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I am still regretting OS by FrozenHidden

So guys!! First of all a Special Thank u to priyanshi_13 Thank u for making a beautiful cover for my os book 💝💝😘😘

So guys this Os starts from Christmas Party

Here Anupriya is already arrested by Kabir but she tried to shoot Vansh but Riddhima came in between and pushed Vansh and then both fell on the floor after that Kabir took Anupriya forcefully with him (aagar nhi lejaata tou pata nhi vo aur kya kar deti 😑😑) Both stood up and Riddhima spoke in loud voice so that everyone can listen

R: Vihaan now you can go

V: Not me Riddhima you need to go because I am Vansh Rai Singhania

After listening this Riddhima was hell shocked and other were confused. Riddhima went towards Vansh and cuped his face and said with teared eyes

R: You r my Vansh???

V: hmm

After listening this she instantly hugged him and started sobbing Vansh was also having tears in his eyes but his mind remained him Riddhima’s betrayal (well vansh beta later u will regret mai bol rhi hu 😏😏) and Vansh pushed Riddhima and she fells on the floor now this came shocker for everyone including Riddhima

R: What are you doing ???

V: Don’t try to act innocent. I know you were sent by Kabir as spy.

R: Lemme clear your doubt

V: Shut up you Just shut up (Dangerous voice) I know that you helped Kabir by giving him that clip and You also killed Ragini and not only this much but you also attacked My Siya because of you Siya is in that state (Saying this Vansh hold Riddhima and his grip was vey tight but Riddhima didn’t feel anything because for her the pain which is Vansh giving now by saying those words are more than that) You know what Ridhhima I truested you, I loved you but You (pointing his fingers towards her he said) You betrayed me, Your all love, care, affection, was all fake

Now it was enough for Riddhima she was not in that state that she could bear anything when it comes on her love,care,affection she shouted

R: now enough its enough now you said a lot of things now I can’t bear anything Yea it’s true that I was a spy and I was send by Kabir to your life but when I got to know that you are innocent I broke all ties with him on karva chauth and coming on Ragini then I didn’t killed her it was Kabir who did and talking about Siya then how could you even think this Siya was like my younger sister I can never think to harm her even in my dreams (cutting her)

I: oh you just shut up okay?? Bhai since starting I was saying that she will betrayal you and she is just behind your money but you were too much blind in her fake love,care,affection now see her she just harmed her siya and siya is in that state because of her only…. (to Riddhima) Now also you are just cooking up a new fake story everytime we all believe in your story but not this time because bhai had already shown your true colours in front of us So it’s better you go from here with Fake love,care,concern,affection Okay???

(Vansh kya kam tha jo tu bhi aagyi aur ye sab sunai 🙄😑😒😭🤧🥺🥺)

R: Vansh plz believe me I am not lying you 🙏🏻🙏🏻🥺🥺

V: Then Prove your love

After listening this Riddhima was shocked and then she starting taking back step and said

R: Am I toy or what???? kya har bar mujhe he aapna love prove karna hoga… Am I not a human being???? Now I am tired by proving my love again and again

saying this she picks up the gun which was lying in the floor everyone was shocked including Vansh but his ego over-powered him and then (samajh aagya hoga)


listening this everyone closed his eyes and Riddhima’s lifeless body was lying there and they heard a shout Riddhima Bhabhi (samajh aaya bahot jaldi aagyi ye insan BTW 🙄🙄) Yes, the shout was of Siya she came there were Riddhima was lying and started crying WHY BHABHI WHY ??? WHY YOU LEFT ME WITH THESE PEOPLE I CAN’T LIVE WITH YOUR MUDERS I WILL ALSO KILL MYSELF (arre!! nhi aagar tu margyi tou sachhai kya mai aake bataungi 😒😒) Vansh came there and put his hands on her shoulder and then Siya jerks his hands and stands up and slaps him this came shocker for everyone Siya said

S: you are my bhabhi’s murder not only you but those who standing here everyone are there in the fault

I: Siya what are you doing she harmed you because of her you were in that state

S: no the Reality is see guys you all know so I will not tell and I am also not in state tell you because I am having headache so…. after listening to what Siya said everyone was having tears in their eyes Vansh falls down and started crying dadi came towards him and give him a tight slap and after that she went towards Ishani and she also gets a tight slap and she says you don’t deserves to call my daughter and because of you both (pointing her fingers towards Vansh and Ishani) I lost my daughter-in-law cums daughter I shame on my ownself saying this she went towards her room

S: Mr.Vansh and Mrs.Ishani before I kick you out of my room better you go by your own and one more thing no need to consider me as your sister think that she is still in coma

After listening this everyone went towards there room

After 1 year-

U can see (read 🤪) that a person is sitting in the darkness and crying and said

P: I am Sorry Riddhima because of me you are not alive If I would have trust you instead of Kabir then we would have spending our times with our kids 😛😛 and was laughing with our children,playing with them and enjoying our day and were like a complete family but I ruined everything and for that I am still regretting for not trusting you and calling you love and care as FAKE I am still regretting for that  by saying this he falls down and cried a lot

Jag suna suna lage
Jag suna suna lage
Koi rahe na jab apna
Jag suna suna lage
Jag suna suna hai toh..

Guys pic mai jada dhyan mat dena ledeke mila bahot time laga iss khojane (found) karne mai 🙄🙄😒😒

The End ✌🏻😌🥀

Finally parso se likh rhi thi aaj jake ke end hua huh!!

Actually I know ye boring hoga 

(see now no knife allowed okay??but flying ice-cream chalega 😋😎 kya kare #greedylog)

BTW aagar aap log ko achha laga ho tou Comment kardena plz 🥺🥺

Bye take care!! Stay Safe!! Stay Happy!! Stay Healthy!! Keep smiling!! Health is wealth!! Love u all!!

Thank you for Reading


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