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Ishk Par Zor Nahin 3rd August 2021 Written Episode Update: Ahaan and Ishqi end their fight

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 3rd August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raj calling Ishqi. He says Sonu left the house. She asks did you cheat her, all the men are same. He says no, we had an argument because of Ahaan and you, I found out that she checked in a hotel, sorry, can you talk to her. She asks what’s the room number, we are coming. Ahaan asks what happened. She says Sonu and Raj had a fight because of you, come with me, at least someone’s house should be well. They leave. Kartik gets happy. Ahaan and Ishqi come inside the hotel room. Kartik locks them inside. He says I won’t open it now. Ahaan asks him to open the door, Ishqi’s mood is bad, she doesn’t want to stay with me. She says you want to decide it yourself. Kartik says sort out your fight, listen to me carefully, I know Ahaan has hurt you a lot, don’t get convinced easily. He asks Ahaan to convince her and then come home. Ahaan says open the door. Kartik says I know you both love each other, you are also mad for each other, I won’t let you guys fight because of Riya and her baby.

They open the lights. Ahaan and Ishqi see the decorations. Ishqi turns away. Sonu cries and says if Dadi and Ahaan know this, what will happen, I can’t hurt them, I want to meet mum. Kartik thanks Raj. Raj says I hope they patch up, I have to talk about Riya, I know my mom, Sarla and Ginni talk nonsense all the time, I heard something that made me think, I was thinking if Riya is lying, see relations happen before marriage, but it can’t happen with Ahaan, he loves Ishqi, family values are imp for him. Kartik says yes, you have a point, how will we find out if she is telling the truth. Raj says don’t know, but we have to reach the truth.

Ahaan asks Ishqi to say something. She cracks a joke in anger. He tries to convince her. He says I m not lying, I don’t remember anything of that night, I m sorry, I accept my mistake. Ishqi says you are 1921 model, I m 2021 model, you didn’t tell me anything, this matters to me, your lie has hurt me a lot. Ahaan says I was afraid to lose you. She asks do you get scared. He says I get scared of you, did you see your angry face, I didn’t cheat, I got to know this after marriage. She says you did a big mistake, I m very angry seeing your face, I don’t want to talk to you. He says tell me where to go, I can’t go out of the room, thanks to that idiot Kartik, he thought fight will get sorted, but both people should understand. She argues. He asks what shall I do, you are not forgiving me, shall I jump out of the window. She says there is a better way to convince me. He says I m apologizing since long. She says you are clarifying, not apologizing, apologize till I forgive you. He says fine, don’t talk to me.

He goes to the washroom. She asks him not to bang the door. He says it happened by mistake. Dadi says I thought Ishqi will get angry and leave Ahaan, but she is shameless. Riya says people will call my baby illegitimate. Dadi says keep patience, I will do something, this relation will break because of this baby. Riya says Ahaan and my relation have to join, you have to do something. Dadi says I know, I will do something, remember one thing, I m with you until you do as I say, if you act clever, then I will not leave you. Riya says sorry, I was desperate. Dadi says I m giving you a chance because you have this family heir. Riya ends call and says now I have no stress, Dadi will make sure that Ahaan leaves Ishqi and comes to me, all thanks to my baby.

Ahaan says Ishqi isn’t ready to listen to me. He washes his face. He gets Kartik’s message…. Sonu had kept Ishqi and your clothes in the bag, have fun, convince her. Ahaan thinks I have hurt Ishqi a lot, I have rectify this mistake. Ishqi recalls his words. She thinks I m hiding about Savitri to save him from sorrow, we have the same reason. Ahaan comes to her. They fall on the bed. He kisses her. Aap hamari jaan…plays… They get close.

Dadi scolds Ishqi. Ishqi asks Dadi to stop it, Ahaan did a mistake, but he is accepting it. She asks Ahaan why isn’t Dadi supporting you. Riya sees Savitri and says Ishqi already knows Ahaan’s mom, but does Ahaan know this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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