew you can give anything but money, read these legal papers. Shubhra says the paper says, till Vedika is 18, trust will manage her wealth. No one can take any money from it. Her trustee would be you, me, Kuldeep, and Anand. This money will be used for Vedika’s upbringing and education. Are you ready for your sacrifice? Will you give your daughter her right?

Episode ends

Precap-Anand says to Samaira you should sign. Shubhra asks what’s your final decision? Kuldeep says to Samaira just get this divorce done. How long will we wait? Aren’t you convinced? Samaira says Kuldeep and you want to get my money right? Why are you all silent?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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