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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 3rd August 2021 Written Episode Update: Ishwari decides to change the name of Aayush to veid.

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 3rd August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishwari is sitting alone in the swing, dev comes to sit with her placing his head against her, she mentions he has become a father of three children still desires his mother, what would his wife say when she sees this, Dev replies she knows what Ishwari means to her and she is like a heart to him so will not be able to live without her.

Ishwari explains she was just desiring to see his family happy which is why she was explaining Sonakshi but she somehow took it wrong, she is not complaining but feels hurt, she was explaining like a mother questioning if he is the only child for her, she feels Sonakshi doesnot consider her as her mother even after this time, Dev assures that Sonakshi considers her as the mother but she has a lot of responsibilities so gets tensed, Ishwari explains she has to bring the flowers for pooja so would leave now, she says that she is now without any worry as he is with her.

Ishwari sees Soha standing beside the pillar crying, she questions what has happened when Soha mentions their parents were fighting asking if they will get divorced, Ishwari asks from where did she learn this word, Soha replies Gollu was saying his classmate was crying so when Gollu asked he said that his parents got divo0ced and now he lives with his father, Ishwari says that she must not be worried as since she is present her parents would not get divorced. She sends Soha to her room.

Ishwari calls someone asking the person to come tomorrow morning, Ishwari is with the Pandit jee explaining that it has been a long time since Aayush with them but he is not able to connect with the family even after such a long time, he doesnot consider them as his family, Pandit jee replies it is nothing to be worried about but the problem is with the name since he was not named according to his Kundali, which has the letters V so if they change the name then it would solve most of the problems, Ishwari is really excited saying she will surely change the name to Veid, as it would be nice and if they spell it backwards it is Dev, Aayush thinking they would change his name exclaims he would not change it since his name was proposed by his parents.

Aayush comes to sit on his bed and is really nervous, Soha asks what happened and who scared him now, he replies Ishwari aunti as she was saying they are going to change his name, Soha advises him to start searching as whatever Dadi says goes on in this house, Ishwari comes to the room asking them both to come downstairs as she has prepared their favourite breakfast for them, Aayush says he doesnot want to eat because he doesnot feel like eating, Ishwari explains he must eat as if he doesnot then would not grow to be a healthy child, he calls her aunti, she sits down mentioning he must call her as Grandmother and not aunti, he sits there without saying anything, Soha gets mad, she comes to Ishwari explaining she is only the grandmother of her and Shub, Ishwari says she is the elder amongst them so is also the Grandmother of Aayush, she once again asks him to call, he sits there with fear in his eyes.

Dev is talking on the phone instructing them to not have any sort of delays in this project, he is seeing Aayush, he ends the call going to Aayush asks what happened, he makes him sit asking if he needs anything, Aayush doesnot say anything, Dev questions if someone said anything to him, Aayush recalls how Ishwari was planning to change his name, Dev explains when he was small and if he got in a problem then would get really mad or would start shouting and face the problem but he also had the problem of sharing with others the problem, Aayush is about to reveal when dev gets a call and so attending it asks for a moment to email, he once again sits with Aayush who calls Ishwari as aunti, Dev says he knows Ishwari is his mother so can he call her as Grandmother, Aayush says she also said the same, Dev replies it is because she loves him a lot and cares for him, he asks Aayush to now speak what he was trying to say, he once again gets a call, Aayush leaves saying how should he tell him that he doesnot like that she is planning to change his name.

Bojay is shouting at the person threatening to tie him with his ropes if he ever comes to their house, his son comes saying he called the person here because he regularly comes to their house and fixed bathroom six times, he replies he would not come to fix it the seventh time when the person says he will not come until they renew it, Bojay sends him saying that he will fix the fan himself, his son says that he is going to Dev’s office as he has called for the quotations, Bojay turns on the fan which causes the papers to be on the floor, he says that he kept them in order but now would have to do it once more, Bojay says that if he would work for someone who doesnot have a good heart then it will be like this.

Dev is in the office talking with the person to just wait as once the project is completed then their business will expand so their company would be a one stop solution for the investors.

Aayush is in the room thinking of when he asked his father Rohit why he was named so old fashioned, his father explained how his mother was anxiously waiting for him when he was born and could only say one thing as Aayushman bhao which means he get long life so his name is really special, Aayush says that he would not want anyone to change his name, he hears Ishwari calling so immediately lies down acting as if he is sleeping, Ishwari comes to him sitting beside him wonders he slept without eating, she is shocked to realize he has severe fever when she touches his forehead, Mami and Mama jee also enter the room, Ishwari asks him to call Dev when Mama jee says he would also call Soha but Ishwari stops him saying she can not even take care of two children so he must not call her, she would herself take care of him, Mama jee replies she is his mother explaining if Dev is ill who would she want to be near to him so he is going to call her.

Sonakshi is in the office she gets a call from Mami jee and so immediately rushes informing Jitin to take care of everything, Dev in the room asks Ishwari to not be worried, as he has brought the doctor, Sonakshi also comes asking what has happened, the doctor after checking explains it is nothing to be worried about as he has the fever due to climate change, Sonakshi mentions she has the medicine in the house so would give them to Aayush, Dev takes the doctor outside.

Sonakshi leans towards Aayush explaining she will bring the medicine after which they both would read but Ishwari says that he must now rest and they have a lot of time to play, Sonakshi leaves to her room, she picks the medicine but Dev says that he will give it to him, Sonakshi says she feels it is not the case of fever as she saw how Aayush was when Ishwari called his name in front of the doctor, Dev starts shouting saying that he is a child so would not be worried about such small things, Sonakshi asks Dev to not be so narrow minded as he cannot even see what his son desires to say, Sonakshi starts saying they don’t ever talk but instead blame each other for the things happening in their lives.

Alena and Vicky are sleeping when she is constantly getting texts which wakes Vicky, he is about to see them when Alena snatches the mobile saying it is just the fans who are teasing them, she asks the stalker to not irritate her in the night, he warns to ruin her face but she asks him to let her sleep.

Ishwari is sitting beside Aayush, she goes to Mami jee asking what is she doing in the mobile, Mami jee replies she is seeing what Alena does the entire day, Soha comes to Aayush saying he is ill so was not able to eat the chickpeas, he requests her to bring some for him, she brings him the chickpeas which he starts eating, Sonakshi enters the room asking what is happening, Ishwari is not happy[y to see her, She asks if he is feeling a little awkward, she asks what is he eating advising her to not tempt him, Ishwari says they are taking he help of internet but not listening to what the elders have to say, Sonakshi sits beside Aayush helping him eat but Ishwari and Mami jee are not happy.

Precap: Sonakshi comes asking where is Aayush, Dev replies he is not in the entire house, they would have to search for him, Dev and Sonakshi both are searching for him but are not able to find Aayush.

Update Credit to: Sona

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