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Kumkum Bhagya 3rd August 2021 Written Episode Update: Abhi to work in Pragya’s office for a month

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pragya telling Abhi that she don’t want him to be around her. Abhi says you get worried and restless. Pragya says no. Abhi says your anger flies away then also you act to be angry. Pragya remembers her thoughts. Abhi says when I touch you, you starts losing and become my Pragya. Pragya thinks again. He says I can make you mine, whenever I want. He says you pushed me, as you knew that if I hug you then you will surrender. He says same thing happens with me too. He says I can identify you in the crowd of lakhs and can feel her. Pragya moves back and says I called you to tell that I am firing you. Abhi says this is not possible, as you have to give 1 month notice and 3 months salary. He says unfortunately you have to bear me for a month.

Pallavi tells Teji about Prachi and tells that Vikram wanted Ranbir to be here, so she has to bear Prachi. She says Ranbir is back, but the pain of 2 years are still there. Dida tells that Pallavi has handled the house and the family members alone, very well. She says when she was doing everything alone, I took back one of the responsibility from her, which she has been handling since she came here after marriage.

She says this is keys for others, but it is responsibility to me, which a saas gives to her bahu. She says today I don’t want to give the keys to my bahu, but want to give this responsibility to my grand son’s wife. She says she shall come forward and handle the responsibility, just like Pallavi has handled this house. Pallavi asks Rhea to move forward. Dida says no Rhea, I want to give this keys to elder bahu of the house. She says I want to give this responsibility to Prachi. Pallavi says Badi Bahu is the one, who is the wife of the elder son and says Sid is the elder son of this house and his wife Rhea shall get the keys.

Pragya says who said this, this will not happen. Abhi says you said this, and says you have signed these papers. I didn’t know that you have signed these papers. Pragya checks and says I signed these papers today. Abhi says you didn’t read it and was eager to sign. He says even I had signed without reading and got trapped in a big scam. He says if you fire me, then give me 1 lakh Rs. Nihaal comes there. Abhi asks Pragya to tell her the clauses of the contract. Nihaal says 1 month notice, and 3 months salary. Pragya asks Nihaal to take him out.

Dida says Prachi became bahu before Rhea, so she is elder than her. Teji argues with Dida and says you shall give keys to Rhea, whatever you are thinking is wrong. Pallavi says Teji is right, but Mummy ji is also not wrong. She says we shall check for a week, which bahu is more efficient for the keys and says we will know after a week, who can fulfill the responsibilities well, Prachi and Rhea. Sid’s father says this is good. Teji says both are good. Pallavi asks Dida if she agrees. Dida says ok, and tells that who is badi bahu will be known after a marriage. Teji says both bahus came home and the grah pravesh is completed. Sid’s father asks Vikram, if he can take a little wine, as he is taking medicine. Teji pats on his shoulder. Pallavi looks on.

Abhi tells Nihaal that he told what is truth. Gautam asks Nihaal to fire him. Nihaal says we can’t fire him, as we have to give him 1 month notice and 3 months salary. Abhi tells Gautam that he will be with Pragya and asks him to take his help, if he wants to stay away from her.

Nihaal talks to his brother and asks why you didn’t tell me that Pragya and Gautam hate Abhi. Abhi comes there. Nihaal asks Abhi why Pragya hate you. Abhi says my personality is such. Nihaal asks why Gautam dislikes you. Abhi says due to my personality. Nihaal says you have contract, but I don’t have and I might lose my job. He says he has to work in garage then. Peon comes and tells that Pragya is shouting as her window is stuck and heavy wind is coming. Nihaal asks Abhi to go and check. Abhi says I will go. He goes there and sees Pragya trying to close the window. He looks at her. Saans me teri….song plays….They try to pick something and their head collide. Abhi goes near her. She closes her eyes. Abhi hits his head on her head. She asks how dare you? Abhi says black dog will bite if heads collide. Pragya asks him to send peon to close the window. Abhi is about to go and finds the door jammed. He says I don’t think if anyone works in this office, rather than me. He sees her struggling to close the window and comes to her, and tries to close the door. Pragya looks at him, and the song continues to play. Abhi finally closes the window. Pragya moves back from him and says she is going home. She tries to open the door. Abhi asks her to wipe her face, and says you are drenched. Pragya takes the tissue paper to wipe her face. He tries to open the door and finally the door opens. Pragya gets thinking. Abhi smiles and says door is opened. Pragya walks out of her cabin. He says I am Servant, if you can’t give tip, atleast can smile.

Sid, Ranbir, Vikram, his brother and Dida play a game. Vikram says this game is between the brothers. Vikram’s brother tells Ranbir that he is supporting his father. Ranbir says yes. Sid says I support Ranbir. Vikram says game shall be equal. Pallavi smiles seeing Vikram happy. Dida looks at her.

Gautam asks his father to do something to get Abhi out. His father asks him to work on his plan and asks him to get Pragya’s sign on the property papers. He says you have planned to get closer to her and get all the property from her. Gautam says Abhi threatened him and asks him to do something to kick him out. His father says it is not possible for a month. Gautam thinks he has to do something.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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